The 8 Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouses To Buy In 2019

Ergonomic Gaming Mouses

If you’re into PC gaming, a bog-standard Microsoft mouse will not do. There’s a wide selection of gaming-specific mouse out there, but finding the right one that fits your needs, hands and play isn’t always straightforward. To help you choose from the vast number of different designs from manufacturers, and decide what features you really need, here, you’ll find our reviews of the gaming mouse you can buy. If you’re going to perform to your fullest, a mouse needs to ergonomically fit your hands. Every hand is different, but you’ll find manufacturers tailoring mice to certain hand sizes and grips.

HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse

HAVIT HV MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse Out of stock

First of all, let’s start by defining what this baby does and for which audience it is for. Havit HV MS672 is definetely a mouse for comfortable gamers/users who seek a mouse for a cheap price which won’t give them problems with their budget and also has great enough features to provide a comfortable all purpose use. It’s the type of hardware that gets the job done while offering some great visuality.

The new version of HV-MS672MORE has a switch for LED underneath the mouse, which can turn the LED on/off. Unique ‘breathing’ LED light provides a soothing and calming ambient light. Seven different colors provide a constantly changing and unique look. Wired mouse with 4 DPI settings for your gaming needs. No additional software of firmware is required. Simply ‘plug and play’. Stable connection backed by gold plated plug and woven cord.

Let’s start with one of the most important design factors. Ergonomics. Actually, all mice are ergonomic in nature, some are more comfortable than others, some are not, some are more suitable for certain tasks etc.. But for Havit HV MS672 I can say that it has ergonomics which almost any person can be comfortable with, especially people with big hands.

VersionTech 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse

VersionTech 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse $9.99 1

Different than plastic surface, super skin-friendly surface of this gaming mouse is made of rubber oil and more comfortable for sweaty hands after long time playing; The ergonomic shape design enables gamers to play long time without fatigue. Unique cracking design combining with 7 colors glaring LED light highlights the atmosphere of gaming; The cheerful and pleasant sound of clicking makes you feel exhilarated and never want to stop battling in the games.

HAVIT HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse Wired

HAVIT HV MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse Wired Out of stock

Manufacturers of gaming mice may face the most difficult path to innovation within the computer hardware industry. The mouse thrives on, even demands, a certain simplicity of purpose, but getting any individual product to stand out from the crowd isn’t easy. With its HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse, Havit has generally taken the safe path, delivering a decent swath of features, customizability, and solid driver software for a surprisingly low price.

Plug in the mouse and it becomes more daring,MORE with colorful, cycling lights that set off the “Magic Eagle” logo and limn the edges of the scroll wheel. This also calls attention to the HV-MS735’s most dynamic feature, the 12 buttons on the left edge near where your thumb rests while in use, which glow in a solid blue. (Perhaps it goes without saying, but this mouse is for right-handed users only.)

Bringing the total number of buttons to 19, this definitely brands the mouse as one for hard-core MMO players who may need or want to assign plenty of functions that can be accessed with a single, split-second click. The effects of these buttons, as well as the nature of the lights and most other details of the HV-MS735, can be adjusted using the mouse’s driver software.

SteelSeries Rival 300, Optical Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 300 Optical Gaming Mouse $69.99 1

The SteelSeries Rival optical gaming mouse is a perfectly good product, but it should have been better. Despite an ingenious design and a smart array of features, something about both the mouse and the software that accompanies it feels halfhearted. A few more features, or better implementations of existing ones, could have propelled the Rival to greatness. In an era in which gaming mice tend to embrace abbreviated bodies and low profiles, the Rival bucks the trend.

This is a large mouse,MORE one best suited for people with large hands. Its body is long enough for a comfortable palm grip and curved enough for a comfortable claw grip. Combine those features with pleasantly rough-textured pads for both the thumb and the two outermost fingers, and the Rival has nothing to worry about when it comes to physical design.

The Rival possesses six programmable buttons: a left button, a right button, a clickable scroll wheel, a dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity shift beneath that and two thumb buttons off to the side. The DPI shift is a bit on the small side, but beyond that, all of the buttons are large and provide satisfying amounts of resistance, with audible clicks.

