The 8 Best Budget-friendly Electric Kettles To Buy In 2019

Electric Kettles Between $25 and $100

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best budget-friendly electric kettles for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Cordless Electric Kettle

Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Cordless Electric Kettle $16.83 1

The Ovente KP72 Series is an attractive easy-to-use electric kettle that looks great on any kitchen or countertops. With 1.7 liter water capacity and 1100-watt of power — this electric kettle can quickly bring water to a rolling boil. It is proven to be 85 percent more efficient than stovetop kettle that can reduce your daily electricity use. The kettle has a concealed water heating element, so there is no build-up of objectionable mineral deposits, flip-back lid for convenient filling or cleaning and a removable spout filter to ensure the purest results.

For safety purposes,MORE this kettle is equipped with automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, secure locking lid, power on indicator light, cool touch button and comfortable stay-cool handle. Comes with a 30-inch cord that wraps neatly into the base for easy storage. Kettle approximately measures 8.5 x 6.7 x 9.4 Inch. It comes with 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

To use the kettle, simply fill it with water at the sink up to desired amount using the water-level indicator, and push the steam switch down. This kettle heats fast, approximately 5-6 minutes (at maximum level) and delivers boiling water almost instantly, in a matter of minutes hot water will be ready to use for instant coffee, tea, hot cereal, oatmeal or even a box of macaroni. For more information about proper handling, cleaning of kettle Please refer to the instruction manual.

Electric Kettle, Aicok Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Electric Kettle, Aicok Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Out of stock

An electric kettle is a really useful appliance to have around the kitchen. The AICOK Electric Kettle not only promises some new design & safety features but gives you a set of 6 preset temperatures for more refined control of your hot water for teas and coffees (in addition to a boil). How does it work in practice, and is it worth considering as a replacement for your old electric kettle? Let’s turn up the heat!

Out of the box,MORE the AICOK Electric Kettle is a nice looking appliance. It has a brushed metal finish, accented with black in the handle and base. At XX inches tall, it fits nicely under most overhead kitchen cabinets, and the overall streamlined look of the kettle is attractive enough that you won’t mind keeping it on display on your kitchen counter.

The design of the kettle has some nice features for safety and confident handling. The kettle itself is placed on a base to provide power to the heating unit. There’s a wide peg that the kettle slides onto to attach to the base, so it’s easy to place and lift free as needed with 360-degree rotation when in position.

Hamilton Beach 40998 1 L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach 40998 1 L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle $19.99 1

If you love to drink tea or coffee, then you know how important it is to have access to boiling water at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s part of your morning routine or you love to make a pot on your days off, hot water is a necessity for many homes.

Fortunately, the old days of havingMORE to put a pot on the stove and wait for it to heat up are over. Now, you can get boiling water in minutes, thanks to the Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle. This simple and effective device can make coffee or tea time a breeze, and it’s easy enough for anyone to master it.

Those who prefer convenience and reliability will appreciate this kettle. While it doesn’t have as many fancy features as some other models on the market, it does one thing exceptionally well: boil water. The simplistic design and durable construction mean that this kettle will provide years of use without any worry. And it’s even cost effective to boot.

Chef’s Star Borosilicate Glass Electric Kettle

Chef's Star Borosilicate Glass Electric Kettle $19.99 1

This electric kettle is made of Borosilicate glass which makes this product become attractive one. The electric kettle has 1.7-liter capacity, and it has cool touch handle that prevents from getting burn by accident. What is more, its power is 1,100 watts to boil water quickly in just several minutes. Furthermore, its power is detachable which makes ease in using. Another feature is that it has boil dry protection and automatically shut-off.

Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle $19.99 1

Space-savers are always excellent options whatever the destination. The Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle holds 800mL of water which roughly amounts to one or two cups. Thanks to its food-grade silicone body, the collapsible design makes this handy kettle uber portable and very easy to store.

This kettle has a speed boil feature,MORE boiling water faster than a microwave. It saves time and you can get it and go if you’re in a hurry. It also has a sensor that shuts off the power when water level is too low. There’s also a lid-lock to keep boiling water from spilling and an integrated spout filter.

You have to be very careful when reaching around the kettle, however. The chrome ring around the base tends to get extremely hot when the kettle is on for a long time. It’s highly likely to be hot enough to scald you if you’re not careful.

Bonavita 0.5L Mini Kettle, Stainless Steel

Bonavita 0.5L Mini Kettle, Stainless Steel $23.70 1

Have Outlet? Will Travel! The Bonavita 0.5L Mini Travel Kettle brings boiling water right to your cup. Wherever you want to prepare tea, coffee, cocoa or even a bowl of oatmeal, the Mini kettle reaches hard boil in about four minutes flat. It holds up to a half liter of water and features an auto-off function for boil-dry protection. This little kettle is ready to rock and roll in your home, office, dorm, RV, or boat.

Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle

Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle Out of stock

This Gourmia GK250 cordless Tea Kettle is one of the best model in today’s market. As a perfect tea kettle it has all the qualities to make satisfied. This cordless Stainless Steel Kettle has 1500 watts of power, 1.7 liter water capacity. It has also a 360° cordless base and boil-dry protection, and a water gauge indicator.

It has an excellent safetyMORE feature so you can use it comfortably. The Gourmia Electric Cordless Kettle provides a comfortable stay cool non slip handle to ensure a secure grip, a locking lid with an opening trigger button, a drip-free pouring spout made for better control and flow & for graceful serving.

Not only it is convenient to use but it’s also very high quality as well. It has combined modern technology with a very modern look and has a superior function so that boil water within couple of time. This stainless steel kettle is 100% hygienic and BPA free.

VonShef 1500W 1.7L Brushed Stainless Steel

VonShef 1500W 1.7L Brushed Stainless Steel Out of stock

This cordless electric kettle comes with generous 1.7 Liter capacity for heating sufficient amount of water for instant entertainment of your family, friends and more. It comes with clear water view window allows the user to fill the kettle with precise amount of water just needed for your purpose, thus save time and energy.

The simple design and easy to use features;MORE automatic, manual switch off and automatic open flip top lid make it an appliance for every household. It comes with boil dry protection with automatic shut off when the water level falls below the minimum water level.

To retain the natural color and taste of water it comes with removable and washable lime scale filter. The 360 degrees swivel power base makes it an ideal appliance for both right and left hand users.


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The 8 Best Budget-friendly Electric Kettles To Buy In 2019
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