17 Ways to Curl Hair With a Curling Iron

Styling is a significant ornament in a woman life, as many people have straight hair, and they may want to style their hair as curled hair. If you are one of them, you could use electronic heating tools like the wand or curling iron.

A curling iron can be used to create tight, formal, and thick curls or big and blond waves. You could style your hair from small to big curls with the use of iron. 


Here Is The List Of 17 Ways to Curl Hair with a Curling Iron.

17- Curling Hair in Ponytail With the Use of Curling Iron:

Curl your hair while it’s in a high ponytail

Here is the quick tutorial of how to curl your hair with curling iron. Curl your hair while it’s in a high ponytail for quick, effortless waves by using the curling iron. Once all of your hair are curled and cooled, take down your ponytail and mist with hair spray.

16- Using Curling Iron to Have Looser or Tighter Curls

One of the best way to use curling iron

Here is the quick tutorial of how to use curling iron. One of the best ways to use curling iron is when using the iron to run over your hair,

  • If you want looser curls hold your iron vertically
  • If you want springier and tighter curls hold the iron horizontally

15- Curling The Roots With Use Of Curling Iron

When using a curling wand,

While using a hair curling wand, to start curling your roots using the larger end of the wand, turn it upside down which make it easy to use

14- Curling Bangs With Curling Iron

To curl bangs

You can also the curl bangs, to do this wrap the hair away from your face and pull the curl out toward the back of your head.

13- Using Curling Iron For A Voluminous Look

Curl your hair in the direction away from your face

By curling your hair in the direction away from your face, you can easily give your hair a baggy and more natural look.

12- Clasp Facing Forward For Twisting Hair

Face the clasp forward to spin the hair through more easily

Face the clip forward to spin the hair over and done with more easily. Holding the hair from the bottom makes it physically harder and more stubborn to twist the hair.

11- Using Curling Iron For Short Hair

Use a small-barreled iron facing downward

If you have Short hair, then the best technique is, to give your hair a look of messy waves with the use of a small-barreled iron facing downward.

10- Using Curling Iron To Get Extra Volume For Flat Hair

To get the extra volume of curl

To get the extra volume of curl, you should pull the hair on the crown of your head with the curling iron. This method is particularly useful for those people who have flat, pin-straight hair.

9- Half-Curl The Long Hair With The Use Of Wand

How do you half-curl your long hair with a wand

Here is the quick tutorial of how to use curling wand. We are providing with the following steps to half-curl your hair:

1. If your hairs are not straight then straight them with hair straightener

2. Divide your hair into two equal sections

3. Start from back of your head

4. Take one-inch section of hair

5. Start folding that section on a wand from 2-3 inches down to the head

6. Wrap and hold each section for at least 30 seconds

7. Repeat this process until no section of hair left straight

8. Don’t comb your hair after finishing

8- Flat Iron Your Braids To Make Waves Like Curly Hairs

Flat iron your braids to make waves like curly hairs

An easy and time-consuming way to have curly hair is to flat iron your braids

1. Straight and comb your hair first

2. Divide your hairs into equal sections and catch them with a catcher

3. Make a braid of every section until finished

4. Start ironing your braids with a flat iron and hold each chunk of your braid for at least 10 seconds while going down from the top

5. Repeat this process for each section

6. UN-braid your hairs then to see the curls

 7. It will also make your hair look healthy

7- Using Curling Iron To Curl The Short Hair From Bottom

A stylish trick for short hairs to curl from the bottom

A stylish trick for short hairs to curl from the bottom is:

1. Spray and comb hair to prepare for using curling iron

2. Take a section of hair,

3. Hold that section using iron and wrap into direction towards the face

4. Now hold a section of hair from bottom and wrap in other direction

5. Now see the curls you’ve got

6- Messy Chunky Beach Waves

messy chucky beach

You can give yourself a Messy chunky beach waves look with a flat iron by twisting the hair around your finger by taking a small section and then iron them with a flat iron, continue doing this with all your hair, when done with it, use hair spray to give it a finishing touch.

