The 8 Best Fitness Trackers Between $100 To $200 To Buy In 2019

A reliable fitness tracker is a convenient way to get quick, at-a-glance updates on your activity and encourage you to do more. And, if you’re already active, more advanced models are perfect for keeping tabs on your performance, and even improve your recovery. A good fitness tracker will also work with a companion app to let you get an overview of your fitness. This way you can easily identify trends or areas for improvement. Many apps will have extra functionality, like the ability to log your food and water intake, too.

Nokia Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch

Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch Out of stock

Activity tracking helps you move more, feel better, and sleep better — but only if the tracker doesn’t get in the way of your life. We conceived Steel to be with you for the long haul. You can run, walk, swim, or dance the night away without your phone. There’s no charging and no button to press — Steel automatically tracks everything via our patented Connected Movement™ Technology and syncs the info to your app to give you in-depth metrics, personal coaching and more. That is our vision of a smartwatch.

No buttons. No lights to unscramble. No need to check your phone at every moment. The analog subdial gives you continuous, clear insights on your daily activity progress. Steel automatically synchronizes with the Health Mate app so you can get a detailed picture of your days and nights via clear color-coded graphs that show all your moves — from sleep cycle analysis to calories burned.

Automatic activity recognition. No charging. No changing gear. From the pool to the track to the boardroom — Steel is ready to go wherever life takes you. The highly-rated Health Mate app rewards achievements, offers advice and lets you challenge friends to help keep you motivated and push you further.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch $183.99 1

Comfortable genuine leather band with metal frame for fitbit blaze,match your different mood and outfits in any occasion. Made from top and durable genuine leather,made your blaze to look premium and elegance. Fashionable design stainless steel frame fit the blaze watch perfectly,and easy to intall on/off. Size chart large size:6.7-8.1 inches. Small size:5.5-6.7 inches. GinCoband Fitbit Blaze bands,Genuine Leather Replacement bands for Fitbit Blaze.

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Out of stock

Its name is synonymous with accurate heart rate tracking, but this is Polar’s first device to be aimed at average Joes who just want to move more. The A360 measures steps and sleep, while keeping a track of calories burned and letting you log exercise sessions. It has a colour screen and can receive notifications from your phone.

All the information the A360 records is synced with the Polar Flow app and website, which lets you analyse your data and offers basic feedback and coaching tips. With a claimed 14-day battery life and slimline design, the A360 is intended to be worn 24/7. However, there’s no GPS, so it isn’t one for tracking your runs and rides.

Being able to measure heart rate makes it more advanced than your average activity tracker and a great choice if rather than just wanting to move a little more, you’re keen to take a more serious approach to exercise. The Polar A360 has a silicon strap – I opted for white, but pink and black ones are also available, too – is silky-smooth and attaches via two metal button fasteners that keep the band firmly in place.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband $70.99 1B00N2BVOUE

Advanced wristband to elevate every day. All-day activity, track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity & stationary time. Long battery life, lasts longer than competing trackers with a battery life of 7-10 days*.watch + display, see daily stats, time of day & exercise mode on the oled display. Auto sleep + alarms, monitor your sleep automatically & set a silent alarm.

Caller id, see call notifications on display with compatible mobile devices. Wireless syncing, sync stats wirelessly & automatically to leading smartphones and computers. Get motivated to move more with charge, by tracking all-day activity like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. Charge lets you see every stat as it happens—right on your wrist, with a bright oled display.

And, with an industry-leading battery life of 7-10 days*, you can find the inspiration to beat your goals—no matter what the week brings. Built with caller id, charge shows your incoming calls when your phone is nearby to help you take control of your day and your schedule. Sleep better and live well by using charge to automatically track your sleep at night, then review your trends on the dashboard. To make mornings easier, set a silent, vibrating alarm and wake more peacefully.

Withings Activité Pop – Activity and Sleep Tracking

Withings Activite Pop  Activity and Sleep Tracking $69.99 1

Wearables are finally edging into the mainstream. With this broadening appeal comes new demands, and fashion-conscious individuals have been leading the charge for more design-led offerings. Fortunately French firm Withings has had its finger on the pulse, following up the high-end Withings Activité activity-tracking watch with this, the more affordable but equally stylish Withings Activité Pop.

