Passionate Nail Shapes With Alluring Designs

Different Nail Shapes for Every Hand

Is life boring and lacking passion, It’s probably because you don’t have the right nails shape. Passionate nail shapes with alluring designs is just the way you want them to be. Whether long or short, square or oval, nails can be filed in any beautiful shape you can dream off.

Read along to find out how to shape nails perfectly and draw that mad attention on YOU! Nail art isn’t that hard, you just need to enjoy it.

Here Is The List Of 10 Passionate Nail Shapes of 2017 with Alluring Designs.


Oval Shaped Nails

Girls Just Want To Have Fun And Good Looking Nails.

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Oval acrylic nails shape is extremely gorgeous and it tops the chart of everyone’s favourite acrylic nail shapes. It combines the qualities of square, rounded and almond shape in a way that their imperfections are squared off. With this nail shape, you get an ideal feminine look, well durability of rounded nails and best looks of squared design as well; all are combined in one single nail shape “OVAL” you see plain nails can get you sad, shape up beautiful!

With the appeal of oval shaped nails, you can’t help but adore your nails! It’s elegant, strong and less accident- prone shape, as the game never stops unless the nail breaks! Suits every nail types and length, just the perfect frame for creating classic nail art designs.


Round Shaped Nails

A Girl Without Beautiful Nails Is Like A Night Without Romance!

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Round acrylic nails shape is one of the classic types of acrylic nails and is ideal for short nails for a classic lady, many girls like this short acrylic nail shape this back to school, old-fashioned beauty never leaves the trend anyway!

Durability is the second name babe. Smooth and round nails are not easy to break and so that classic lady with that straight walk, s**y by all means!


Square Shaped Nails

Doing Nails Is My Cardio!

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Long square nails are a fire on ice! Undoubtedly best for all types of nails. With a French manicure, square shaped nails and you will have the ideal nails that will just blend well with your routine, leaving you young! This shape looks best when carried in long and medium lengths of the nail.

You are such an attention seeker babe!

Be careful with a square shape, as you might accidentally chip the edges and it can hurt others.


Square Nails with Rounded Edges

Smooth That Edge And No Witnesses!

Square Nails with Rounded Edges
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This is what you have when you mingle the good features of square and rounded nail shapes. If you are a devoted fan of square nails then this is suggested that you must try this combination. It does not hurt and moreover, it can decrease the chipping.

You must file your nail sides straight, file the top like you’re going for the square shape and then smoothly file the edges until you get your desired shape.


Stiletto Pointed Nails

Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Nails!

Stiletto Pointed Nails
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Pointed natural looking acrylic nails are extremely popular, particularly among the female celebrities, Yes! It’s eye-catching covered with fantasy like a beautiful Vampire you can’t resist. Watch out, innocence is often deceiving!

Stiletto Nails are similar to the mountain peak, without an expert help, it is difficult to get this shape. You can easily try to get these at home but for that, you will require professional electric nail art kits and a lot of patience. You will have to regularly file your nail sides ultimately you left with nothing to file further. Therefore, you really need very long nail tips for this shape.

Passionate Nail Shapes With Alluring Designs
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Almond Shape

Let’s Nail It Down, Let’s Get It Right!

Almond Shaped Nails

Everybody like almonds, or almond shaped nails even eyes, you can easily get an almond nail shape if not the eyes, worry not. This acrylic nail design is very appealing and well-known for its feminine look and delicacy. If your fingers are slim and tender, then this shape will enhance the gorgeousness of your pretty hands. Your guy will wish to hold and keep on kissing your beautiful hands the entire day, don’t want to miss that chance, I know!

For this nail shape, you should have long nails. The difficulty is that nail growth will get limited with these nail shapes. Moreover, they are quite easy to break, as they are not exceptionally strong and durable. Ouch! Be careful

Given both advantages and disadvantages, still they are a better choice absolutely.


Squoval (Square and Oval) Shape

A Good Nail Has No Fears Of Being Hammered!

Squoval (Square and Oval) Shape

This nail shape is the combination of oval and square shape so you can generate a luscious look! It helps to increase and stabilizing the strength of nails. Reducing the chances of breaking. The oval shape is easy to keep but not much better looking than the rounded nail shapes.

Filing them is not an easy task girls, but you will get the hang of it after trying it twice! You have to file the sides of your long acrylic nails just like square nails, but then you have to give an oval shape to the top edges so it becomes squoval shaped nails.

The advantage is that you can maintain much longer nail length. This nail shape is best for everyone and considered to be the most universally smooth and flattering nail shape.


Lipstick Shaped Nails

It Was A Nail Blame Game!

Lipstick Shaped Nails

This shape is best for those who have narrow nail beds, acrylic nails, and slender shaped fingers. This funky lipstick shape has a bit for niche supporter base. It could be fun for special occasions (hoping that you don’t wear lens).



Let The Nails Do The Dance For You.


If you have an urge to try something unconventionally sexy and you have sturdy and naturally long nails then go for it, babe! Ballerina nail shape is best for strong and long nails that can keep the extreme shape and slender nail beds. Moves like a jaguar that's you-oooh!


Fantasy Nails

Like A Nymph On The Dance Floor!

Fantasy Nails

This nail shape is very hip, but you cannot do the daily chores. If you want something unique and different then fantasy nails, are all for you. It’s not compulsory to choose particular nail shape because you can have any of them or all.

The nail expert can make your nails good long and by putting stones, 3D acrylic decoration and glitter of your choice.