The 8 Best In Ear Headphones Under $25 To Buy In 2019

When it comes to plugging into our music, there’s no need to settle for the cheap earbuds that come with your portable music player. Plus, there are plenty of options in the market, no matter what you’re looking for; whether you’re an audio aficionado or just want a pair that won’t break the bank. While it might seem overwhelming to go shopping for your next set of earbuds. One of the most comfortable options for fitness is wireless earbuds, which don’t require a wire to connect to your device.

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

Mpow Jaws V4 1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

The rise of wireless Bluetooth headphones was always inevitable. The challenges that were once faced by wireless headphones have since been overcome, and the market reflects this. Wireless headphones were once associated with poor sound quality, and oh, how well this issue has been addressed. Modern day wireless Bluetooth headphones have gone leaps and bounds in terms of sound quality and design.

Depending on preference, wireless speakers are usually produced in either earbud or over ear forms. Many have associated over ear headphones with comfort over earbud headphones, but things have changed. May I introduce earbuds with a neckband; now keep an open mind, these headphones can provide the benefits of being lightweight and a worry free fit (no more falling earbuds) all whilst being able to produce high-quality sound equal to over ear headphones.

Is the product proven to be comfortable? Usually popularity will be a good indicator of this; also, previous experience with different designs will, understandably, influence your search. The market has since switched from regular earbuds to in-ear earbuds back to traditional and sports earbuds. Regular earbud popularity skyrocketed with the release of the recent apple earbuds (since the release of IPhone 6).

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds | Wood In-ear Noise-isolating

Symphonized NRG 3 0 Earbuds Wood In ear Noise isolating $19.99 1

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 are a decently well-built, budget in-ear headphones. Unfortunately, their sound quality is a bit too dark and won’t be ideal for more critical listeners. On the upside, they’re easy to carry on you at all times, and they’re stable enough to use while running. They also block a decent amount of ambient noise despite being completely passive headphones. The NRG 3.0 are decently well-built but straightforward in-ear headphones.

They have the typical in-ear fit which isn’t for everyone and come with a relatively cheap looking carrying pouch. However, they’re just stable enough to run with despite not having any stability tips and they’re easy to carry on your person since they will fit in pretty much any bag or pocket. Their wooden design makes them feel somewhat unique but they don’t feel particularly premium and won’t stand out when compared to other budget in-ears.

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 have a simple and straightforward in-ear design with wooden earbuds that give them a bit more flare. They have a decently rubberized cable with a two-tone color scheme that makes them stand out. However, they don’t look or feel particularly premium. The buttons on the in-line remote provide good tactile feedback and are fairly easy to use.

NENRENT S570 Bluetooth Earbud

NENRENT S570 Bluetooth Earbud $16.99 1

Was able to make it 2 large rooms away before it lost connection! That is an extremely long way for this headset being so small! It lightweight and sweat-proof best for running. 3, long battery life and quick Charging: Built-in high performance rechargeable Lithium-poly 60mAh battery. Comfortable small and light weight that make you forget have it on while in use.

Fits either earleft and right ear. Latest bluetooth 4. 1 technology; easy and fast pairing with smartphones, edge, 6/6S, iPad air2, Motorola, plus, 5, 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices. Such as iphone 4, LG, etc. You can enjoy about 5. 5 hours of music time and call about 6 hours 4, built-in HD and Sensitivity Microphone: KELODO mini Bluetooth headset delivers high fidelity and clear sound for hassle-free conversations while driving or working.

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset Out of stock

This is a review of the SoundPEATS Q900 Bluetooth Headset. This headset is compatible with all mobile devices and is a great option for those who go on long hikes, walks or jogs. The SoundPEATS Q900 is low-cost Bluetooth earbud headset. Included with the headset is a micro-USB cable, a brief manual, and three sizes of ear pieces, one of which is sure to fit you.

These earbuds are a headset design, meaning they have a plastic piece that goes around your neck where the buttons and the charging port are located. The headset also has magnetic docks where the buds can be put to keep them from dangling when they are not in your ears. The headset is quite light. This is nice for wearing around on a day to day basis and especially during exercise.