Other Ways to Curl Your Hair:

5- An Interesting Way To Curl Your Hair At Home Using A Sock

An interesting way to curl your hair at home using a sock

1. Take a clean sock. Cut its upper part

2. Now start from the end of the sock and roll the socks until you make its shape looks like a donuts. Keeping in mind that the doughnut is rolled rigidly and is tightly

3. Little moist your hair using water or gel

4. Use a comb to make your hair tangle free

5. Now bring your hair at one place and tie them in the form of the high pony at the top area of your head

6. After that, pull out the doughnut into the high ponytail. Stuff in the ends of your hairs into the doughnut bun. Roll the bun inwardly

7. Roll the bun and tuck the hair and finish when there is no hair left to roll

8. Now, go to the bed with this bun and take your 8 hours sleep

9. Next morning, you will wake up with these lovely long curls

Note: Use hair sprays to spread on your curls which will hold your curls for a long time. Enjoy to show-off your Beach Wave Curls in the morning!

4- Flowing Golden Waves

Flowing Golden Waves

This trick is useful for the short time. If you want to wake up with your hairs in stylish waves, put your wet hairs into braids before going to bed. Remember one thing – the wave will be tighter as the braid will be smaller.

If your hair is thick, then it’s better to do two braids to ensure all over quality. In the morning, when you are ready to let your hair braids free, gently run your fingers over your hair braids and use the spray for long lasting curls. Be sure that not to use comb or brush. It will finish the curl like waves and turn your hair into one big wave.

Note: Be sure that not to use comb or brush; it will finish the curl like waves and turn your hair into one big wave.

3- The Friar Tuck

use headband

Curl your hair without heat by using a headband. It can also be used for naturally straight hair.

1. Put a relatively tight elastic headband over your slightly damp hair

2. Grab pieces of your hair and tuck them around the headband, continue until you reach the back of your head

3. When you reach the back, simply twist your hair everywhere the headband until it is all tucked in

4. Add that to prevent the headband from slipping and your hair falling out

5. Wrap a silk scarf around your head and sleep in your headband overnight

6. In the morning, pull out the headband from your hair and you will undoubtedly be shocked at the curls you got

2- Curling With The Use Of Paper Pieces

On a roll, you could get curly hair without a hot iron just by using paper pieces

On a roll, you could get curly hair without a hot iron just by using paper pieces. Your hairs should be wet:

1. Rip off a paper towel from a large roll, and fold that paper until it's become an inch wide. Now separate one-inch section of your hair, hold the folded paper towel at the ends, and roll that section of hair up around the paper towel, near to the roots. Link the ends of the paper towel together to create a wispy curl.

2. Continue this process for all one-inch divided section of your hairs, until the entire head, is rolled. After that sleep with these paper towels overnight.

3. Once hair is set after getting sleep overnight, then in the morning unroll all of the paper curls and hit with some spray, and hit the town of your head and you will have best curly hairs to see in the mirror.

1- Curling Hair With Hair Buns

How could you get curly hairs by creating hair buns

You could make hair curls by making hair buns, steps are:

1. Begin by the cross-sectioning hair into four equal parts, and use one bun in each quadrant of the head. Here, you can see how twisting one section of hair effortlessly turns it into a bun. You can use crisscross pins to secure the hair. The smaller the bun, the tighter the wave

2. Bun all the divided sections and mist the hair with holding spray like “ Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray. ”

3. After getting asleep for seven hours or by using a blow-dryer to dry the buns. After drying or waking up undo all the buns to see the effect of waves.

I am just hoping that after reviewing the article, you have learned a lot about styling your hair with curling iron or wand. I tried to make sure that I am going to provide you with the natural and classy ways of styling. I had researched a lot when I came to this topic, and now I am expecting that you find the information helpful. If you have any other way of curling or styling hair in your mind, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will love to learn new ways, and if I find it worth sharing with the audience, I will add it to the article as well.

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