The 8 Best Heart Rate Monitors To Buy In 2019

Heart Rate Monitors

Fitness trackers can monitor users daily step count, sleep, heart rate and activity levels. Picking the right one will depend on what you plan to use it for, whether you want some casual step counting or a detailed breakdown of a workout. You may also plan to use it as a timepiece. Not all fitness trackers are like wristwatches and many come in the form of small, lightweight bands like the Fitbit Alta HR, or can be attached to your ankle like the Moov Now. Others are simple dongles that can be clipped onto items of clothing.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Wristband $159.99 1

Stay connected while tracking your all-day activity and exercise with the large, black Charge 2 Fitness Wristband from Fitbit. This wrist-worn activity monitor tracks how many steps you take, your distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, and how many minutes you stay active. Thanks to its onboard PurePulse technology, the Charge 2 also provides continuous and automatic heart rate data.

You can use this heart rate data to monitorMORE your intensity, analyze the effectiveness of your activities, maximize your workouts, and more—all without the need of an additional heart rate chest strap or accessory. Additionally, the Charge 2 features SmartTrack technology that automatically recognizes the exercise your performing and records your metrics to the free companion app.

The Charge 2 houses an OLED display that lets you see your progress in real-time throughout the day. In addition to fitness tracking and heart rate data, the Charge 2 can receive smart notifications from your smartphone, so you can stay connected to the outside world even when you’re working out. You can sync all your Charge 2 stats wirelessly to compatible mobile devices and computers. Simply download the Fitbit app to sync with a smartphone, which is available for iOS, Android, and select Windows devices.

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR $109.98 1

Polar’s new A370 fitness-tracking wristband is a course correction from its predecessor, the A360, which was lacking in a few key areas. The A370 improves upon the last-gen model, with continuous heart-rate monitoring, GPS (sort of), an easier-to-fasten band clasp and a new sleep-tracking tool called Polar Sleep Plus.

The A370 looks almost exactlyMORE the same as the A360. Both have beautiful, bright, full-color TFT capacitive touch screens that show the time when you move your wrist. Fitbit’s Charge 2 also has a touch display, but I prefer the A370’s because it’s much longer and can show more information at a glance.

Where the A370 differs from its predecessor is in its continuous heart-rate tracking, which means the device can do almost everything the first-gen fitness tracker couldn’t: log your outdoor running mileage and speed, offer heart-rate-based insights on your activity, and give you a more comprehensive look at your sleep patterns. Polar is touting its new sleep-tracking tool as one of the A370’s marquee features.

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor Armband

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor Armband $79.95 1

Polar’s initial marketing seems to be focussing on ‘women doing gym classes‘. That’s probably a relatively large market but there are also many other sports markets for the OH1 including ‘men doing Monday night soccer/football‘. Gender stereotyping aside, it will be great for sports that require: a safe, comfortable wear-position; a separation of the recording device from the sensor; and/or waterproofing.

To charge the OH1,MORE the proprietary cradle is required. That cradle will plug into any standard USB port – for example in a wall socket port or in a computer. When mounted into horizontal computer ports it might be tricky to use adjacent ports and vertical ports are better.

Polar do not specifically recommend wearing the OH1 on the wrist. They show ‘models’ wearing the OH1 on the upper arm or the upper part of the lower forearm. Indeed, those wear-locations are the ones that can be selected when setting up the OH1 in the Polar FLOW app. However there is no reason at all why you couldn’t wear it anywhere else; you will even get a reading if you hold the sensor against your thumb.

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor $58.95 1

The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor straps to your chest while exercising and wirelessly transmits your heart rate to your compatible device. The front part of the strap contains the heart rate module and is made of flexible plastic. The part of the strap that goes around your back is made of a soft fabric and is adjustable to your size.

The fabric of the strap can be removedMORE and washed by hand to keep it clean. Once the heart rate monitor is paired with your compatible device the first time, it will automatically recognize it each time. Straps to your chest while exercising and wirelessly transmits your heart rate to your compatible device. The front part of the strap contains the heart rate module and is made of flexible plastic. The part of the strap that goes around your back is made of a soft fabric and is adjustable to your size.

