The 8 Best Crossbows Above $300 To Buy In 2019

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After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best crossbows Above $300 for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350

barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 $375.99 1

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter was released in 2016 and is a completely new line of crossbows. It has similar specs to the Barnett Quad Edge S but offers a few unique features, and has a different feel. As with most Barnett crossbows,

The limbs are made of a custom compositeMORE laminate making them really durable for cold weather hunting. One unique feature included with the Whitetail Hunter is the adjustable butt pad, so you can find the most comfortable position. Equipped with Barnett’s premium 4×32 scope, you’ll be able to take accurate shots up to 60 yards. Another nice feature is this crossbow comes with a rope cocking device, making it a more inclusive package than others from Barnett.

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter crossbow shoots very well compared against other mid-range crossbows. Since this is a new model, the trigger pull is smooth, and the bolts fire accurately. If you’re hunting within normal conditions, you will be happy with how this shoots for the price you pay. The adjustable butt pad, mixed in with the composite stock and roomy foregrip, you will have no problems finding a comfortable shooting position.

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow $429.75 1

TenPoint has really upped the game with the introduction of the Invader G3. They have based the Invader G3 on the Invader HP, but have really integrated some great new features. The stock is designed to be semi skeletal, so there is a great savings in weight. The machined aluminum risers also have cutouts specifically engineered to shed a few more ounces as well.

The pass through foregrip gives shootersMORE a solid forehand grip while minimizing the risk of fingers in the string path. Another feature we really liked is the oversized reinforced nylon safety wings. These are quite a bit longer than on most crossbows and really eliminate the chance of fingers or thumbs ending up in the string path.

The Dry Fire Inhibitor ensures the Invader G3 cannot accidently be fired without an arrow in place and the auto safety means that the shooter will always have the safety in the ‘on’ position after cocking, and must manually disengage the safety to fire. Again, great features for both novice users as well as more advanced users. TenPoint has brought a crossbow to market that offers plenty of power to take animals up to the size of deer with ease.

Killer Instinct FURIOUS 370 FRT Crossbow

Killer Instinct FURIOUS 370 FRT Crossbow Out of stock

Starting with the fact that you often get higher fps than the advertised 370 fps in its name. Many people get up to 400 and over, especially with lighter arrows. The trigger at under 2 pounds pull is one of the best on the market. Not just in its class, but one of the best period. With no creep you get a true release.

Starting with the 2 pound trigger pull,MORE with less creep you can get a shot off faster and with less friction. In fact the FRT in the name of the crossbow refers to the Frictionless Release Technology. A clean release point when pulling the trigger can mean a difference of an inch when the arrow reaches its target. Creep can also have you off by the fraction of a second that your prey needs to jump out of the way.

The illuminated reticle scope gives you an accurate shot up to 60 yards. Since most times you are within 40 yards, you can see how that scope can give you a big advantage in accuracy. The adjustable stock and forearm grip can customize exactly the right fit for you which will lead to better accuracy. When you are comfortable and the crossbow fits perfectly balanced, then your shots will greatly improve.

barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow, 330 FPS

barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow, 330 FPS Out of stock

This is a compact crossbow so be aware that if you have a large frame you may need a custom stock extension to work with it. If not, look after it, maintain it well, and you can’t go far wrong with one of these.

This crossbow is compactMORE and light and primarily designed with a stock that should be more compatible with women or smaller framed users such as large boys or smaller men. Get or make a custom extension for the stock however and this compact unit can be used by anyone.

With 91.9 ft lbs (2017 model) of kinetic energy this bow will work for target shooting and hunting pretty much anything from turkey right up to grizzly bears albeit at a reduced effective distance for larger game.

barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow

barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow Out of stock

If you have been around crossbows before then you would be very impressed by these specs. They are especially impressive when you consider that the relatively low price. Because those are usually the stats you see from the most expensive crossbows.

If you don’t already know,MORE when it comes to hunting, kinetic energy is king. It is the determining factor when it comes to penetration.The requirement for hunting deer is about 40. So that means that with a KE of 122 you are almost guaranteed to achieve full pass-throughs even as far as 50 yards away!

As expected, this weapon has the all too important system called anti-dry fire. Accidentally firing a crossbow leads to severe damage to it and also potential harm to the user. What the anti-dry fire mechanism does is prevent any release from occurring during the time when you c**k your crossbow and place a bolt. You also must manually disengage the safety switch to fire.

KI350 – High Performance Crossbow

KI350 - High Performance Crossbow Out of stock

The Killer Instinct KI-350 crossbow is easy to assemble, but a bit more complicated than most because of the adjustable fore grip. The adjustable fore grip is a nice feature, though, so take the time to adjust it to your preferences. Assembling this crossbow consists of attaching the riser to the stock, installing the foot stirrup, and then mounting the quiver and scope.

The KI-350 deals outMORE the arrow at 350 fps, with 109 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy on a 400-gr arrow. The bow is more than powerful enough to topple your target block, so be sure to prop it against your backstop or some solid object to keep your shooting pleasurable.

The scope sights in easily, and I was able to quickly move on to testing the accuracy. Every shot I fired from this crossbow, from 25 yards all the way back to 75 yards, was inside the bull’s eye ring of my target block. Groupings? How about half an inch at 25 yards, a three-quarter inch grouping from 50 yards, and a two inch grouping from 75 yards. This crossbow is insanely accurate for a sub-$500 crossbow.

Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow, Realtree Max 1 Camo

Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow Realtree Max 1 Camo Out of stock

The Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow gives you unmatched power and accuracy in a lightweight, compact package. Its CRT riser reduces weight at the front, making it easier to maneuver and shoot while you’re waiting out that elusive buck. The Ghost 375 Crossbow Package includes 4x32mm illuminated scope, rope cocking device, side-mount quiver, two 20″ arrows, and lube wax.

High performance with a reduced footprintMORE and manageable overall weight is the recipe for success with the Ghost 375. The carbonlite riser moves the foot stirrup into the riser assembly, eliminating extra bulk and length. The only Barnett crossbow featuring Realtree Max-1 camo, this model is ideal for hunting big game in any broad terrain, from open prairies to thick brush.

And it’s powerful – as in 385 FPS powerful. String dampeners come standard with the Ghost 375, which help shooters lessen vibrations and reduce sound. Can you hear the mule deer, bighorn sheep and elk calling?

Ravin Crossbow 1108861 R110 Predator Crossbow

Ravin Crossbow 1108861 R110 Predator Crossbow Out of stock

The world has never seen a crossbow like this! Introducing the R110 from Raven Crossbows. Raven is boldly different than any crossbow ever created. Powered by Helicoid technology, this revolutionary crossbow has several design advantages that provides unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot. The Raven has a sleek rifle-like design.

With an incredible axle-to-axle measurementMORE of a mere 6 inches at full draw, this makes the Raven Crossbow significantly smaller and narrower than any crossbow on the market. A beautiful combination of speed, power and accuracy unmatched in the crossbow industry.

If running-and-gunning or hunting from tight quarters is your style, then the R10 is the crossbow for you. It’s the smallest Ravin ever made, measuring just 33” and tipping the scales at only 6.8 pounds. Don’t let the Ravin’s compact size fool you. The powerful R10 with HeliCoil™ technology generates 400 FPS with devastatingly accurate downrange precision.


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