The 8 Best Gasoline Powered Pressure Washers To Buy In 2019

Gasoline Powered Pressure Washers

If it’s time to scrub some serious dirt and grime outdoors, pressure washers are the way to go. Consider your needs before you go shopping, though: Gas models are the most powerful, but they’re noisy, smelly and require regular upkeep. Electric models are quieter and low-maintenance, but they top out at medium-duty household tasks – you won’t want to rely on one to leave the siding sparkling on a multi-story home, for instance.

Professional Gas Powered Pressure Washer : SIMPSON

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S $529.00 1

It is a gas powered pressure washer that is simple to use, strong and durable. When we are referring to the Cleaning PS3228-S we are looking at its exceptional features. These are amazing features that you will not find in any other fuel pressure washer.

I am talking about a HONDA GX200MORE OHV commercial engine. If you have been keen about engines you will know how much this type of HONDA engine can do. As a result of its powerful engine, I will refer to this pressure washer as a high working machine. Do not also forget its ability to provide up to 3200 PSI at 2.8 GPM of gas.

I cannot stop talking about its engine since it’s a long lasting one made of cast iron cylinders. It is a 1966cc, 4-Stroke engine. It is also made to meet all the CARB and EPA emission standards. So, if you are looking for a high power and durable pressure washer you should start thinking about Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S.

Generac SpeedWash 7122 3200 PSI 2.7 GPM 196cc

Generac SpeedWash 7122 3200 PSI 2.7 GPM 196cc Gas Powered $449.00 1

Generac SpeedWash 7122 is the type of gas pressure washer that promises to clean smarter and up to 50% faster. You must have read our previous Generac reviews, which means you’re curious – faster than what model? And your intuition is right, this unit was conceived as an upgrade of the 6882 model.

From a distance, it looks likeMORE Generac SpeedWash 7122 got a new, turbo broom – otherwise, they look strikingly similar. But a closer analysis will show some significant improvements. From the extra PSI and GPM performances to the new pump, they all portray the price difference as more than justified. Let us show you what makes this gas pressure washer handle any cleaning chore 50% faster, just like promised.

As expected, Generac used the best of its in-house components to equip this unit. You’ll find it powered by a Generac OHV engine at 196cc, a gas-powered engine with manual choke/primer. As you probably know, the pull start and the horizontal shaft design are quite standard for optimal pressure washing. The Generac SpeedWash 7122 has a 3.2qt fuel tank and a 16oz oil tank, working with 10W-30/SAE 30 oil.


WEN PW31 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 208 cc

WEN PW31 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 208 cc Check on Amazon

With rugged wheels that can move across grass and asphalt with ease on the bottom, a heavy-duty steel frame and bright orange accents, the WEN PW31 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer has the look of a commercial pressure washer but costs less than those machines do.

A 208cc engine has a gallon per minuteMORE rating of 2.5 to cut down on how long it takes to clean things like your roof or driveway, and an axial cam pump ensures that the water comes out smoothly and quickly. This pump adds some extra power to the pressure washer while also extending the life of its motor.

Wen gives you five quick connect nozzles that attach to the wand easily, and each one is appropriate for different jobs. You’ll get zero, 15, 25 and 45 degree nozzles as well as a nozzle for using the pressure washer with detergent, which can help kill mold and plants growing on your roof as well as eliminate any mildew that you see. WEN gives you a two-year warranty that lets you get repairs or a replacement pressure washer after your purchase.


STANLEY FATMAX SXPW3425 3400 PSI $359.00 1

Gas powered professional pressure washers designed to provide maximum performance with professional quality. We’ve set the standard for excellence in everything we do. No company on earth has a stronger or more compelling history of delivering the hardworking, innovative, powerful tools that help professionals around the world build, repair, and protect the world’s most valuable objects. Cleans faster & more effectively than a garden hose, great for around-the-house projects.

Hose connection in front of the triggerMORE keeps the spray gun balanced & easy to use. Regulator easily adjusts the pressure for your desired cleaning application down to 1200 PSI with a simple twist. 35 feet of MorFlex™ 5/16″ high-pressure hose lets you work in a wide area. Produces 2.5 GPM for efficient cleaning of your cars, walkways, siding, patio, driveway, etc. On-board storage keeps spray gun, hose, and nozzles organized

Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer 2200 PSI

Briggs and Stratton Gas Pressure Washer 2200 PSI $249.89 1

If you are looking for a reliable compromise between a lightweight electric pressure washer and a stronger gas-powered electric washer, the Briggs & Stratton 20545 is going to be worth a serious look. Not only is this one of the lightest gas pressure washers on the market, but it is also one of the most affordable. The Briggs and Stratton Vertical Shaft 2200 PSI Pressure Washer makes most any outdoor cleaning job speedy and stress-free.