FaceLake FL400 Pulse Oximeter with Carrying Case

FaceLake FL400 Pulse Oximeter with Carrying Case $13.48 1

FDA Approved and CE Certified, the CMS-50DL / FL-400 is designed to provide an accurate, yet affordable, way for spot-checking blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. Whether you are a physician, nurse, pilot, patient or an athlete, the CMS-50DL / FL-400 is a reliable travel companion, and comes with a free soft-shell carrying case. Simple operation allows it to turn on and off with the touch of a button, and you can expect up to 30 hours of continuous monitoring on a single set of fresh batteries.

30+ hours of continuous monitoringMORE on one set of batteries. Integrated SpO2 probe and processing display module. SpO2 and Pulse Rate bar graph. Bright LED display. Low battery level indication. Auto power off after 5 seconds. Low power consumption on 2 AAA batteries. Interference resistance against ambient light & measurement performance at low perfusion. Intended use for spot check of blood oxygen saturation level at home, in sport and recreational use, such as mountain climbing, high-altitude activities and running.

Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Out of stock

Lintelek Fitness tracker has updated their previous version Fitness Tracker Watch ID107PLUS HR. To track your heart rate and health it has a professional pedometer. The product came with lots of function such as 24 hours real-time dynamic heart rate monitor, appropriate physical exercises and weather forecast on the bracelet. Good news for Music lovers.

The product features Music controllerMORE so that you can freely control your music on your smartphone. Lintelek Fitness tracker has 3 types of Alert. One is Sedentary Alert which means the device will inform you when you sit for a long time and another is like setting alarm so that It will remind you to do exercise. It features SNS, SMS and Call alert as well.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker features IP67 Waterproof, so you don’t have to remove it when shower, sweating or washing hand. I personally recommend you not to use it during shower or swimming. Turn on the GPS on your smartphone to check real-time walking. It also covers running like pace and distance in your display. You can also record a map of your workout route. Provides three days weather report so that you can make good preparation before going out.

Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband

Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband $79.75 1

Wahoo has developed their own optical HR sensor package here (using off the shelf components of course), but hasn’t gone with another vendor like Valencell or others. While Wahoo didn’t specify on why they rolled their own, I suspect it’s the same reason as most others are shying away from Valencell these days: Battery life. While Valencell has great accuracy, the battery life aspects are harder and harder to swallow for companies, especially those that may have plans to let the sensor run for extended periods of time (i.e. days).

With the unit turned on and transmitting,MORE it’s time to pair it up to your device of choice. The unit transmits on the standard heart rate device profiles for both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart. For example, if you’ve got a Garmin device, you’ll generally connect to the TICKR FIT on ANT+ (though, Garmin’s 2017 devices now support Bluetooth Smart sensors, so you can use that too). Here it is pairing to a Garmin FR935 via ANT+:

Concurrently, the device also transmits HR on Bluetooth Smart, so if you’ve got something like a Suunto or Polar device, you’ll connect via Bluetooth Smart. This is also true of most apps, like Zwift on iOS. Here I’m paired via Bluetooth Smart on Zwift with an iPad:

Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband

Scosche Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor Armband $79.95 1

The Scosche Rhythm+ Plus Armband Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor works directly with most fitness apps and replaces often uncomfortable chest belts on most Bluetooth and ANT+ devices. Rhythm+ Plus can be worn on the forearm or upper arm and optically measures bloodflow and body movement to accurately record your heart rate.

The Scosche Rhythm+ Plus isMORE more accurate than traditional heart-rate belts and replaces the chest belt with a comfortable and ultralight Rhythm armband that acquires and maintains clear wireless communication with your smartphone, fitness watch or gym equipment up to 100 feet away. The Rhythm+ Plus dual-mode processor means you can simultaneously transmit your heart rate to multiple ANT+ displays as well as to your favourite Bluetooth Smart-enabled watch.

Or smartphone app so both your wrist unit and Fitness app can monitor your heart rate at the same time. The Scosche Rhythm+ Plus Armband Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor works with most popular health and fitness apps including: DigiFit, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava, Wahoo, Endomondo etc and is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart-enabled devices and equipment such as watches, smartphones and gym fitness machines. Comfortable armband accurately measures heart rate with no chest strap required.

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The 8 Best Heart Rate Monitors To Buy In 2019
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