The 8 Best Phone Controlled In Ear Headphones To Buy In 2019

As much as we’d love to stay home and listen to music using our pristine umpteen-watt floor-standing speakers, at some point, we have to leave home. But just because you’re heading out for the day doesn’t mean you have to leave exceptional sound quality at your doorstep – a great pair of in-ear headphones (earbuds) can contend with some high-end systems and cost much, much less. Not only are the best pairs of in-ear headphones ultra-comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, but newer models can be completely wire-free.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk

Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk Out of stock

This year, Monster significantly expanded its Beats by Dr. Dre line—the company debuted its first iPod dock, the Beatbox and announced a slew of new beats-branded earphones. The iBeats are offered in white, black, chrome, and black aluminum. Those colors refer to the metallic earpieces—the cable and the Beats logo are red on all models. The diamond-shaped ControlTalk remote control and mic for iPhones and iPods is situated on the left ear’s cable.

It’s not the best placement, as it’s hard to see when wearing the earphones, and with the remote’s surface comprised of buttons that adjust volume and playback, or answer phone calls, it’s easy to press the wrong one by mistake. The ear tips offer a secure fit and even seal out some ambient noise, passively. The tips come in white or black—depending on which color of earphones you opt for#151;,.

And there are seven differently-sized pairs (two of which are flanged rather than rounded) included in the Monster and Beats-logo-branded protective pouch, along with a shirt clip. The low end response, as on most Beats pairs, is definitely enhanced. Particularly if you create a secure seal with the eartips, the low end is intense. Audiophiles will want to avoid this pair, but bass fiends will be right at home.

JVC HAFX5V Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones

JVC HAFX5V Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones $8.06 1

An inner-ear version of JVC’s original Gumy, the violet HA-FX5 Gumy Plus Earbuds are for people who prefer an inside-the-ear design over traditional earbuds. The Gumy Plus comes in a variety of colors. There’s nothing fancy about its all-plastic construction, but it’s an attractive enough looking earphone and lightweight. They come with three different-size pairs of silicone eartips.

Its comfortable fit provides insulated noise isolation, while its 11mm Neodymium Driver Unit delivers a frequency response of 10 Hz to 20 kHz (which, it should be noted, fully encompasses the spectrum of human hearing). Additionally, its standard gold-plated plug is fully compatible with mobile phones and other devices. 3.3 ft cord lets you wear your device in your pocket or on an armband. 3 sets of silicone earpieces (small, medium, large).

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint

Audio Technica ATH ANC23 QuietPoint $39.00 1

The ANC23s are our new favourite headphones at this point, with excellent sound and a noise-cancelling feature you don’t often find at this price. There are very few competing headphones in this specific category, and where you find similar units, the design is pretty consistent. Audio-Technica opts for an asymmetrical in-ear gel design, directing the gel into your ear canal and achieving a decent seal in the process.

There are additional pairs of differently sized gels, if the default couple don’t give you a decent fit. Along the unit’s cable is the QuietPoint noise-cancelling switch box. About the size of a squat cigarette lighter, the box houses a AAA battery, it alsohas a volume control wheel and an On/Off switch for activating the noise-cancelling effect.

It isn’t heavy to lift or carry, but it will tug on the buds in your ears if you leave it hanging freely. To counter this, Audio-Technica have a clip on the underside of the box, allowing you to attach it to the strap of a bag or pinch onto loose clothing. In the box with the headphones, Audio-Technica includes a carry pouch, a AAA battery and a two-prong aeroplane adapter.

JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones

JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones $9.99 1

Turn it up and tune up your workout with the JVC HA-EBR80B. The HA-EBR80B Sport Clip Headphones have a soft and stylish splash-proof design that’s ideal for exercise and fitness activities. The secure-fit silicon earpieces come in 3 sizes with 5 adjustable positions and feature soft rubber ear hooks, offering a comfortable listening experience.

Plus the headphones feature a one-button remote control with built-in microphone that makes it easy to play, stop, and skip songs on your iPod or MP3 Player and answer a phone call on your Iphone or Android device, hands-free. Sport clip headphones with adjustable clip structure which has five selectable position for secure fit.

Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 In-Ear Lightning Headphones

Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 In Ear Lightning Headphones

In the modern world, with people constantly on the move, hifi headphones and earphones can be found almost everywhere. As technology advances, the design of these devices will change change as well to adapt to the latest and greatest audio trends. Apple recently made a big decision not to include the headphone jack in the design of their iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices, making quite a ruckus in the process as consumers were understandably quite shocked.

As humans, we get used to products that we are familiar with. It can initially be difficult for us to work out which products are compatible with a new feature, especially when a product as popular as an iPhone changes slightly. People literally grew up with the old 3.5mm headphone jack, so being forced to say goodbye has been tough for many.

Thankfully, there are a whole new breed of high-tech lightning-ready options available to replace our old 3.5mm standbys. The ANKER SoundBuds Digital IE10 for example can be inserted directly into the Lightning Port of your latest and greatest Apple device, getting rid of the need for the old style of headphone jack on previous models.

JLAB J1M-BLK-FOIL JLab Audio JBuds Hi-Fi

JLAB J1M BLK FOIL JLab Audio JBuds Hi Fi Out of stock

JLAB J1M-BLK-FOIL JLab Audio JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds with Universal Microphone, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE – Black looks good in design , functionality and functionality.The best functionality of this product is really simple to clean and control.The design and layout are really fantastic that make it really fascinating and beautiful.Many people feel attracted by the purchase and use.

It is developed to meet the needs of people, it is an extraordinary product and ideal for simple configuration, maintenance and control. .On the other hand, the design is flexible, easy to configure and elegant. It’s great to perform with a lot of innovative features and is priced appropriately.With the latest technology, it includes a great feature and helps people to be used effectively.

The model is really a receptive design and exceptional features.Made with high quality that make this product has a long lasting and sustainable. JBuds are the perfect companion for your iPod, MP3 player, laptop, portable DVD, MD, radio, or other audio devices, combining sleek design, premium sound quality, noise reduction, and maximum comfort.

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones Best Wireless Check on Amazon 1

The black Extra Bass Sports Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones from Sony are designed to give you more motivation, whether you’re at the gym or on the street. They have a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and can be used with smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, recorders, and other devices with a 1/8″ output. The headphones’ powerful Extra Bass sound gives you the drive to keep going.

With their enhanced low frequency, which makes music sound more powerful, these headphones allow you to feel energized and driven during your workouts. Their 4 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response delivers a clear and natural sound. In addition, they are built with Arc supporters to securely keep them in your ears during your workouts.

The headphones include a USB cable, 2 sets of Arc supporters (S, M, and L), and 2 sets of silicone eartips (SS, S, M, and L). Their Bluetooth connectivity lets you listen for up to 8.5 hours without wires getting in your way. These headphones have a durable IPX4 design that keeps the music going, even when you’re running in light rain. With their Extra Bass sound, the headphones give you more motivation, whether you’re at the gym or on the street.

Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Noise-Isolating Earbud

Skullcandy Ink d 2 0 Noise Isolating Earbud $9.00 1

A high-quality product with great support from the Skullcandy website in the customer services department. These earphones are one of the best durable headphones that performs well at peak capacity, while it is also one of the most attractive designs on the market. Users also receive an additional three sizes of earbud tips I sizes, small, medium and large in providing comfort and adjustability to all users regardless of ear size.

Available in a range of colors you are able to match your device with the desired color. Even after reading several earbuds reviews you will still be impressed with the quality, design and sound of the Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds. The Skullcandy Ink’d 2 earbuds in a range of colors are one of the best cheap earbuds on the market and it’s a wide range of compatible devices which features a 3.5 mm jack.

The unique flat cable design makes sure that it is one of the top earbuds in its category, apart from other outstanding features you can read in this earbuds review below. When you by one of this earphone sets, you get three pairs of additional silicone ear bud tips that fits small, medium, and large ear canals.

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