The 8 Best Stopwatches To Buy In 2019


A stopwatch is an important handheld devices used mostly by athletes, trainers and anyone who like timing themselves. While they’re mostly used in sports, there are other dozen uses of stopwatches, including in school. The best thing is that they’re easy to use, accurate and reliable. There are different types of stopwatches on the market today. That is why when looking for a good reliable stop watch you have the choice of two, either a manual one or a digital one. A manual stopwatch requires one to set the starting time of a certain activity and then stopping the watch once the required activity has ended.

MARATHON Adanac 4000 Digital Stopwatch

MARATHON Adanac 4000 Digital Stopwatch $13.95 1

The Marathon Digital Stopwatch boasts a lot of features that make this stopwatch famous amongst many athletes and exercise savvy people. The stopwatch boasts an impressive display of time and a calendar giving you convenience while operating the stopwatch. You also get the option of an alarm clock when you use this stopwatch.

The stopwatch has a split display modeMORE that allows you to operate it while timing is still continuing. In addition to this, it has a lanyard nylon that makes it water and dust resistant. The stopwatch displays 1/100th seconds for about thirty minutes. It has a jumbo display as well making it visible and easy to use.

The Marathon Digital stopwatch has large grip buttons that make it easy to start, stop or even reset your stopwatch. In addition to this it boasts a rollover function that is automatic and as well as a timeout mode timing. It has a large display that shows minutes and seconds and 1/100th seconds. It oozes a split mode functionality where different split modes can be utilized.

Digital Professional Handheld LCD Chronograph

Digital Professional Handheld LCD Chronograph $6.80 1

Treat yourself or someone special to this premium sports timer. Your stopwatch comes in custom designed packaging, frustration free and easy to open. 1/100 second split timing: Measure time at an accuracy of one hundredth of a second. Use the split time feature to precisely measure multiple events.

Multi-function switch betweenMORE 3 display modes to check the time, date and set your alarm ideal for sports coaches fitness coaches and referees. Digital Skilled Hand-held LCD Chronograph Timer Sports Stopwatch Forestall Watch Presentations date, time, alarm and calendar.

MARATHON ST083013 Adanac Digital Glow

MARATHON ST083013 Adanac Digital Glow $16.95 1

This stopwatch has all the bells, whistles and alarms! An easy to understand instruction manual is included to assist the customer in not just operating the timer, but setting the time (hour, minute and second), date, month and day as well as setting an alarm! The alarm can be set, activated and deactivated and snoozed for 5 minute intervals all by a push of one of the 3 buttons on the device.

When left on and alarm goes off,MORE it will continue to sound off for 1 minute before automatically turning off. It will repeat again the next day unless rescheduled. With an hourly chime feature, it is great for staying on schedule for different classes and training sessions. Need to measure times between dual clients or competitors? No problem! With the split time button you can keep track of 2 athletes recorded values.

Time and date are displayed large enough to not cause eye strain and a blue backlight was included for dimmer lite situations. Just press down on the “light” button located on the bottom front of the timer. It fits right in the palm of your hand and with a 46″ lanyard, along with a detacher, you can feel assured that your stopwatch is always secure.

Oslo Stopwatch with Countdown Timer

Oslo Stopwatch with Countdown Timer $14.29 1

Combines a multi-mode stopwatch with an easy-to-use countdown timer. event, lap or split timing with 1/100 second precision to 10 hours, two finish time memory recall and an unlimited number of time readings can be taken. Countdown timer shows Time Remaining; Counts up to completion with an audible alarm at completion of countdown. Range from 1 second to 10 hours. Splash resistant. Extra large display. Uses a long life cell-style LR44 battery, included. Set of 6 comes in the colors shown.

Robic SC-505W 12 Memory Stopwatch

Robic SC 505W 12 Memory Stopwatch $24.25 1

Memory recall functionality makes tracking up to 12 finishes simple and recalling them can be done at any time, whether the watch is currently clocking or stopped. Numerous other timing features include the ability to track split times, lap times, dual splits, and more across a 24-hour range, with 1/100 second accuracy. An extra-large display and oversized buttons make this digital stopwatch incredibly easy to operate.

A full range of timing and pacing informationMORE is available in just seconds, giving you access to critical data such as split time, dual splits, laps, and cumulative time, all precise within 1/100 of a second. Customize timing variables to meet the needs of your specific activity by showing current laps (up to 199 laps) or splits, which are ideal for longer events such as the mile run or marathon races.

Recall up to 12 finishes without disrupting current clocking for quick reference! An extra-large, digital display makes quick referencing easy, while oversized buttons make starting and stopping simple without having to take your eyes off the activity. The included lithium battery lasts up to 5 years and can easily be replaced thanks to an accessible battery hatch.

Ultrak 410 Simple Event Timer Stopwatch

Ultrak 410 Simple Event Timer Stopwatch $17.91 1

The Ultrak 410 Simple Event Stopwatch is the ultimate stopwatch for volunteer or inexperienced timing operators. With simple start/stop/reset operation there are no confusing features or modes to complicate operation. The Ultrak 410 features quality construction with an ultra-long life CR2032 lithium battery and is silent, perfect for testing and evaluation environments. The large display and simple operation of the Ultrak 410-Simple Event Timer Stopwatch makes it the perfect stopwatch for inexperienced users or volunteers.

ACCUSPLIT AX725 Dual Line 16 Memory Pro Stopwatch

ACCUSPLIT AX725 Dual Line 16 Memory Pro Stopwatch $18.28 1

A myriad of features are rolled into a durable single-event timer, including a 10-hour timing range, 1st-16th fast finishes, a last in first out (LIFO) 16-memory recall, and more! An extra-large, liquid crystal display makes times easy to read, while a 2-second safety press eliminates accidental resets, improving timing accuracy. Twin left-right button operation allows timers to use either hand or finger to operate the stopwatch!

As Accusplit’s most advanced stopwatch for coaches,MORE there’s no shortage of clocking features and capabilities to ensure accurate timing, no matter the sport, distance, or environment! Split and lap times measure pace at a glance, while lap counters and dual split time features depict an athlete’s progress over an entire race quickly. With a 10-hour timing range and memory to recall up to 16 finishes, there’s no need for multiple stopwatches to track results!

All of this is made possible on a two-row liquid crystal display for absolute clarity when quickly reading results. The X case design also lends supreme durability to any situation. It can withstand the shock of being dropped, along with moisture since it’s water resistant, ensuring accuracy at all times and in most environments.

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer and Stopwatch

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer and Stopwatch $24.95

It is proven that timed work periods and rest or recovery periods give you better results. Gymboss Timers are programmable interval timers perfect for timing a single interval, or multiple intervals, and repeating them once or as many times as you wish. This is a must have tool for anyone doing or interested in starting Interval or Intensity walking!

You can set different volumesMORE for the beeps and also have two different time intervals (ideal for walking /running) – it really is a great tool. It allows you to work out harder because you are not focusing on your watch to countdown your interval times. Just set it up before you go out and then start it when you are ready. Anyone who has done circuit training before will fully appreciate how important that ‘beep’ is to tell you to change equipment or Intensity!

This quality interval timer will make any Intensity or Interval workout easier to plan and execute with more accuracy and consistency. Will make any interval workout easier to plan and execute with more accuracy and consistency. Just set it up before you go out and then start it when you are ready.

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