The 8 Best Skele Toes For Men Under $50 To Buy In 2019

Skele Toes For Men Under $50

The Skele-toes have two bungee pulls at the heel and top of the instep to make them easier to put on. Not sure these are necessary, but Fila clearly wants it to be “EZ” to put Skele-toes on — after all, just look at the EZ-Slide branding over the conjoined single pocket for the two littlest toes. While seasoned toe shoe wearers might find the EZ-Slide conjoined toe pocket unnecessary, this design feature of the Skele-toes makes a lot of sense—though maybe not for the reason intended (And maybe not really necessary for Skele-toes as casual/non-running shoes).


3T BAREFOOT CINCH Check on Amazon

Enjoy your next aquatic adventure with the Body Glove 3T Barefoot™ Cinch Water Shoes, which are designed with synthetic stretch-fit uppers to offer lightweight comfort. The ultragrip rubber outsoles provide traction in and around the water, while integrated drainage systems allows excess water to escape.

Soft Lycra® linings. Adjustable shockMORE laces for a secure fit. Adjustable shocklace, Stretch fit upper. Easy on with the three toe design, Zero heel lift. This shoe is a hybrid, designed for use in and out of water.

Rockin Footwear Mens Aqua Foot Water Shoes

Rockin Footwear Mens Aqua Foot Water Shoes Out of stock

The Rockin Footwear Men’s Aqua Foot Water Shoes provide extra traction on wet surfaces for added safety and protection. With an amphibious design, these water shoes will protect your toes and feet from the sand to the surf. Lightweight, comfortable upper. Breathable mesh side panels. Rubber sole with traction.

Hook-and-loop Velcro strap. Heel tab:MORE For an easy entry. Get ready to rock out at the beach with the Rockin Footwear Women’s Aqua Foot Water Shoes.

NORTY Young Mens Skeletoe Aqua Wave Water Shoes

NORTY Young Mens Skeletoe Aqua Wave Water Shoes $19.90

Norty little kids toddler aqua water socks waterproof slip on shoes for pool beach 21 color combinations for girls and boy. Stretchable neoprene uppers provide a protective layer but are easy to slip on and off even when wet. Adjustable closure and ankle pull tab: shoes slip on and off quickly and easily – even when wet.

Mesh side panels neoprene uppers:MORE breathable mesh helps feet and shoes dry quickly so your kids shoes aren’t a sloshy mess. Choose from a traditional toe or the innovative skeletoe design. Breathable mesh allows water and air to flow freely – which helps the shoes dry fast. Neoprene uppers provide an extra layer of protection from sharp rocks and glass.

Designed with active families in mind if your family loves to be active in the water, you’ll appreciate how the norty water socks hug your child’s feet. The handy ankle pull tab helps with easy on and off. Non-slip grip rubberized sole: whether your child runs everywhere he or she goes or is a cautious first-time walker.

Slipper Rack Men’s Waterproof Yoga Exercise

Slipper Rack Men's Waterproof Yoga Exercise Out of stock

These Men’s Water resistant Yoga Workout Water Shoes are without equal in comfort and water wear style. Light-weight and Relaxed, the design includes a two-tone paneled mesh higher for drainage and breathability, and an additional thick sturdy rubber sole for the ones rocky river hikes or walks down the beach.

Slipping these on or offMORE is a breeze as a result of the slip-on taste and adjustable loop heel. Adjustable twine to tighten for best are compatible. Nice for any outside activity. Light-weight technology & Relaxed man made rubber sole. The sturdy sole makes these men’s water shoes best for swimming pools, beaches, lakes & rivers! Additional thick, textured rubber sole for sturdiness & steadiness.

Fila Men’s Skele-Toes EZ Slide Shoes

Fila Men's Skele-Toes EZ Slide Shoes $49.99

These running shoes simulate a barefoot experience with toe separators for maximum flexibility and a lightweight feel. Fila known for their superior sport lifestyle gear now brings you their line of Skele-Toes. With these advanced shoes runners are able to duplicate the feel of shoeless running while still having support and protection.

The EZ Slide Drainage featuresMORE a lightweight high performance four-way stretch fabric and air mesh upper, EZ Slide feature combines the two smallest toes for easy wear, bungee with hook and loop closure at front and back for a secure fit, and a synthetic outsole with texture for traction.

Take your running experience to the next level wearing these men’s Skele-Toes EZ Slide Drainage shoes from FILA. The lightweight design features a four-way stretch fabric and air mesh upper. The two smallest toe compartments are combined for easy wear, while bungee cord lacing allows you to slip them on-and- off quickly.

Body Glove 3T Barefoot Max Water Shoe

Body Glove 3T Barefoot Max Water Shoe

Enhance watersports fun and safety with the Body Glove 3T Barefoot™ Max, a multi-patented high performance minimalist shoe for in and near the water. With an easy-on three-toed design, the Max allows you the all-important use of your toes for dexterity and balance, while still protecting your foot.

The 3T Barefoot Max is idealMORE for any paddle sport or for simply walking along the shore. It features an ultra-grip outsole, elastic shocklace for a comfortable fit and zero heel lift for a true barefoot feel. Adjustable shocklace and velcro strap. Stretch fit upper. Easy on with the three toe design. Zero heel lift. This shoe is a hybrid, designed for use in and out of water.

Fila Men’s Skele-Toes Emergence Shoe Black

Fila Men's Skele-Toes Emergence Shoe Black Out of stock

Skele-toes ez slide drainage. Flexible, form-fitting and lightweight, Skele-toes are latest and greatest of our most popular shoes. Textile/synthetic upper. The men’s Fila line of sportswear includes clothing for such sports as tennis, running, cross training, basketball, golf, swimming, and Fila’s own line of clothing. Take on your active lifestyle with the Fila Men’s Emergence Skele-toes Shoes.

The shoes feature 2-layer, 4-way stretchMORE mesh uppers and drainage holes for breathability and minimal rubber outsoles to offer durability and traction on multiple surfaces. EVA midsoles provide cushioning, while integrated pull tabs ensure easy on and off. 2-layer, 4-way stretch mesh uppers for breathability. Minimal rubber outsoles deliver firm traction. EVA midsoles offer cushioning and support. Integrated pull tabs for easy on and off. Welded fade circular print on the quarters. Drainage holes prevent moisture buildup

Fila Skeletoes Emergence Five Finger Shoes

Fila Skeletoes Emergence Five Finger Shoes $59.95

These lightweight runners are sleek in design, are waterproof, and offer a heavy duty sole for extra protection against unknown and potentially rough terrain. They are fully synthetic and have many mesh accents, allowing for full airflow, as well as water flow when being used in the water.

EZ Slide design allows for easy slipMORE on and pull off use. You won’t need to push each toe into its proper slot. With EZ Slide, you simply slide your foot in and the shoe does the rest. Substantial rubber sole. Easy to use strap. More economical than some other minimalist running shoes. Very lightweight. The synthetic fabric wears very quickly on the top and sides of the shoe.

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The 8 Best Skele Toes For Men Under $50 To Buy In 2019
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