The 8 Best Acoustic Guitars For Kids To Buy In 2019

Acoustic Guitars For Kids

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best acoustic guitars for kids for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Toy for Kids

Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Toy for Kids Check on Amazon

Let’s get one thing straight. The Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Toy for Kids is not a real guitar for children; it is a toy that is designed and styled to be as realistic as any other professional chordophone. Even the tuning gears are so realistic that they can be individually turned to stimulate the tuning action. The body and soundboard are built with a super glossy wooden finish just like the real thing. Your kid will definitely love strumming the 6 strings on this 23-inch long toddler guitar. The Happy Tune is one superb kiddie replica of an adult classical chordophone. This makes it ideal for getting the family together for some fantastic music.

We have a wonderful disclaimerMORE that says that this a toy only!  That being said, you’ll be hard pressed to be disappointed!  The imaginative play experience for this will be phenomenal!  It is a good transition for a child to bring out the curiosity in case they decide to transfer the desire for actual music lessons once  he or she becomes older.  The design remains true to the real thing and even comes with a little imitation pick and faux tuning pegs.

38″ BLUE Acoustic Guitar Starters Beginner

38 BLUE Acoustic Guitar Starters Beginner Out of stock

This is another highly rated acoustic guitar for beginners. It comes with an ultimate starter kit that includes guitar pick, shoulder strap, extra set of replacement strings and a pitch pipe. The right-handed guitar has all the accessories that a beginner requires to get started.

You will love the solid wood toppedMORE with smooth curves that promote comfort when you are using the guitar. The solid woods are designed to produce a smooth and rich sound that you will enjoy, and this is great for rock players, country, folk and any genre in between.

The guitar has low action strings that reduce fatigue in your hands. This makes it easy for the fingers and perfect for starters who are building hand strength. The guitar also comes with additional strings that you can use for replacement.

ZENY 38″ Beginners Starter Kids’ Acoustic

ZENY 38 Beginners Starter Kids' Acoustic Check on Amazon

Do you look forward to having an acoustic guitar without draining your bank? There are so many options when it comes to acoustic guitars and Zeny 38″ is one of the best guitars best suited for beginners.

Once you purchase this guitar,MORE you get the opportunity to enjoy the starter that includes a guitar pick, shoulder strap, pitch pipe and a set of replacement strings. No assembly is required because everything is ready to use from the box.

Another thing that I appreciate on this guitar is that it comes with a set of replacement string. You do not need to buy new strings when you need to replace the old guitar strings. For durability and quality sound, this guitar is designed with a full wood construction.

First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar

First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar $41.25 1

This review will cover the features, possible advantages, potential flaws, and the frequently asked questions concerning the FG127, but, please, keep in mind – we’re not here to convince you to buy it, rather to keep you well-informed about your options.

Another factor that affectsMORE the playability is the action – namely, this guitar features a low action, which gives a substantial boost to this field of performance, but it comes at a cost. In case you’re new, the lower the action is, the higher the risk of bad intonation is. This is not a rule, though, and there are other means to compensate for this small drawback.

The neck of this guitar features exceptionally durable build materials, among which the materials used for the neck are even sturdier than the others. A durable neck is less prone to warping, thus affecting the overall intonation in a very positive way.

Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter Beginner

Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter Beginner $33.99

So, your child wants to learn how to play the guitar. Maybe it was all their idea, or maybe you dropped a few subtle hints here and there with the picture of your child up on stage some day in your mind. Perhaps playing the guitar was once your passion, and now you want to pass that love of music down to your children.

Whatever the situation may be,MORE I applaud you, as many parents shoot down the idea of their child making more noise in the house with an instrument. But not you—you’re the cool mom (or dad). And I’m excited to help you pick out a good beginner guitar for them.

The first big question (and the one you’ve probably already thought of) is whether to go with an acoustic or an electric guitar. Some people contend that the electric guitar is easier to learn than the acoustic, but there are just as many arguments that acoustic is easier than electric. In my experience, they’re equally challenging to learn.

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar $134.99 1

Travel guitars are becoming more and more popular as of lately. Their compact size is proving to be a real factor for many people. Since affordable guitars are most sought after category, Yamaha found a way to enter the travel guitar market and almost completely take over the affordable range.

One of the models which establishedMORE this foothold is the Yamaha JR1. Cheap and well built, this guitar has proven that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Ever since it first appeared, we have included Yamaha JR1 into our list of top travel guitars. For more info about the rest of our picks, check out our list.

Those who need a compact acoustic guitar, but are working on a tight budget will find the JR1 from Yamaha to be a great solution. It’s well made, offers a great tone and won’t ruin your bank account. With a bit of tune-up and maintenance, you can make one of these sound pretty good.

eMedia My Guitar Beginner Acoustic Guitar

eMedia My Guitar Beginner Acoustic Guitar $79.95 1

Research has shown that children who play music do better in school and make friends more easily. Learning how to play guitar helps develop a child’s creativity, self-discipline and confidence.

Children learn guitar fasterMORE and easier with eMedia guitar lesson software due to included interactive technologies. The Animated Fretboard shows kids where to put their fingers as the music plays. Instant Feedback highlights notes as they are played correctly (requires computer microphone). Music games for kids are included to help make learning fun and engaging.

Pyle-Pro PGAKT30 30” Inch Beginner Jamer

Pyle-Pro PGAKT30 30 Inch Beginner Jamer $39.02 1

While there are a great range of acoustic guitars for beginners and intermediate players to develop their skills on, not every guitar is right for every player. Playing the guitar can be a great activity for people of all ages but children and smaller adults will struggle to play as confidently on a full size guitar. This is why it is good to known that there are many different guitars which come in scaled sizes, providing a greater degree of flexibility for players who would benefit from a smaller size.

Amongst the big name guitar brands,MORE there are plenty of smaller brands that have managed to develop a reputation for delivering good value guitars at the budget end of the market. The Pyle-Pro range of guitars is a very good example of this market and the Pyle-Pro PGAKT30, which comes in at 30” is seen as a good starting guitar for people who are looking for something a bit smaller.


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The 8 Best Acoustic Guitars For Kids To Buy In 2019
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