The 8 Best Foil Shavers For Men To Buy In 2019

There are those who opt for the convenience, versatility and “safety” of electric razors, and those who prefer the time-honored, less-expensive and usually-closer manual shave. Over time, technological advances have allowed the best electric razors to deliver an experience almost as satisfying as a traditional wet shave – minus the sense of masculine accomplishment you can only get by lathering up and nicking your chin a few times, of course.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

Panasonic ES LA63 S Arc4 Mens Electric Razor $99.98 1

Panasonic makes a line of men’s foil-style shavers that promise a smooth close shave. One of the men’s shavers with a unique function is the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor. This men’s shaver has a special pivot and flex head that moves with a man’s facial contours to give a better shave. The shaver is made in a light grey body with darker sides.

The head is installed at a slight angle to the handle of the shaver and is separated, except for a narrow neck that holds it together. This shaver has been designed with a sleek, ergonomic design, so it’s easier to hold in the hands. The on/off button is on the middle of the handle, with a blue-on-black light up LCD screen display below. This screen tells the current battery charge.

There is a ten stage readout which makes it simple to check the battery status. There is also a charging indicator and a warning for when to clean the shaver. It will also announce when it’s time to change the blades. There is a safety lock so when the shaver is packed in luggage it will never accidentally turn on and lose all of its charge.

Braun Series 7 790cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc Mens Electric Foil Shaver $199.94 1

The Braun 7 790cc is a member of the Braun series 7 electric razor family for men. With sleek, modern lines and attractive, ergonomic grip, this foil shaver is loaded with Braun special features. The main product Braun is selling is the electric razor. However, this model includes a cleaning system that is quite impressive in its own right.

In this article, we present an overview of the features of this product, including advantages and disadvantages of the design and what other users are saying about this product. The Braun 7 790cc has two key features: the razor itself that claims to deliver a perfect shave every time and the cleaning system that maintains and sterilizes the razor when not in use. This electric shaver is intended for daily use.

Many manufacturers and users of electric razors state that most men require an adjustment period when moving from one product to another; Braun provides three shaving power levels so you can make this transition as smooth as possible. Thus, it is well suited for beginners, as well as experienced users. The cleaning system and the Braun 7 790cc work together to present a quality foil shaver.

Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium $48.01 1

The Andis 17150 is a compact lightweight electric shaver that you can use with or without the cord. It is wonderful for finishing fades and gives a very nice close shave even if you have very curly hair. The Andis Company has a long history of tradition. Started in 1922, as the Andis Clipper Company, today it still manufactures shavers as well as sells their products in 90 countries worldwide.

The Andis 17150 Profoil is a lightweight compact electric shaver that makes it easy to travel; making it great for men on the go. It also helps decrease razor burn which is a huge plus for those men who have sensitive skin but still want to look their best. It offers a quiet, close shave even for very curly hair.

All men, so long as they clip back beard and mustache close to the face before using if they have not shaven in a week, it will work fine allowed more than a 5 o’clock shadow to grow meaning it has been several days since you last shaved. It is also good for men who travel or have arthritis in their hands, due to its lightweight compact design.

Braun Series 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 9290CC Mens Electric Foil Shaver Check on Amazon

The Braun Series 9290CC is perfect to buy on a Black Friday shaver sale, as it’s a premium cordless shaver that includes a clean and charge station. This foil-style shaver has a shiny and sleek look to it. It has a blue LED readout panel that tells you just how much charge is left. It’s cordless, rechargeable, and works wet or dry.

This shaver works with the Braun patented SyncroSonic technology to make your shave much closer, smoother, and more comfortable than other shavers on the market today. The foil of this shaver has five different cutting elements that work together to remove more hair in one pass, and with minimal irritation. The clean and charge station is a black colour and works with a 5-action process. It speeds up the cleaning and maintenance of your shaver.