It is designed with three quick-connect tipsMORE that provide versatile spray patterns ranging from a fine jet stream to a wide fan spray. The 1.9 max GPM electric pressure washer gives you powerful pressure and precision control while you work. It is manufactured with a maintenance-free axial cam pump with easy-start technology for a fast start up every time.

This outdoor equipment is ideal for any DIY projects around the home or small office such as building maintenance, de-greasing the driveway, sidewalk or patio, fence cleaning and so much more. It is constructed with 10″ heavy-duty wheels for easy transportation and mobility. The Briggs and Stratton pressure washer is user-friendly and comes with a 25′ high-pressure hose that allows an extended reach without constantly having to move the unit and flexibility when in small spaces.

Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 psi Gas Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 psi Gas Pressure Washer $188.87

The PowerStroke 2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer is perfect for tackling light-duty jobs around the home like cleaning off your siding, patio furniture, sidewalk, or vehicle. With a 150cc gas engine and 3 precision nozzles, this pressure washer is a great addition to any home. It is easily transported with 7” wheels and a hand truck frame design and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

A gas run pressure washerMORE is usually more powerful than an electric pressure washer. For your residential use Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 psi Gas Pressure Washer is one of the best models that are available in the market. Its powerful engine provides 2200 PSI of water pressure for cleaning the toughest stain easily and making your cars, RVs, motorcycle, deck, driveway, patio and many more things clean and shiny.

With the sturdy aluminum pump, the device provides maximum water flow of 2.0 GPM. For user’s convenience, it has on-board storage for all its components. The two strong wheels make the movement of the machine easy and with the long handle you can pull it easily without bending. Before buying the product see all the features and the facilities you will get from this device.

Ford FPWG2700H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Ford FPWG2700H J Gas Powered Pressure Washer $349.99

Ford pressure washers are Built Ford Tough and will provide years of quality cleaning service. The 2,700 psi high performance gasoline-powered pressure washer melds an 180cc, 5 HP OHV four-stroke, horizontal shaft gasoline engine with a three-piston axial cam pump to create 2,700 psi at 2.3 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) for 6210 cleaning units designed for more cleaning efficiency. The heavy duty 1-1/4 in.

Powder coated frame with foam gripMORE handle ensures comfort and durability where it is needed the most while the oversized no-flat, pneumatic tires make this unit easy to take up and down stairs or inclines. The Ford 2700H includes a stainless steel wand and 25 ft. braided high pressure hose that can withstand high water pressure for long periods of time while four independent quick-connect dispersion tips including chemical, 0°, 25°, 40° that attach and remove easily.

The 0° nozzle is designed for blasting caked-on mud from heavy duty equipment and removing rust from steel. The 40° nozzle is designed for light washing/rinsing of windows, walls, patios and driveways. The soap dispensing nozzle helps control a constant stream of chemicals to help with pre-washing most surfaces from an integrated oversized front-load dispenser that allows for longer work times without replenishment.

Karcher G2700 Gas Power Pressure Washer

Karcher G2700 Gas Power Pressure Washer Out of stock

The G 2700 is driven by a 196cc Karcher engine. This is a 4 cycle engine, meaning there is no need to mix the oil and the gas. The OHV engine uses unleaded gas with a minimum of 87 octane and SAE 10W-30 oil to operate. Fuel tank size is .26 Gallons (1.0L) and oil crankcase capacity is 0.6L.

Designed for general household jobs,MORE the gas power pressure washer delivers water stream at 2700 MAX PSI/2.5 GPM that suggests that it can be used for heavier residential purposes.

The 2700 PSI power washier comes equipped with an on board soap tank. A soap nozzle is provided for operating with detergents. The company sells biodegradable detergents that are specially formulated to protect the environment and your machine. A number of accessories such as extension hose, spray nozzle, and universal wash brush kit are also offered by Karcher.

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The 8 Best Gasoline Powered Pressure Washers To Buy In 2019
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