The 8 Best Wireless Speakers To Buy In 2019

Wireless Speakers

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your decor. Want music in your kitchen without a speaker taking up counter space? How about a surround sound system without bulky speakers in the living room?

COWIN DiDa with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers

COWIN DiDa with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers1

Over the past few years, Amazon has been revolutionizing the way that we connect with technology. Most notably, the now-famous “Alexa”, is a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service that continues to impress us. It offers a unique way to speak commands through supported devices, so you can have instantaneous answers and results without waiting.

The popular Amazon EchoMORE is the probably the most well-known integration of Alexa, but it’s not limited to just that. Over the past few months, we’ve seen more adaptations of Alexa, but not necessarily from Amazon-owned products. One example is the Cowin DiDa – a good-looking Bluetooth speaker full of some pretty cool features.

Located on the top, you’ll see an assortment of six different buttons that enable you to control just about everything. Last but not least, there’s a small LED on the front/center base. Keep your eye on this for the next steps. Powering it up is simple. Just press the on/off button and the configuration process will begin. The speaker will automatically begin looking to pair – you should see the LED intermittently blink. Once it’s paired, the next step will be connecting it to your WiFi network, which will allow the Alexa feature to kick-in.

Samsung Radiant360 R1 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker

Samsung Radiant360 R1 Wi Fi Bluetooth Speaker Out of stock

The Samsung Radiant360 R1 is a likable and unobtrusive speaker if you’re looking for “cafe ambience” and not “Madison Square Garden.” It has a wide sweet spot and works well in the center of the room. It’s compatible with numerous streaming services including Spotify Connect. Although it doesn’t have the best overall sound quality, the Samsung Radiant360 R1 is a welcome departure from most Wi-Fi speakers and works well if you primarily want background music.

There has been an explosionMORE of Wi-Fi-connected speakers in the last couple of years, all fueled by the success of industry leader Sonos. Wi-Fi music is the natural successor to Bluetooth, with the same kind of convenience in using your phone for control. But it has better range, fewer dropouts, better audio quality and no interruptions from calls or other phone sounds.

Samsung’s new Radiant360 series of Wi-Fi speakers replaces the existing “M” or “Shape” models, which have been around for two years, and all of them can coexist and use the same app. The cylindrical R1 is in some ways an upgrade from the M3 in that it can now be placed pretty much anywhere, but its height means it’s no longer really suited to serving as a TV speaker.

Onkyo NCP-302 Wireless Network Speaker

Onkyo NCP 302 Wireless Network Speaker

Create a multi-room solution that works with a variety of network audio platforms to suit your lifestyle—just add NCP-302 speakers. Share network and external audio sources, such as vinyl records, music from a Blu-ray deck, or your favorite CDs—between any supported component or speaker with FlareConnect™. Group, synchronize, and manage playback among your speakers and components easily with Onkyo Controller.

Stream directly from Chromecast-enabledMORE apps via Chromecast built-in* to any compatible system, or create a DTS Play-Fi®* multi-room ecosystem with Onkyo Music Control App handling music selection. Bluetooth® technology and popular streaming services are also built in. NCP-302 is made to Onkyo’s exacting hi-fi standards and features two large woofers and a tweeter in a solid MDF cabinet, so you can effortlessly fill every room with beautiful sound.

FlareConnect shares audio from network and external audio input sources between compatible components. Enjoy effortless multi-room playback of LP records, CDs, network music services, and more with supported components and speaker systems. Music selection, speaker grouping, and playback management across the home are built into the Onkyo Controller app. Pair your device and make small sound big via Bluetooth. It takes a couple of seconds and works for almost any mobile device.

Bose SoundTouch 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack

Bose SoundTouch 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack Out of stock

Get twice the sound with the Bose SoundTouch 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack in black. Consisting of two SoundTouch 10 units, two power cables, two USB cables, and two remotes, you can set up different SoundTouch units in different rooms in a multi-room setup. Both speakers can play the same stream or individual streams.

The Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music SystemMORE in black is a compact, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that allows you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with the touch of a button. It features a single transducer that’s designed to deliver sound performance well beyond its size. Using the free companion SoundTouch app, you can set up your SoundTouch system, assign Internet radio stations to one of its six presets, or even control multiple SoundTouch systems throughout your home.

In addition to wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, this unit features a 3.5mm input for connecting wired audio sources such as MP3 players. The SoundTouch 10 features 4 LEDS that indicate connectivity information and includes an IR remote for system control. In addition to standard functions, the remote allows you select from your personalized presets and rate the music you’re listening to.

