Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup

16 Shocking Photos of Hot Celebrities Without Makeup

Celebrities are always believed to be exceptional, phenomenal and somewhat celestial beings with and without makeup. It would be hard to absorb if you find your dear celebrities without makeup. In some cases, it can even be shocking. And the reason is pretty simple.

Garnering from all that we see in movies, dramas, and glossy magazines, celebrities are flawless creatures. It is hard to accept them without their all that charm and grace. You have seen them on red carpets with their glorious looks, captioned like “A BEAUTY QUEEN”.

But life is not always a red carpet ceremony and they don’t need to glam 24 hours.

To tell the truth, most of your favorite celebrities are not as beautiful as they look. Indeed, some are actually not good-looking at all but still they have a long line of admirers who love their beautified looks of cosmetics. On the other hand, some of the most dazzling celebs look even more adorable without tons of makeup. 

Here are 16 Shocking Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup You May Want To See.

16. Katy Perry Without Makeup

Katy Perry Without Makeup
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Katy Perry is one of the most popular singers recognized for her melodious voice.Being the beauty she is, we witness Katy Perry without makeup on some occasions. Katy Perry no makeup at all, looks a squillion miles away from her gorgeous look with greasy hair and shiny face.

She has large blue saucer eyes that do a still sort of standout, but it’s very difficult to see beyond her oily skin.

It would be safe if we say that Katy with bare face relatively looks plain. When her hair isn’t a mess and she is cheerfully smiling, her pretty eyes are much appreciable which are sizable enough without any eyeliner drawing them out.

Her skins tone is even in most pictures, so, Perry without makeup doesn’t look appalling, but her smile really makes her lovely.

Her beautiful face lines are hidden when she puts a lot of makeup on her sweet face. She has a very adorable and girly look that shows happiness.

15. Ariana Grande Without Makeup

Ariana Grande Without Makeup
Image via

Ariana Grande mostly has a stunning look in concerts and shows. More often Grande likes to be more casual. The eminent singer likes to walk around town not putting any makeup but looking casual and cool. In fact, she has a natural beauty, so Ariana Grande without makeup still looks lovely.

She looks gorgeous in her concerts and is always on shape. Now she is a girl of 21 years and this is how she is supposed to look. In fact, all the famous celebrities at this age look glamorous, almost near perfection and have such sort of glow.

Ariana Grande no makeup photos show that she looks great without lots of makeup on her face. It’s because the makeup doesn’t take the youth off her face as she has a wrinkle-free face so, she needs no concealer. Ariana is ready to go on tour with just a foundation, brushes and some lipstick.

She won’t need all such makeup for a few more years. So, she just needs to enjoy her freshness of youth as she doesn’t have any wrinkle, fine lines or a single gray hair to hide. When the time comes, there is a whole team which is inclined to give her back all the beauty that is needed to keep her “fresh and young”.

14. Taylor Swift Without Makeup

Taylor Swift Without Makeup
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Undeniably lovely Taylor Swift has undertaken fans with her music and magnetic beauty. The laureate poet of the 17 is fairly a natural beauty due to her beautiful facial features, model height and her power to give the over-the-shoulder red carpet pose. Taylor Swift no makeup selfies prove that the singer is just gorgeous without her black eyeliner and her all the time red lipstick.

The main point is that Taylor Swift without makeup rarely shows off her unadorned face, therefore, it’s a big deal whenever she does. You would be amazed to know that she doesn’t come in public already in complete makeup and with her perfect coiffure. That’s why it’s lovely to see her loosen up and look straight ahead.

13. Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup
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Jennifer Lopez without makeup is one of the charming women in Hollywood. That doesn’t mean she has to count on her glam squad whenever she is on a day out on the town. You have never seen her without her bronzer and an overlay of lip gloss.

In industry, she is giving her younger peers a serious competition at this age of 45. Yet we are pretty sure that she is determined to keep the fountain of youth all to herself. She has nothing to hide because her skin looks this great that you wouldn’t either!

If you check some of Jennifer Lopez no makeup photos, you’d be astounded to know that it hardly has a stitch of makeup and its extreme perfection.

12. Megan Fox Without Makeup

Megan Fox Without Makeup
Image via

Megan Fox is one of the gorgeous American actresses who have made her mark in many film and television roles. She may look real on screen, but there are many instances to depict that how Megan Fox without makeup look. She looks very charming being one of the most distinguished faces yet without putting makeup.

You might have seen some of Megan Fox no makeup photos, mostly caught on camera epitomizing beauty in its perfect and natural mode. In one picture, her manes was wafting in the wind which made her an ideal picture of everlasting beauty.

In another picture, she was found looking totally modish and radiant. She is recognized for her porcelain skin and good guises both off and on-screen.

11. Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna Without Makeup
Image via

It is hard to keep Rihanna out of the list of the celebrities without makeup when there are lots of forums talking about her real beauty. Rihanna is the 6th most liked celeb on Facebook while the 8th most followed on Twitter.

You can see that Rihanna without makeup still looks stunning. She has been captured from some cameras while walking down the street, wearing no makeup. Rihanna no makeup photos shows that she is naturally blessed with good looks and does not need makeup to look beautiful.

10. Kendall Jenner Without Makeup

Kendall Jenner Without Makeup

Kendall Jenner without makeup has amazing looks but when she rocks the red carpet for some great event, her natural-looking makeup and straightened hair just increase her beauty. We actually think that she really looks best whenever she is a little made-under, as Kendall is naturally gorgeous.

