The 7 Best Floorstanding Speakers To Buy In 2019

Floorstanding Speakers

If you want to enjoy great music and awesome sound while watching a movie, but hate bulky, eyesore speakers, then in-wall ones might be more up your alley. They can be discreetly tucked away without taking up any visible space. And saying goodbye to wires or speakers that take up shelf space is an easy proposition when you consider that most in-wall speakers can be painted to match a home’s decor. Plus, in-wall speakers offer excellent audio experience at a fraction of the cost. Need some help deciphering between the current options out on the market?


Polk Audio CSW100 In-Floor/Ceiling/Wall Subwoofer

Polk Audio CSW100 In Floor Ceiling Wall Subwoofer $574.95 1

The Polk CSW100 is the least visually intrusive built-in subwoofer on the market today. It’s designed for in-floor, in-ceiling or in-furniture placement. It fits comfortably between standard joists and the narrower QuietFloor spacing. Once installed, all you see is a tiny 4 1/2×14-inch grille (supplied). Visitors to your home will think they’re seeing an air vent and they’ll wonder where all that awesome bass is coming from!

It’s easy to see why Polk Audio’sMORE décor-friendly CSW100 won the prestigious 2006 Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association. This subwoofer’s clever construction allows for out-of-sight placement in your floor, ceiling, or even a piece of furniture. After it’s installed, all you’ll see is the included 4″ x 14-1/2″ grille, which looks like an ordinary air vent.

Performance is excellent, too. You get clear, potent bass with movies and music. Feel the deep rumble of the engines in an on-screen car chase, and enjoy richer, fuller sound from your favorite songs. This subwoofer is packaged here with Polk’s separate, cool-running digital amplifier that pumps out 500 watts of solid power. An included custom sound-shaping circuit card precisely tailors the amp’s output for the CSW100. The resulting bass is deep, hard-hitting, and distortion-free.

Klipsch R-5650-WII In-Wall System

Klipsch R 5650 WII In Wall System $2,018.00

Get thrilling surround sound without cluttering your room with big, bulky speakers. The Klipsch® R-5650-S II speaker features a hideaway in-wall design and a grille you can paint to match your room’s color scheme. Use this speaker as part of a full Klipsch surround sound system to enjoy clear, crisp wraparound effects from your favorite movies.

A rigid anodized aluminum wooferMORE produces accurate bass and mid-bass. Two vertically stacked tweeters point in opposite directions. This clever design disperses ambient surround effects across a wide arc, for a diffuse soundfield that completely envelops the listener. It also allows this speaker to deliver great sound even if you place it in a less-than-ideal location. Because high-frequency sounds are more directional than bass frequencies, it’s especially important to target them toward your ears.

Klipsch places their titanium tweeters inside a flared opening, known as a “horn.” The array of two controlled dispersion horn tweeters angled away from each other yields an incredibly wide wave pattern, perfect for ambient movie sound or a realistic concert feel to music. The ‘5650-S II keeps a low profile with its Slimtrim™ grille. The visible frame size is reduced by 90% and grille depth is reduced by 80% over previous designs, for a nearly flush finish that blends in beautifully.

Polk Audio 265RT 3-Way In-Wall Speakers

Polk Audio 265RT 3 Way In Wall Speakers $669.00

Vanishing Series 265-RT in-wall 3-way speakers with paintable grilles offer full-range, dynamic audio without visible speaker boxes. Superior controls and the patented Power Port® bass venting system guarantee spectacular sound in any room environment. Build a complete high performance audio system that always delivers and never distracts with these low-key loudspeakers.

No, it isn’t magic. But it’s close.MORE A member of Polk’s “RT Vanishing” series, the 265 RT offers stellar sound in an inconspicuous design that hides in your wall. Close your eyes, and you might just think you’re listening to a bookshelf speaker. The 265 RT is voice-matched to Polk’s renowned RTi series, so you can put together a system mixing in-wall and floor-standing or bookshelf speakers — whatever suits your room and your decorating sense best.

You can bank on great performance. Dual 6-1/2″ woofers and a pivoting silk-dome polymer tweeter deliver wide frequency response, from deep bass to crystal-clear highs. Built-in switches let you tailor the sound to match your specific room and installation. Finish off by painting the magnetic Sheer-Grille™ to match your wall color and the ‘265 is ready for showtime.