JLab Audio Block Party Wireless Multi-room

JLab Audio Block Party Wireless Multi room Out of stock

Wireless multiroom speaker systems are seriously cool, but they do have their drawbacks. For one thing, they can be pricey — often running hundreds of dollars for each speaker. For another, they can be difficult to use. Multiroom systems usually require connection to your home network and a complicated app to operate, and even finding compatible streaming applications can sometimes be difficult. Finally, they’re rarely portable, requiring power and internet connection to spin their home-filling sound.

JLab tackles many of these issuesMORE with its new portable multiroom speakers, the Block Party and House Party. The pair ditch network-based multiroom setup in favor of good old fashioned Bluetooth, along with a self-contained 5.8Ghz wireless network to communicate with one another. That means they can travel with you to far-off places, free from the bonds of Wi-Fi.

The larger Block Party speaker easily offers some of the best value on the market. A powerful, portable cube of sound, the Block Party blankets its environment with warm and balanced audio that rivals much more expensive speakers. The Block Party arrives in a simple rectangular box with just a few accessories, including a user guide, a power cable, and a bright blue micro USB cable.

Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three Tabletop Stereo System

Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three Tabletop Stereo System $299.00 1

Enjoy a multitude of connectivity options with the ebony Klipsch Three Wireless Speaker. It features dual 2.25″ full-range drivers and a 5.25″ long-throw woofer, plus two 5.25″ dual-opposed passive radiators for enhanced bass. Bluetooth with aptX technology is onboard for streaming audio from compatible devices, plus Wi-Fi for DTS Play-Fi and Klipsch Stream connectivity. It is also equipped with an 1/8″, phono RCA, and a USB Type-B input for computer-based audio.

The Capitol Three Wireless SpeakerMORE incorporates materials such as real wood veneer and tactile spun-copper switches and k***s. The Three is a stereo tabletop system featuring two 2.25″ full-range drivers and a 5.25″ long-throw woofer, bi-amplified for enhanced audio resolution. It also features dual opposed 5.25″ passive radiators to deliver augmented bass response. The Three tabletop stereo system is part of the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room System, which can distribute music throughout your home.

Listen to your favorite Internet radio stations, streaming services, personal digital music library, CDs, and more. Simply download the Klipsch Stream app (available for iOS and Android devices), connect the Three to your Wi-Fi network, and enjoy. The Three includes audio input connections for Wi-Fi (for other Klipsch Stream devices), analog 1/8″ miniplug, RCA phono pre-amp, and USB Type-B audio.

All-new Sonos One – Smart Speaker with Alexa voice

All new Sonos One  Smart Speaker with Alexa voice $229.00

With integrated wireless connectivity, voice control, and home automation support, the black Sonos One isn’t your typical wireless speaker. Equipped with Wi-Fi and a 6-microphone array, the Sonos One connects to your home’s wireless network and allows you to intuitively play music, check the weather and traffic, hear sports scores, and more. Using far-field voice control technology powered by Alexa, the built-in microphones allow the Sonos One to pick up your voice from any direction in the room, even while music is playing.

The Sonos One allowsMORE you to start and control your music with your voice with Amazon Alexa built in. Use your voice and the Sonos app to control and manage all your music in one place, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, radio, podcasts, and more. Play songs, check news and traffic, manage smart devices, and enjoy all the helpful Amazon Alexa skills using the Sonos One.

The Sonos One is designed to seamlessly sync voice, app, and touch commands, enabling you to manage music with a single word, tap of the app, or swipe of the speaker. Combine voice with the Sonos app to manage all your music in one place. The matte all-black finish and metal grille are designed to fit into nearly any home.

Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakers

Sonos PLAY 1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakers $286.90 1

This pair of black Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speakers has graphite grilles and lets you stream music from a variety of sources. It connects to your home network via Ethernet, or via built-in Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can stream music from iTunes or another personal music library.

You can also stream musicMORE from thousands of free Internet Radio stations or from virtually any online music service including Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, and many more. You can also stream music from other network connected devices like your iPad or iPhone. Each PLAY:1 works on its own as a single speaker, but it also supports left/right stereo separation when paired together in the same room.

If you’re more ambitious, you can fill every room in your home with any combination of Sonos speakers. And since all Sonos products support SonosNet wireless mesh technology, they all work seamlessly with one another. For instance, if you have a PLAY:1 connected in your room and you add three other Sonos speakers in different rooms, the wireless SonosNet technology will link all four speakers together.

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