The 8 Best Commercial Grade Electric Kettles To Buy In 2019

Commercial Grade Electric Kettles

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best commercial grade electric kettles for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

Smeg KLF01PGUS 1.7-Liter Kettle-Pastel

Smeg KLF01PGUS 1.7-Liter Kettle-Pastel Check on Amazon

With its mix of technology and slightly retro style, the ‘50s Retro Style kettle makes every moment special, from breakfast to afternoon tea, from a quick break to relaxing in the evening. It boils water quickly, precisely and efficiently. Base with non-slip feet including electrical connection and a safety system that, in the absence of water, interrupts the operation of the unit. Gentle opening when you push the lid in the designated place.

Breville BKE830XL The IQ Kettle Pure

Breville BKE830XL The IQ Kettle Pure $125.99 1

Breville is known for making quality kitchen appliances and I am typically impressed with their products. Usually made of stainless steel, Breville appliances look sharp on any kitchen counter.

But they don’t just look nice,MORE as Breville products are known for being both innovative and practical. That is exactly how I feel about this kettle. It is simple to use, but provides unique features that will be greatly appreciated specifically by tea enthusiasts!

The spout has a metal mesh filter to ensure that any loose debris will not pour into the tea cup or french press. I am not sure how often this would be helpful for me, as I try to keep my kettle clean and pour in fresh water every time I use it.

KitchenAid KEK1322SS 1.5L Electric Glass Tea Kettle

KitchenAid KEK1322SS 1.5L Electric Glass Tea Kettle $149.95 1

KitchenAid KEK1322SS is the new electric tea kettle with a 1.5 litre capacity cool to touch glass carafe for a quick and convenient all-in-one tea brewing. It has the durable streamlined stainless steel and high end Schott Duran glass construction.

You’ll find five tea settingsMORE at the front for green, white, oolong, black and herbal tea so you brew the best tasting tea as the unit will maintain all the aromas and flavours.

By leaving the tea steeper out you can use this unit for just boiling water rapidly for other uses and will not take more than a few minutes. It will chime once with a soft sound when the water is boiled and the blue light will stop flashing but will be on.

Bayou Classic 10 gallon Brew Kettle Set

Bayou Classic 10 gallon Brew Kettle Set $124.59

Bayou Classic now offers its Four Piece Stainless Steel Brew Kettle Set (800-464) with a 16 gal. brew kettle. We include everything in our stainless steel 4-piece brew kettle set to brew the perfect beer. Check out our Recipe section for a collection of our favorite home brewing recipes. The Bayou Classic 4-piece Brew Kettle Set (800-464) is fabricated entirely of stainless steel with bulkhead fittings.

The stainless steel constructionMORE allows for more even heating preventing sugars from sticking and scorching. The Bayou Classic (800-464) was designed with a narrow diameter and high side-wall to reduce the chance of a boil over. All stainless steel construction eliminates worry about interaction with acid wart and cuts down on clean up time. The false bottom (not provided) rests on the low side indentation creating a tighter barrier, reducing the chance for grains and particles to enter the spigot chamber.

Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle

Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle $129.00

If you are a hardcore tea drinker, the Cuisinart TEA-100 kettle & tea steeper was designed for you. It is both a standard electric water kettle and a tea infuser, so you can steep loose-leaf or bagged tea right in the kettle.

The six programmable temperaturesMORE make it easy to brew a variety of teas, especially one that require lower temps. This is an expensive appliance, but if you drink tea like some people drink coffee, it’s worth it.

In order to taste their best, certain teas require specific temperatures. The Cuisinart Tea-100 has 6 presets, so you can choose 160-degrees for delicate teas, 175 for green, 185 for white, 190 for oolong, 200 for herbal, and then a rolling boil for black teas.

De’Longhi KBO1401W Electric Kettle

De'Longhi KBO1401W Electric Kettle Out of stock

The DeLonghi KBO1401W Icona Electric Kettle, in clean white, is a unique and attractive kettle with stylish chrome accents and a high-glass finish. It’s powerful enough to easily heat as much water as is can hold – enough to serve tea, instant coffee, or hot cocoa to an entire family. Handy features such as an anti-scaling filter, easy-to-see water level indicator, and removable lid all help with producing the best drink, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort.

Hamilton Beach 40997 Cordless Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach 40997 Cordless Electric Kettle Out of stock

I used it to boil some water for oatmeal and hot tea. It was extremely fast. So much better than using stovetop and microwave! The color red is beautiful and matches my kitchen decor. It’s a small kettle so it’s very ideal for a few cups of boiling water I think it is worth the money, maybe just slightly pricey, but it’s worth it because it is easy to use and handle. Very nice kettle and I love it! I’m happy with this item.

DeLonghi kmix boutique kettle electric 0.75L SJM010J-OR

DeLonghi kmix boutique kettle electric 0.75L SJM010J-OR $167.27

The DeLonghi Kmix boutique cordless kettle has a unique design that stands out from most. It is simple and elegant and made with beautiful craftsmanship. The quality is magnificent. The materials chosen for the kettle are durable. Thus, you can expect the kettle to work for you for years to come.

This kettle is available forMORE purchase in many different colors including blue, yellow, orange, and green. Today, I’m discussing the green color kettle in this review. This kettle is designed to hold up to 0.75 liter of water or other liquids. The detachable base and the chord-less design makes this appliance easy to handle. The removable limescale filter is built-in to assure you that your beverage is free of impurities and has the purest taste possible.


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