10 Best TV Wall Mounts To Buy In 2018

Best TV Wall Mounts To Buy Now !

We all have that one individual in the family who is tech crazy and loves his gadgets and large TV screens. For them, viewing perfection is everything. Not able to see their television screens at the right angles is completely unacceptable. One thing they will ensure is to find the best TV wall mount for their L.E.D screens.

Using wall mounts is anMORE ideal way to position L.E.D or flat screen TV’s at an acceptable height with complete convenience. Wall mounts are basically a bracket or an arm that are solidly fixed to the wall at one end, while a flat screen TV is attached to the other end.

In addition to providing great viewing angles, they also aid in saving a lot of space by freeing up furniture used to place them on.

Unlike traditional wall mounts, which used to hold large boxy TV’s. Modern mounts follow a patented low profile design, which not only beautify your product aesthetically but also securely lock your TV.

So look no further and continue reading our 2018 list of some of the best-selling wall mounts available today.  

After discussing each products over view, and highlighting key features along with its associated pros and cons. In the end, a comprehensive conclusion will follow- highlighting the reasons for our preferred selection.

Best Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount : VonHaus Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount

VonHaus Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount $9.82 1

Reaching to our last product on the list is the ultra slim TV wall mount from VonHaus. The product is the most simplest and basic among straight TV applications. While it doesn’t offer anything credible. It can however hold up to almost 88 lbs. If you require no hassle, no extra movements, a simple bracket like this will do the job. It’s also the cheapest.

Featuring an ultra slim design for a 27mm profile, giving a smooth and wall joined finish. Designed to fit all major models in the market. Made out of reinforced heavy gauge cold rolled steel. The Back Plate features a number of large cut outs to mount over plug sockets and Ariel plates. 
  • Extremely cheap to buy.
  • Very strong, able to hold the heaviest of TV’s.
  • A very basic product with no definitive features.

Best Flush Tilt Mechanism : Mounting Dream MD2268-LK Tilting

Mounting Dream MD2268-LK Tilting $21.99 1

Second last on our line is another straight viewing wall mount bracket, the MD2268-LK mount, from Mounting Dream. It does however have a flush tilt mechanism that works for upwards and downwards tilt. Majority 42-70″ LCD, LED and plasma TVs can be applied for that matter. Not so specially but very practical.

Flush tilt design for better views and glare reducing, 0-10 degree forward tilt. Strap designs for bracket easy safety locking and releasing. Low profile tilting makes TV close to the wall, finish of the mount and all hardware is RoHS certified.
  • Light weight and a reliable design.
  • Easy to install and configure for the customer.
  • Good price value for a flush tilt mount system.
  • It has no sideways swivel movement or anything.

Best Low Profile TV Wall Mount : VideoSecu Low Profile

VideoSecu Low Profile $19.98 1

Coming in to the latter end of our list, a simpler wall mount without the complexities of other high end versions is the low profile wall mount bracket from VideoSecu. Basically, a simple mount used to mount a TV flat against the wall. It comes with an advantage, you do get a very good price tag. Quite unbeatable in the competition.  

The product is compatible with most LED, LCD, Plasma TVs and other flat panel displays measuring between 32 and 75 inches. Having a sturdy made construction allows for up to 165 lbs. of loading capacity. The open wall plate design get the cables routing while its low-profile design places the TV nearly flush to the wall for a clean appearance.
  • Cheap to buy and use.
  • Sturdy construction material.
  • Has a very low profile design, for a clean appearance when applied to the wall.
  • No maneuverability possible in any way, only straight viewing angles available.

Best for the Money : VideoSecu Mounts Tilt

VideoSecu Mounts Tilt $19.99 1

Our next product in line is the TV wall mount from VideoSecu. Unlike its other models, this model lacks a front articulating arm that extends outwards. A solid product made for placing TV’s to be viewed with a straight angle. Having a low profile tilt mount allows for maxim usage on a multitude of TV’s with various screen dimensions.

The mount is designed to hold most TV’s ranging in the 23-75” inch gap and a maximum allowed weight of 165lbs. VESA compliant for simple installation. Adjustable forward and backward 15 degree tilts. Able to fit 16″ or 24″ studs typical in US homes. Common wall and TV attachment hardware are included in the box.
  • Able to hold large and heavy TV’s with great ease.
  • Has vertical and downward tilt adjustments to reduce glare.
  • Hardware might be missing, caution advised when buying.

Best Full-Motion TV Wall Mount : VideoSecu ML531BE Full Motion Swivel Articulating

VideoSecu ML531BE Full Motion $24.99 1

Another product with an X shape articulated arm, this time the ML531BE wall mount from VideoSecu. Unlike its other competition, the product is very well priced for its value, which is appreciate able. Having full motion maneuverability adds to greater convenience and flexibility. So feel product security by attaching it to a VideoSecu mount.

Mounting solution for 22-42” models. Comes with four removable mount adapters. The arms can extend all the way out to 16” and reduce to all the way to 3”. Made from a heavy gauge steel, to provide product safety and hold up to 88 lbs. Having 180 degree swivel movements, and up to 20 inch mammoth extension of the arm.
  • Light weight product, compare to its look alike competitors.
  • Decent viewing adjustments possible.
  • Made out of high gauge steel.
  • Though the product is durable, in viewing looks bendable and thin.