The Bluetooth has an effect on the sound clarity and the sound is not quite as clear as it would be, were these earbuds wired. However, the bass is very good and definitely powerful enough that you can feel it. The SoundPEATS Q900s have quite a few features to offer. Also on this headset there is a microphone which makes this very useful for talking on the phone while wearing these.

ZNT N1 Mini Bluetooth Earbud, In-Ear Smallest

ZNT N1 Mini Bluetooth Earbud In Ear Smallest Out of stock

Taking half a break (there’s a pun here) from all of the wireless in-ear headphones we have been covering, today we get to talk about a single Bluetooth earbud for taking calls with, the ZNT N1 Mini Bluetooth earbud. It’s a single bud like any other Bluetooth earpiece for your phone (hence, taking “half” a break from headphones), but this one tries to stand out among the rest.

What allows this one to stand out more than anything, is both size and user friendliness. This earbud is barely larger than an American penny. It fits nicely within your ear and remains flush to the opening, allowing it to disappear slightly. Perfect if you don’t want it to be so obvious that you have something hanging round your ear. In fact, some may even think that it is some form of a hearing device.

The earbud itself features a sleek hard plastic body with a silicone tip. There are three sizes of tips to choose from (the usual), including small, medium and large. As always, it is best to obtain the best fit for your ear so that it maintains a secure fit to your ear while also maintaining comfort.

COSPOR In Ear Wired Headphones, Magnetic Earphones

COSPOR In Ear Wired Headphones Magnetic Earphones Out of stock

Hd sound quality, high definition stereo earphone provides extremely exact and natural sound than traditional stereo.high sensitivity and low impedance deliver clear,sound perfect for music,movies,and phone calling. Comfortable and secure fit, ergonomically flexible designed with gel flex silicone earbuds to ensure your headphones stay comfortably firm in place without falling out. Easy to use, built-in mic, convenient hands-free calling. You can also easily play/pause, skip music tracks through the multi-function button. No need to take out your phone from pocket band any more. Magnetic connection, the unique magnetic design of the earbuds is easy for storage without tangle and convenient for hanging around your neck while not using. Wide compatibility, standard 3.5mm jack,perfect companion for iphone,android smartphones,tablets,mp3/mp4 player,portable music player,and other popular electronics.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones

Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones

This year, Monster significantly expanded its Beats by Dr. Dre line—the company debuted its first iPod dock, the Beatbox and announced a slew of new beats-branded earphones. The iBeats are offered in white, black, chrome, and black aluminum. Those colors refer to the metallic earpieces—the cable and the Beats logo are red on all models.

The diamond-shaped ControlTalk remote control and mic for iPhones and iPods is situated on the left ear’s cable. It’s not the best placement, as it’s hard to see when wearing the earphones, and with the remote’s surface comprised of buttons that adjust volume and playback, or answer phone calls, it’s easy to press the wrong one by mistake. The ear tips offer a secure fit and even seal out some ambient noise, passively.

The low end response, as on most Beats pairs, is definitely enhanced. Particularly if you create a secure seal with the eartips, the low end is intense. Audiophiles will want to avoid this pair, but bass fiends will be right at home. On songs with extremely deep bass, like the Knife’s “Silent Shout”, the iBeats don’t distort, even at maximum volume.

Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Noise-Isolating Earbud

Skullcandy Ink d 2 0 Noise Isolating Earbud $9.00 1

A high-quality product with great support from the Skullcandy website in the customer services department. These earphones are one of the best durable headphones that performs well at peak capacity, while it is also one of the most attractive designs on the market. Users also receive an additional three sizes of earbud tips I sizes, small, medium and large in providing comfort and adjustability to all users regardless of ear size.

Available in a range of colors you are able to match your device with the desired color. Even after reading several earbuds reviews you will still be impressed with the quality, design and sound of the Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds. The Skullcandy Ink’d 2 earbuds in a range of colors are one of the best cheap earbuds on the market and it’s a wide range of compatible devices which features a 3.5 mm jack.

The unique flat cable design makes sure that it is one of the top earbuds in its category, apart from other outstanding features you can read in this earbuds review below. When you by one of this earphone sets, you get three pairs of additional silicone ear bud tips that fits small, medium, and large ear canals.

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