More Swatch watch alternative than Rolex replica, the Pop has done away with some of its big brother’s unnecessary luxuries while maintaining the same level of tracking. Elegant refinement is the best way to describe the Activité Pop’s design. Built around classic watch styling, this is a device that merges traditional looks with modern abilities. Like its sibling, it has a small additional dial sitting within the watch face.

This shows your progression on a 0 to 100% pre-set goal such as step count. Although the Pop has dropped some of the Activité’s original visual highlights – there’s no calf-leather strap, stainless-steel body or sapphire crystal here – it still looks the part. The machine-milled metal body and rubber straps give the watch a more everyman, everyday look and feel.

Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker

Garmin vivosmart HR Regular Fit Activity Tracker $74.99 1

vívosmart HR smart activity tracker¹ with Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology¹ measures heart rate at the wrist 24/7. That gives you the freedom to work out with no additional heart rate strap needed. Using heart rate, vívosmart HR provides calories burned information and quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities, providing better credit for your efforts. You can even use your vívosmart HR as a heart rate strap on your wrist when paired with other compatible Garmin devices.

In addition to measuring steps, calories and distance, vívosmart HR measures floors climbed with its integrated barometric altimeter. Whether you’re going for a jog or trying out a new boot camp class, it measures your activity intensity with intensity minutes. This feature lets you monitor your progress against activity goals recommended by health organizations such as the American Heart Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Stay active and connected with vívosmart HR activity tracker. Each time you receive a notification from your compatible smartphone, it gently vibrates and automatically displays the information. Simply touch and swipe the screen to read more. Other connected features allow you to control music and your VIRB action camera (sold separately) or find your misplaced phone.

Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device & Coaching App

Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device and Coaching App $109.99 1

Activ5 is a “Tiny Gym in Your Pocket” that effectively tones and strengthens muscles. Activ5 has a durable design that measures more than 200lbs of muscle force and has proven to increase strength by an average 30%* through short, 5-minute workouts a few times a day. Available on iOS and Android operating systems, the Activ5 Companion App features more than 100 seated, standing and advanced fast and fun low-impact workouts, enabling users of any age and fitness level to achieve the benefits of strength training with ease.

The Activ5 App personalizes more than 100 workouts (and counting) to your fitness level, tracks your progress and allows you to exercise while playing games such as Elude, Creep, Jump, Polygon Swap, Rocko Jump and Color Dash, designed by independent gaming studios. Activ5 calibrates to everyone’s unique strength level and dynamically creates over 100 workouts based on your unique “fitness fingerprint”.

Everyone can have their own Activ5 account and an entire household can share a single Activ5 device, including kids, parents, grandparents, and people with disabilities. Activ5 is efficient and saves you time. Lack of time to exercise is the most often cited reason people develop sedentary lifestyles. Activ5 isometricbased exercises are highly efficient because they workout multiple muscle groups at one time.

UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker

UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate Activity Sleep Tracker

Wearing a tracker can change your life. And we’ve made UP3™ so lightweight, comfortable and stylish, you’ll never want to take it off. Over time, the benefits of tracking your sleep, activities and heart health will become second nature. UP3™ is designed to give you a complete picture of your heart health. Resting Heart Rate gives you your baseline when you wake up.

Passive Heart Rate is measured throughout the day and helps you understand how the habits of your daily life affect your heart. Every move you make affects your heart. When you go for a run, forget to hydrate, stay up late, or unwind with your favorite person—your heart responds. UP® encourages you to make the right choices so that your heart is stronger and ready for life as you live it.

Resting Heart Rate is measured just as you wake up, when your body is totally relaxed. It is the purest measure of your heart and demonstrates how ready your heart is to take on the day ahead. Resting Heart Rate also indicates your overall heart health; the lower your heart rate is, the more efficiently your heart is working. With UP® as a guide, you can improve heart rate by eating right and staying active.

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