The most comfortable electric shaver on the market, close shaves, great performance when used on longer hairs, suitable for very sensitive skin, very fast shaving sessions, excellent cleaning station, reasonably priced replacement shaving heads, lightweight and well balanced, good build quality and ergonomics.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor

Remington F5 5800 Foil Shaver Mens Electric Razor $42.94 1

Remington is a well-known electric shaver brand. The F5-5800 is a great foil-style rechargeable shaver that not only performs well, but is available at a great price too. The Remington F5-5800 comes without frills, but if you’re looking for a shaver that provides a smooth clean shave, than this is the only shaver you need. It’s available in a black and charcoal finish, and has an easy on/off button.

The Remington foil head is built with their patented pivot and flex interceptor technology. This shaver is not only rechargeable, but it is fully rinsable under the tap, so that it can be easily cleaned. You can shave wet or dry as well. This shaver promises that you’ll be able to get a great shave, with fewer passes.

This means that your shaving chore will be quickly and easily completed in the morning, without fuss. If you haven’t shaved for two or three days it is no problem with the Remington shaver. It’ll handle old and longer growth easily. The steel foils will pivot and move with the contours of your face. This shaver contains everything you need for a great shave, and while the price is low, they haven’t cheapened out on the shaving experience.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Rechargeable Shaver $59.00 1

This shaver is designed for cordless and corded operation. It doesn’t appear to be waterproof, but its other features allowed it to make the list. At around 5 inches tall, it’s the smallest electric razor here. Nevertheless, it packs high-performance in a lightweight device. This rechargeable razor boasts a rather powerful motor that’s built with curly and coarse hair in mind.

Without applying too much pressure, it claims to provide a super-close, bump-free shaving experience. To aid in protecting more sensitive skin types, the razor is coated with hypoallergenic foil. It features sharp twin blades that, once they have been thoroughly used, should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Also, although it lacks a separate trimmer, the size alone can make it ideal for touching up edges by itself.

Its compact size makes it the ideal razor for traveling. This is one of the best electric shavers for black men for the beginner shaver. This powerful shaver offers an appealing aesthetic in addition to top-notch precision. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep the rotary motor running at full speed for up to 60 minutes per charge. With hypoallergenic gold foil, even the most sensitive skin will be free of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or skin irritation.

SUPRENT Electric Shaver, 100% Waterproof

SUPRENT Electric Shaver 100 Waterproof

Great shaver & extreme shaving system this 3d rotary shaver can automatically adjust to every curve of your face,neck and jaw, 3 floating heads and self-sharpening close-cut blades give you a comfortable close shave. Automatic grinding technology, which give you a close and clean shave without pulling the beard or damage skin. Quick charge, only one hour charging then you could use it about 45 minutes. Plug & play. Led digital display, 5 levels intelligent led display from 20%-100%. When the red light flashes,the shaver need to charge. Washable & detachable: press the button on the chin of the head and empty the hair from the chamber and rinse under cold running water.

Ceenwes Electric Razor Hair Clippers Rechargeable

Ceenwes Electric Razor Hair Clippers Rechargeable

The Ceenwes CWS-005 Men’s Electric Shaver And Hair Trimmer is actually a really good product. The brand may be unknown but that doesn’t mean you should simply ignore it. It’s an all in 1 shaving kit that can trim beards and even cut hair if you really wanted to do that. The setup reminds me of the Remmington all in one shaving kit with the base that holds all the different pieces that come with the box. From the nose hair trimmers to the cleansing oil.

The battery charge percentage LED indicator located on the shaver. It tells you how much power is left on the device it’s actually really awesome. You can also choose between low power and high power mode depending on your needs. The packaging is also quite impressive it’s just like what the big brands use.

It would fit nicely on any display and can be stored easily. Using the 3D head was good while it was not a 100% clean shave it did get most of the hair and for this price range that’s about what you would expect. This also makes shaving a bit easier as it acts almost like a shaving cream for electric razors.

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The 8 Best Foil Shavers For Men To Buy In 2019
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