Razer Turret Lapboard – Gaming-Grade Mouse

Razer Turret Lapboard Gaming-Grade Mouse Out of stock

Meet the Turret—the gaming lapboard that lets you dominate your game right from your couch. With a full keyboard and mouse setup that fits right in your lap, you can truly sit back, relax and enjoy fuss-free wireless gameplay. The Turret is wireless, for one thing. While the Lapdog requires a 10-foot wire tether, the Turret connects to your PC via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz-wireless USB dongle.

Not only does that make more senseMORE for high-traffic areas, but it’s quite a bit more convenient—just stash the lapboard next to your couch when you’re done, or leave it on the coffee table overnight. No worries about tripping over it and yanking your PC off a shelf. The Turret is also rechargeable. And foldable. The Turret is technically two pieces: the mouse and keyboard. When not in use, the keyboard folds in half (the mousepad part goes to the back).

And then you set the whole thing inside Razer’s custom vertical dock. The mouse has a separate slot in front.The Turret in storage is actually pretty damn attractive, so at home I’ve stashed the dock on my entertainment center, right in front of the PC it controls.

Tecknet Professional Ergonomic Optical Wired

Tecknet Professional Ergonomic Optical Wired Out of stock

Take control of the game with TeckNet Raptor High Precision Gaming Mouse. Designed for comfort,this is one bit of kit no gamer should be without, at a price every gamer will love.Get the edge with this high-quality6D optical gaming mouse with built-in Tru-Wave sensor. The 2000 dpi optical gaming sensor and adjustable dpi setting (1000/1600/2000), plus smooth-gliding underside provides you with ultimate cursor control when you need it most.

What’s more, with the 40g of extra weightMORE and an ergonomic design that fits the curves of your palm, this mouse can be used for hours in total comfort. The Raptor features exclusive TeckNet Tru-Wave sensor optimization for high-accuracy cursor control. Whether zipping across the screen or honing in on a single pixel, the 2000 DPI sensor responds accurately to your every move. This mouse can be used on almost any surface, including reflective or transparent surfaces such as glass.

Designed to fit snugly under the palm of your hand, with intuitive button placement for the most comfortable gaming experience yet.The ultra-low friction underside effortlessly glides over almost any surface. A tactile scroll wheel and comfort-grip side zones keep you in control of every move. Make the right moves in any game situation.

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse Check on Amazon

The Razer Taipan is a bare-bones gaming mouse, similar to the SteelSeries Rival. It’s designed for gamers who just want a high-performance sensor and decent hardware instead of a 20-button behemoth. Razer endowed the Taipan with an ambidextrous design that both right- and left-handed users will find comfortable. The tradeoff is that it won’t fit either camp’s hand like a glove.

It’s just a little too narrowMORE and a little too low to the desk for my hand to get a grip while still being able to press the buttons on the right side (underneath my ring finger). If you forget about those buttons (the Zowie AM, for instance, deactivates its right-side buttons when you use it as a right-hand mouse), then you can get a good grip on the thing.

Be aware, however, that you’re not getting a nine-button mouse; two of those buttons are basically inaccessible without some contortions. Palm grippers won’t like the Taipan at all. You’ll find much more comfortable options out there. The Taipan is a performance beast, though, with an 8200-CPI sensor and easy on-the-fly CPI adjusting by way of two buttons on the top (provided you don’t reprogram those buttons for other purposes).

Zelotes T90 9200 DPI Gaming Mouse

Zelotes T90 9200 DPI Gaming Mouse $15.89 1

The ZELOTES T-90 Wired USB Optical Game Mouse features a unique 7 colors cycling effect lighting system and DPI up to 9200. It offers good stability and accuracy via great tracking precision and a high max speed. And it has an ergonomic shape, making it great for users for long time use without fatigue. Perfectly designed to fit snugly under your palm, the ergonomic shape of the mouse gives users the most comfortable gaming experience.

Max DPI: 9200 DPI. You can moveMORE it at either fast or low speeds, and it will always respond on screen with exacting accuracy. DPI can be adjust from 1000 – 9200 DPI. With colorful LED breathing light design, you can adjust it for your favor or close it. 8 keys provide you more power when enjoy gaming.

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The 8 Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouses To Buy In 2019
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