10 Best Acoustic Guitars To Buy In 2018

Best Acoustic Guitars To Buy Now !

Music enthusiast have a lot of energy in them that they wish to express, by playing a certain instrument. That could be namely piano, drums, base or a guitar. Learning an instrument can be an ordeal for many, while easy for others. For beginners, the guitar seems to be the best bet. A great way to start with is to buy the best acoustic guitar for yourself.

People new to the concept ofMORE acoustic guitars, need to understand what the instrument is and how it produces sound. An acoustic guitar is basically a guitar which produces sound through acoustics – through the act of transmitting vibrations to the air. Unlike electric guitars which require electronic amplification.

An acoustic guitar is a perfect way for young beginners to hone and perfect their guitar skills to the maximum. Carry it to the school or to the park, an acoustic guitar is your perfect companion for a great skill to be looked up for.

So look no further and read away our 2018 list of the hottest selling acoustic guitars in the market. Let us help you make the choice for your son’s next birthday present.  

A comprehensive analysis will be carried out for each product in the list, in addition to highlighting key features, respective pros and cons of each product will also be mentioned. In the end, a thorough conclusion will conclude about the best product among the list.

Best For Age Of 5 and above up till 10 : Disney FR705 Acoustic Guitar

Disney FR705 Acoustic Guitar Out of stock

Coming to our No 10 product on the list, is the Disney FR705 acoustic guitar with a frozen theme. Who said playing guitars is only for boys. First Act has ridiculed this concept, by bringing a frozen inspired acoustic guitar, perfect for the ages of 5 and above up till 10. So frozen obsessed girls can’t be kept away under any circumstances.

Each guitar features colorful, dynamic graphics on top with well-loved characters of Anna and Elsa. Patented string post covers to protect little fingers of children. Low string action means easily playing for beginners
  • Features colorful and very attractive decals of Disney characters.
  • Ideal size for young players.
  • Features patented technology, to protect children’s fingers.
  • Ease of playability, instantly out of the box.
  • Usage of inferior quality wood, feels very plastic.

Most Comfortable Acoustic Guitar : Yamaha FG820 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG820 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar $259.99 1

At 9 position in our list is the legendary FG820 guitar from Yamaha. It comes from a long heritage of FG ‘folk guitars’. Having a perfectly shaped, round tone for that superior fit and comfort. In addition to Yamaha’s durability and sound performance in mind, its price value should not be neglected.

The guitar has a Sitka spruce top and a nation body. Durable die cast turners along with a rosewood fretboard and lastly a dovetail neck joint.
  • Comes with a limited Yamaha lifetime warranty.
  • It’s a very durable product.
  • Sound quality produced is second to none.
  • Does not withstand rough usage.

Best Budget Friendly Guitar : 38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar

38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar $37.94

Another option from Best Choice Product line, is the new 38″ Acoustic Guitar. It is the perfect guitar choice, for individuals wishing to own a great product while remaining budget friendly. Having some custom solid blue graphics, is quite an eye catcher for those new aspiring guitarist.   

The 38” guitar is made from an all wood construction, with steel strings. It makes the application of the guitar very versatile and increases the usability. The bundle includes a guitar case, guitar picks, pitch pipe, shoulder straps, and an extra set of strings
  • Very price friendly.
  • Has a nice deep blue color.
  • Average built quality.

Ideal Choice For Students : Crescent MG38-BK 38″ Acoustic Guitar

Crescent MG38-BK 38″ Acoustic Guitar $39.95

Our next product is the elegant looking, Crescent 38” acoustic beginner guitar set. The set is an ideal choice for students who wish to make their first choice in buying a guitar for themselves. It is perhaps one of the best in the market for price wise value and offerings offered. Featuring steel strings, the guitar becomes very versatile. It can be used to play many genres of music.

The guitar is 38 inches in length with a solidly made wooden frame. Tuning pegs are made of brass and steel, for ease in tuning and position holding. It also has a bundle including – extra strings, gig bag, a carry on strap, guitar picks, and pitch pipe tuner.
  • Very good starting bundle package for beginners and young learners.
  • A practical product with decent results for the price.
  • Inferior sound quality, not for mature guitar players who require higher levels of sound quality.

Best Professional Looking Guitar For Starters : 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package $43.67 1

In the latter end of our list, Best Choice Products bring in their new 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package. This very professional looking guitar is made for the right handed individuals and is ready to be used. The guitar has a very dark black color, with a superior glossy finish, all in the most economical package yet. The guitar has a 19 fret fingerboard, with an easy to use tuner.

The starter set includes picks, pitch pipe, shoulder straps and an extra set of strings. In addition to the things, it also has a nylon carrying case.
  • The acoustic guitar set is very economical to buy.
  • Good value for money.
  • The guitar has build flaws.
  • The sound quality is greatly hindered by the lack of quality wood usage.

