The 8 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers To Buy In 2019

Today’s waterproof wireless speakers have become smarter than ever. The top offerings will not only play your favorite tunes, but also charge your mobile devices and even deliver additional functionality when connected to a smartphone app. Hot weather means two things: pools and beaches. But those aren’t the best places to bring your electronics. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that impure water and electricity don’t mix. That means if you want to bring your favorite speaker to have some tunes on the beach you’re out of luck, unless of course that speaker is waterproof.

VicTsing Shower Speaker Wireless Waterproof

VicTsing Shower Speaker Wireless Waterproof $24.99 1

The outer body is made of a rubber material that looks like it means business. It’s a very well designed waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker that features a beautiful sealed silicone case which makes it waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and can be used in environments other than the shower. The speaker itself has a nice rubbery exterior that lowers the chance of a slip drop and can be cleaned without worrying about scratches.

It has a nice sturdy suction cup on the back which attaches securely to glass and is perfect for bathrooms or glass windows. The speaker excels in terms of functionality – it has a built-in MIC Bluetooth speaker and hands-free function, so you can conveniently pick up a call by this mini speaker in the car, bathroom, at home or office, or anywhere when it is connected to your Smartphone.

Once paired, you can use the pause/play button to redial without a double tap, or answer calls with a single tap or hold to reject calls. You can power on the speaker by holding the power button down for a few seconds. The sound is outstanding, and we were surprised at how much sound you could get from such a small device.

Stalion SS-SHWR-BTBLU Waterproof Bluetooth

Stalion SS-SHWR-BTBLU Waterproof Bluetooth

The Stalion Sound Waterproof Shower Speaker comes with an ultra-portable body design that makes it more durable and compact. The Stalion’s Portable Bluetooth audio player is a cheapest wireless music player system. The Stalion’s Portable Bluetooth music player comes in three different color options. For the faster connectivity, it comes with a Bluetooth 3.0 technology that compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices like Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone and Laptop or tablet.

FUGOO Style XL – Portable Rugged Waterproof

FUGOO Style XL Portable Rugged Waterproof $169.99 1

There’s a place for small and cheap portable speakers, but when you really want to hear your tunes, you need to go big. The new Fugoo Style XL is the perfect example of this, retaining its predecessor’s ruggedness and long battery life while making the sound bigger and better. Fugoo’s excellent original portable Bluetooth speakers. Style, Sport and Tough have a lot going for them: ruggedness, long battery life and good sound.

With the XL line, Fugoo kept all the best elements of its original speaker and made the sound bigger and better. Fugoo made good use of the additional space, putting these units inside: four tweeters (two on each side), two midwoofers (one each side) and two passive radiators for bass. With the drivers placed on each side, the speaker spreads sound widely, making it perfect for parties and listening to music with friends.

On the top of the XL, in addition to the volume and speakerphone/voice control button, Fugoo added buttons to control track playback. With this set of controls combined with integrated Siri or Google Now voice commands, I rarely had to take my phone from my pocket while listening — I could use the speaker to change the song and playlist, answer the phone and skip tracks.

BRAVEN BRV-XXL Large Portable Wireless

BRAVEN BRV-XXL Large Portable Wireless Out of stock

There are a lot of portable speakers available, but sometimes one needs a little more hardware than what might readily fit in a bag or backpack. Something that can entertain a large group of people without forcing them to huddle nearby just to hear what’s playing. Something that’s not afraid to kick it around grass, dirt, mud, rocks, or anywhere else that might scuff a dainty device.

We recently put Braven’s biggest, baddest boombox to the test to see if it sounds as mighty as it looks. Boomboxes are not gone, oh no. They’ve merely evolved, and Braven’s take on a modern, bass-pumping, outdoor speaker is quite the beast. Although not flashy, the Braven BRV-XXL is certainly eye-catching. Metallic grilles and hex screw-studded, matte-black plastic evoke a sense of rugged industrialism.