Polk Audio 265 RT 3-Way In-Wall Speaker

Polk Audio 265 RT 3 Way In Wall Speaker $529.95

Make your home theater feel like the cinema with this Polk Audio Vanishing Series RT 265RT in-wall speaker, which features dual mid/woofers and a 1″ tweeter for a complete range of sounds. PowerPort bass venting delivers well-blended, booming lows. Handles up to 200W power per channel, For robust and controlled audio that is crisp and clear. One 1″ Dynamic Balance silk/polymer composite dome tweeter, Positioned in a 15° swivel housing for direct high-frequency control, optimal off-axis imaging and flexible placement options.

Vanishing reflective room compensation,MORE Lowers the tweeter level to compensate for reflective surfaces to ensure optimal audio quality within the 4-5kHz range. Vanishing wall-distance toggle switch, Adjusts the crossover to flatten response without sacrificing deep bass response to retain lifelike sound and offer flexible placement options. PowerPort bass venting, Helps move air smoothly from the port to your listening area to boost low-frequency response for well-blended, booming lows.

Superior imaging and clear, lifelike detail is revealed by the responsive silk dome tweeter in Vanishing RT speakers; it’s set in a 15deg. swivel housing, for more direct high frequency control, excellent off-axis imaging and more placement flexibility. Build a complete high performance audio system that always delivers and never distracts with these low-key loudspeakers.

Klipsch CDT3800CII In-Wall System

Klipsch CDT3800CII In Wall System $2,688.00

Whether youre looking for inexpensive speakers for a multi- room audio system, or high-performance home theater speakers that dont take up any real estate in your room, Klipsch in-wall speakers provide the performance you require. Klipsch R- 5502-WII for the center channel. 1 R5502WII. Projectors Table Top & Micro Systems Cables Digital Coax Analog Toslink Optical System Control Power & Line Conditioners Audio Packages Stereo Packages Surround Packages Portable Bluetooth Speakers.

Features: 1 (2. Shop with confidenceMORE on eBay! In-Wall Speakers. Klipsch CDT3800CII In Wall System. Klipsch CDT5800CII In-Wall System and Denon. The Klipsch SW-115 subwoofer delivers bass response below 20 Hz. Showing 1 16 of 44 Result. Treat yourself to top-notch sound with a speaker that blends seamlessly into your homes d cor. CDT3800CII.

Klipsch R-1650-C In-Ceiling System #11

Klipsch R 1650 C In Ceiling System 11 $1,439.05

The R-1650-C In-Ceiling Speaker from Klipsch is a two way 6.5″ polymer-cone woofer with a large motor structure, loaded with a coaxially mounted 1″ polymer-dome tweeter. The R-1650-C features a frequency response of 57 to 20,000 Hz and has a power handling of 35 watts. The speaker’s mounting system simplifies installation while its paintable aluminum grille provides added rust protection in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

You can paint the grille to blend seamlesslyMORE into any room’s décor. An optional in-ceiling bracket is recommended for installing the R-1650-C in new construction. The speakers can be set up with the optionally purchased IK-650-C installation kit or it can be used in conjunction with the ME-650-C fire-rated enclosure, also purchased separately.

Get great sound throughout your home without sacrificing an inch of floor space. The Klipsch® R-1650-C sports a 6-1/2″ polypropylene woofer for impressive mids and bass, plus a 1″ dome tweeter for smooth highs. Use them as surround sound speakers in an all-Klipsch home theater, or install them in pairs for stereo listening with your multi-room audio system.

Klipsch CDT-5800-CII In-Ceiling System #44

Klipsch CDT 5800 CII In Ceiling System  44 $2,893.00

Treat yourself to top-notch sound with a speaker that blends seamlessly into your home’s décor. The Klipsch® CDT-5800-C II installs in your ceiling, so it won’t take up one inch of floor space. And its high-tech design and solid construction make it a great choice for movie and music lovers alike. You can use multiple CDT-5800-C IIs for surround sound in an all-Klipsch home theater, or install them in pairs for stereo listening with your multi-room audio system.

Either way, you’ll enjoy crisp,MORE clear Klipsch sound without the clutter of conventional speakers. The CDT-5800-C II’s tweeter provides wide dispersion for consistent sound, and it swivels, so you can aim the sound precisely where you need it to go. You can even rotate the 8″ woofer a full 360 degrees and tilt it up to 15 degrees in any direction. This flexibility gives you full, detailed sound no matter where you place the speaker.

Plus, tweeter and mid-bass level switches let you adjust the sound to suit your personal taste and your room’s acoustics. Because high-frequency sounds are more directional than bass frequencies, it’s especially important to target them right toward your ears. Klipsch places their titanium tweeter inside a flared opening, known as a “horn.”

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