One of the Kendall Jenner no makeup photos at Nice Cote d’Azur Airport as she stepped out with a pretty face. She was looking marvelous without putting any foundation on her face. She looks charming in her bratty appearances on her family’s shows and fabulous in her fashion shots. She is gorgeous alike without makeup.

9. Angelina Jolie Without Makeup

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup

Angelina Jolie, a global icon, and a well-known Hollywood actress was listed as the most popular and forceful celebrity by Forbes Magazine in the year 2009. In one picture, this woman of 39 was seen on an outing without any stitch of make-up where one could see her perusing racks of outfits in black and trying on several items of jewelry.

In another picture, she was outfitted in a crisp frosty shirt, beige pants and with hair tied in a ponytail during her visit to The Democratic Republic of Congo’s rescue camp which was held to create awareness on war zone rape among women.

Her face was devoid of makeup completely. Look up Angelina Jolie without makeup, if you’re searching makeup free glamorous women.

8. Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup

The Oscar-winning celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence, is one of the Hollywood’s highest paid actress as of 2015.Lawrence got worldwide fame for her role, Katniss Everdeen, in the Hunger Games series.Most of the people admit that the Jennifer Lawrence without makeup looks beautiful than having a load of makeup on her.

Jennifer Lawrence no makeup pictures showcase her pretty features and youthful complexion.

7. Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

The 31 years old American actress and singer, Carrie Underwood, came into limelight when she earned the most wanted, “American Idol” 4th season, past 2005. She is really a talented singer who began singing at the very young age of 3 in a local church.

The celeb is now a best-selling music artist whose sale of records has touched the figure of billions. Carrie is blessed with idyllic beauty, wide eyes, silky blond hair and a dazzling smile. She told in her interviews that she never went outside, even once, without makeup.

She said that she loves wearing makeup for herself. She is pretty anxious about her beauty and wardrobe while appearing in front of her fans. Therefore, it would be quite a scene to spot Carrie Underwood without makeup.

6. Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

Miley Cyrus was one of the most searched celebrities in 2014. Her fan fallowing crossed the figure of 19 million on her Twitter account. While she has a massive Facebook fans with about 50 million likes on her Facebook page.

At the same time Miley Cyrus no makeup look got huge criticism on her weird videos. Many people would love to watch Miley Cyrus without makeup, so here she is.

Miley Cyrus no makeup photos clearly shows how she has changed all along with the world’s top makeup artists and the professional hairdressers.

5. Adriana Lima Without Makeup

Adriana Lima Without Makeup

While Adriana Lima is prodded with makeup full time, she proved that she's definitely a beauty when the supermodel was caught going totally without makeup at Lax Airport. You probably have seen Adriana Lima without makeup picture in the brown jacket where she looks cute and quirky.

You can easily notice that her signs in the face are so finely masked by using many products. Her eye color looks very beautiful but fades when she doesn’t use any sort of makeup.

Finally, when you come to lips, it’s like you’re not watching the same person because they look so dry and not like that as when they are treated. Adriana Lima no makeup look is not stunning.

4. Kerry Washington Without Makeup

Kerry Washington Without Makeup

Kerry Washington, an actress, and a director is an audacious and all-round actress who continues to glow on both the big screen and small. She looked stunning and so natural without any makeup on the cover of Allure magazine November 2014 though tinted with some moisturizer.

Nevertheless, the Emmy awards nominated that Washington was photographed without the slightest touch of makeup. In her one photo with no makeup, she looks like a dusk beauty having nicely threaded eyebrows, round eyes, and normal length eyelashes.

Her big lips add a considerable touch to her prettiness. When Kerry Washington without makeup shows off prominent marks on her face can be seen easily.

3. Demi Lovato Without Makeup

Demi Lovato Without Makeup

The American singer, Demi Lovato, is an absolute powerhouse. She started her career as a Disney Kid and now rocked the X Factor USA, as a judge. Demi shared her without makeup photograph for No Makeup Monday on Instagram.

Demi Lovato without makeup photos shows that her skin is naturally radiant. She is all about the makeup-free look, mainly when she's busy at the gym. Demi’s makeup free selfies show that she is quite confident in embracing her natural looks.

2. Shakira Without Makeup

Shakira Without Makeup

The Colombian singer, Shakira, is the one celebrity who has not been generally spotted with loads of makeup or coating her face with dark and loud cosmetics. She has always been seen carrying an elegant look with light makeup.

Shakira without makeup still manages to look beautiful and appears as a beauty icon for her followers. Shakira no makeup photographs reveal her natural features more prominently than she is with her soft and subtle makeup.

1. Cameron Diaz Without Makeup

Cameron Diaz Without Makeup

Cameron Diaz without makeup looks amazing and stunning. 41 years old Cameron is still carrying her beauty. Her face with no makeup on is the best example for all women who have been pressured by people to look young. The blue-eyed beauty looks gorgeous without makeup.

The article proves that celebrities may look supernatural, but they always have hordes of professional makeup artists, even for the minutest of touch ups. If you catch them without these thick layers of powder, shimmer, eye shadow and mascara; you will get an entirely different story.

Let us know what you feel after checking onto your favorite celebrities without makeup. If you think that we have missed any of your darling celebrities, feel free to comment about her. We will include her in our subsequent list of celebrities without makeup.

Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup
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