This speaker’s design sports a cool mix of angles, curves, and cutouts that maintain aesthetic appeal without gaudy excess. Very Braven. Buttons are embedded in firm silicone on one end of the speaker, while the opposite side houses all the ports underneath a thick, secure flap. The Braven BRV-XXL is certified IPX5 water-resistant, making it an ideal companion for tailgating, camping, pool parties, or wherever splashes or spills might occur.

iClever Portable Bluetooth Speakers

iClever Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Nowadays, it seems like Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. This is actually a very good thing as now you can pick up a feature rich Bluetooth speaker for an affordable price. iClever has a few different offerings in this arena, but in this review, we’ll be looking at the IC-BTS03 waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The first thing I noticed about the iClever speaker was its diminutive size.

It’s only about three and a half inches tall, 2 inches thick, and four inches wide. Despite it being small, it still manages to pack two audio drivers into the speaker. The front driver is dedicated to the mid to high range sounds while the rear driver cranks out the bass. There are only four buttons. The power button is the only non-multifunction button.

The volume buttons also change the song being listened to when they are long pressed and the pause button will answer and hang up incoming calls as well as redial the last called number when long pressed. The speaker is housed mostly in plastic and rubber but the speaker grills are metal. It also features a very sturdy leather strap and a mounting screw hole. There are only two ports on the entire speaker, a charging port, and an auxiliary port.

Anker SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anker SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker Out of stock

Comes with all accessories needed to function. Usually in original box may come in nice brown or white box if not. Refurbished – Factory Refurbished by professionals. May show minor signs of use. Includes all accessories needed to function. Very Good – Minor signs of use, Includes all accessories needed to function. Good – Noticeable signs of use, Includes all accessories needed to function.

Acceptable – very noticeable signs of use like dents, cracks, or heavy scuffs on screens. Functions 100%. Includes all accessories needed to function unless otherwise noted. The IPX7 water resistance rating means that SoundCore Sport can handle immersion in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes and even float after jumping into the water. With great resistance to dust, sand and water, it is the perfect companion for a day outdoors.

Clear, crisp sound quality and robust bass thanks to a 3W audio driver and a passive subwoofer. Anti-clipping technology guarantees music without distortion. Listen to your music as it should be listened to. SoundCore Sport maintains music playback for up to 10 hours on a single charge. ** An extraordinary connection range of up to 33 feet and an integrated microphone for hands-free calls mean more flexibility for you.


Wet Sounds STEALTH 10 ULTRA $789.99

Stealth ultra series sound bars represent the world’s first universal high performance sound system for side by side’s, atv’s and golf carts. The patent pending design is built with a full extruded aluminum housing which have the same styling as our rogue 4 led light bars. The stealth sound bars are true high performance 2-wire 12 volt stealth audio system!

They are powered by a full range class d amplifier that also features auxiliary inputs, 2 volt line driver output to link to another sound bar or to add external amplifier and speakers, waterproof connector, universal l mount brackets for end cap mounting or sliding top mount channel system, auto turn off feature to save battery life, back lit led illuminated control panel and a fully integrated wiring harness included.

ShackJoy 5W Waterproof Portable Shockproof

ShackJoy 5W Waterproof Portable Shockproof

This little waterproof portable speaker is great because it comes with a mount that’s great for the shower, or outdoor usage. The ShockJoy speaker is a 5 watt speaker, which brags a clear crisp sound that’s loud enough for just you or for a party. Which makes it a great speaker to use in the shower because you won’t have to worry about the sound of your music.

Most reviews compliment the sound of this compact device. This speaker brags about the premium mount that has been included with the product. The attachment allows of use in your bathtub or shower, and it even attaches to your car windshield. With an outstanding 12 hour battery, you can listen for a whole day without having to worry about recharging your speaker. Even better, this speaker only requires three hours to recharge.

The ShackJoy offers universal connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about your phone connecting, because it’ll work for your android or iPhone. This little speaker is an enclosed inside a tough rugged casing that is impact resistant, sand-proof, and weatherproof. You don’t have to worry about anything damaging your ability to play your music.

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