Best Handicrafted Guitar For Children : Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar $49.76 1

Approaching the half way mark down our list, Hohner brings you the HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar, the guitar is meant for ages between 5 and 9 years old. Especially for children, who wish to have a guitar according to their dimensions. It’s a handcrafted classical guitar, having an Agathist top, back and sides. The wood match-up creates a crisp texture that enables an enhanced sound experience.

It is equipped with light gauge nylon strings.
  • It is ½ in size, which is an ideal size for children.
  • Preferred by parents for its good sound quality and ease of playability.
  • No bundle or package of sorts to teach the kids the basics of guitar care and equipment use.

Ideal For Young Beginner / Musician : Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought $64.75

Our next product is from Rogue, the RA-090 Dreadnought acoustic guitar. The product offered is very price friendly, ideal for any young beginner or musician. The depth and width of the body ensure a deep and balanced tone. The guitar offers plenty of projection from across the room. Having a striking orange and back hue, is enough stop the people and be requested for a song to play.

It has a nato neck, which adds strength without any loss in strength and tone. The RA-090’s C-shape neck, 1-2/3″ nut width, and 16″ radius help with intricate fretboard movements when running up and down the 20 frets. It features nickel hardware and covered tuners.
  • Attractive coloration and hue combination.
  • Very price friendly.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Average built quality in terms of construction materials.

Most Durable Acoustic Guitar : Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar 84

Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar 84 Out of stock

The next product on our lineup is the full size dreadnought acoustic guitar from Sawtooth. The guitar is a great choice for people with some experience in playing an acoustic guitar. The Sawtooth offers a very rich sound for great value. The guitar is of a very good build quality with an easy to play surface.

The guitar has a Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, it offers great quality sound with a fullness and resonance, and it also has a traditional teardrop pickguard with custom graphics. Also, smooth-playing 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware and lastly a rosewood bridge.
  • Customized cosmetic graphics.
  • High quality material involved in construction.
  • Good price tag.
  • Average sound quality.

Best For Professional Training : Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle $199.99 1

Our next product on the line is a great guitar bundle pack, which consists of the Squier acoustic guitar from Fender. Fender has been making guitars for a while now and are a safe bet to buy off.  The guitar offers a very warm and compellingly vibrant tune often associated to acoustic Fender sound. The best advantage of the pack, includes everything on your hands to get you started in no time.

In addition to the Fender Squier acoustic guitar, the bundle consist of the gear lux gig bag an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD, clip-on tuner, extra string set, guitar strap, guitar picks, a string winder and finally an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth.
  • A great starting pack with all necessary items to start playing instantly.
  • Great value for money.
  • Has many satisfied customers.
  • Shipment sometimes does not accompany all items in the bundle. Be aware.

Perfect Combo Package For Beginners : Best Choice Products Natural Acoustic Guitar

Best Choice Products Natural Acoustic Guitar $37.94

Best Choice Products brings in another product, the natural acoustic guitar. It has an accessories combo Kit for beginners. The guitar is intended for right hand users. It features a very decent and Natural coloration theme. Perfect for those individuals, who wish to personalize their guitars with their signatures and personal messages, to truly make their guitars stand out.

The 38” guitar is made from an all wood construction, with steel strings.
  • Perfect combo package for beginners.
  • Cheap to buy and operate.
  • The product is average to buy.

Editor’s Recommendation

In my comprehensively detailed and careful analysis, the search to find the best acoustic guitar has come to a halt. In short, the best product among the list of the best acoustic guitars of 2018 has been found to be the Yamaha FG800 – acoustic guitar.

The product has many differentMORE reason for it to be selected as our top most preferred. Namely, this product has outclassed the competition in areas of quality, selling point, and durability.

Our first aspect is quality – being a Yamaha product the quality is assured to be on the top. A reputable company with a history in musical instrumental making, will not jeopardize their reputation under any circumstances. For instance, Yamaha believes in sound being a symbol of perfection.

Secondly, it is evident from its durability that the product will stand a decent lifetime. What better than having a limited lifetime warranty?

First thing to remember is that, selling point isn’t everything. It may not necessarily translate into a great product. Factors of material quality, manufacturing process and feedback matter equally as important. Yamaha is able to provide that, while the competition does not.

Price should be a secondary factor for the people, whose emphasis is on a great sounding and durable product. The product has the least negative feedback among customers.

In the end, I would recommend this product to fellow aspiring guitarist as their preferred guitar. Be it higher costing than beginner ones. It will give a greater sense of product quality and awareness of playing a quality instrument from the start.

10 Best Acoustic Guitars To Buy In 2018
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