Best Tilting TV Wall Mount : Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

At the half way mark, we have a different product from our usual Mounting Dream products, Cheetah Mounts, bring in their APTMM2B wall mount. The mount is an absolute delight to see. The mount is an ideal choice for people who require front viewing angles. The unit lacks horizontal left and right movements and is primarily used for straight viewing. 

Having a universal design, which accommodates the most 20-75” TV’s. Up to a VESA 600 x 400 with maximum allowed weight of 165lbs. It also includes easy to reach pull tabs for the safety lock. It gives 15 degree downwards tilt.  Fits 16 and 24″ Wooden Studs plus Masonry; Allows for 3° Rotation Adjustment and Includes a twisted veins 10′ braided high speed with Ethernet HDMI cable and 6″ 3-axis magnetic bubble level.
  • The product is very lightweight and durable.
  • The product comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.
  • No horizontal movements due to lacks of swivel.
  • No articulated arm.

Most Secure TV Wall Mount : Mounting Dream MD2377

Mounting Dream MD2377 $26.99 1

Our next product in line is the MD2377 wall mount bracket from Mounting Dream, Mounting Dream provides you complete security of mind and product. A well-built product is their trade mark.

Fits for most of 26-55 Inch TVs .The mount features a 5 degree upwards and 15 degree downwards tilt, along with left and right 90 degree swivel moment. Furthermore it will also provide +/-3° rotate for maximum viewing flexibility. Articulating arm can extend up to 15 inches, while retracting to 3 inches. It comes along with a 6” HDMI cable, along with a cable management on arm with Velcro cable ties.
  • Great value for money.
  • Features all possible movements through adjustments.
  • Requires proper installation, for studs with wood application.

Best Build Quality TV Wall Mount : Mounting Dream MD2380

Mounting Dream MD2380 $34.99 1

Next on our lineup is a product from Mounting Dream, their MD2380 wall mount. The mount has a solidly built and robust full motion dual articulation arm. The product will give you greater convenience and flexibility in maneuvering. So, if it’s a concrete wall or wood, it will attach and hold your TV high nonetheless.

The product is meant for medium to larger screens, ranging for most 26-55″ TVs sold today. The mount features holes as close as 3″X3″ or as wide as 16″x16″. The product features an upward 5° and downward 15° tilt, along with a 45° left and right swivel and +/-3° rotation for maximum viewing flexibility. Arm extends up to 16” from the wall. Comes with a 6′ HDMI cable.
  • Automatic robot welding technology makes whole unit sturdy.
  • Smooth welding joints with policed finish, giving a premier feel.
  • Excellent value for price range.
  • It does not come with a proper stud installation template.

Best Articulating TV Wall Mount : ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating (EGMF1-BK)

ECHOGEAR Full Motion (EGMF1-BK) $39.99 1

Our next product is also from EchoGear, their full motion articulating wall mount, features an ‘X’ shape claw like the one from doctor octopus from spider man 2. The arm can safely hold light to medium TV’s ranging from 26″ – 50″ weighing up to 60 lbs. The long extensible arm is going to give you never seen angles.

It can swivel up to 180 degree with an arm that can extend an awesome 20” and recedes to the minimum at 2.9”. In addition to the rest, it can also tilt 5° up and 15° downwards. Giving you maximum viewing flexibility.  It is also UL certified to hold 4x times its allowed maximum weight.
  • The product provides the best flexibility in maneuverability, extension and tilt angles.
  • X shape claw’s each segment can be individually adjusted.
  • Too complex for users who require simplicity.

Most Convenient TV Wall Mount : ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating (EGLF1-BK)

ECHOGEAR Full Motion (EGLF1-BK) $79.99 1

Opening our first product on the list is the full motion articulating wall mount bracket, from EchoGear. This sturdy and solidly built product is going to last a millennia and make sure is supporting weights as much as 132 lbs for years to come.  The real mover of a bracket, the arms that will provide you the convenience and angles never seen before.

The product has a 150 degree swivel capacity. Featuring an arm that can pull out 16” and reduce to 2.5”, with the addition of a 15 degree tilt to reduce window glares. In addition to all the neat features, it is UL certified to hold 4x times its max allowed weight to give complete security. 
  • The product required only 30 minutes to install.
  • All hardware and kit comes included in the box along with it.
  • Able to hold a lot of weight from medium to larger screens.
  • A little expensive for the average wall mount buyer.

Editor’s Recommendation

After carefully working on the list and analyzing through multiple tv wall mount reviews. I have come on the conclusion that the best tv wall mount is none other than – Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall mount Bracket with full motion dual articulating arm.

The product is the best among theMORE lot, for its price value and durability. It gives a great set of features that the competition simple does not offer in this range.

In addition to being cost effective. Users have expressed positive reviews with its installation procedure being easy, and durability out matched.

It gives great maneuverability across all angles, be it horizontal, upwards and downwards. Giving you ideal viewing angles according to your preferred position.

In short, having a great customer feedback and least negative ratings, I give this product a solid recommend.

10 Best TV Wall Mounts To Buy In 2018
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