The 8 Best Espresso Machines Between $100 And $300 To Buy In 2019

Espresso Machines Between $250 And $500

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best espresso machines between $100 and $300 for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker $179.99 1

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista automatically pulls shots of espresso, steams milk, and creates cafe-style coffee drinks at the push of a button. The coffee maker also has a removable milk reservoir that’s refrigerator-friendly for easy storage.

Like many entry-level home espresso machines,MORE the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista has trouble brewing at consistent temperatures and coaxing pleasant flavors from lightly roasted beans. The machine also gets clogged easily by very finely ground coffee.

Making lattes and other cafe-style drinks is hard work, and the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista successfully automates much of the process, but consistently pulling straight shots of quality espresso is out of this machine’s reach.

Delonghi EC680M DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

Delonghi EC680M DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine $199.99 1

Compact and attractive, the De’Longhi Dedica reliably and automatically pulls tasty espresso shots. The coffee maker also steams milk for cafe drinks and has a handy cup warmer.

The De’Longhi Dedica costs a lotMORE more than budget home espresso machines yet gets clogged by extra-fine coffee grounds and can’t brew light roasts as well as premium products.

If you’re willing to take your home espresso game up a few rungs then the De’Longhi Dedica is worth the money, but you’ll have to spend a lot more for this chance to pull shots like a pro.

Nespresso Pixie Original Espresso Machine by Breville

Nespresso Pixie Original Espresso Machine by Breville $155.44 1

The Nespresso Pixie series comes in so many colors: titan, steel, aluminum, electric lime, carmine and brown are only a handful of options. This espresso machine is small and compact, perfect for places with limited space like apartments and dormitories. It is also small enough to keep in your office for a quick afternoon pick-me-up.

The removable water tankMORE only holds enough liquid for 3 ounces. The drip tray is removable, so you can take it off for easy cleaning. Removing the tray also allows you to make a taller latte, or lungo. Flip the tray around and reattach it to the machine and it doubles as a cup holder to keep your cup from tipping while brewing.

The Pixie is a par bump cappuccino maker, so it is a little noisy when being used. You can still have a conversation while testing this espresso maker. It uses less power than other units on our espresso machine review, so it takes a little longer to heat up and be ready for brewing. The crema comes out light and thick and rests on top of the espresso for several minutes before dissolving into the rest of the drink.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker $169.99 1

Built to last in a sturdy stainless steel case, the DeLonghi EC702 Pump Espresso Machine stands out from the rest with its structure and functionality. The pod-friendly EC702 allows you to easily pull espresso shots with no muss and no fuss.

Create your favorite latte and cappuccino drinks with theMORE cappuccino system frother. The EC702 from DeLonghi also maintains consistent heat for both brewing and steaming with two separate thermostats, plus it heats up quickly with the self-priming operation.

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System (CF112)

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System (CF112) Check on Amazon

The outlier of the 4 Ninja models, the CF112 also has the “Cafe Forte” setting and can brew the XL Cup and XL Multi-Serve sizes (just like the CF097 above), but it doesn’t have carafe compatibility and thus can’t brew the half or full carafe.

Ninja has engineeredMORE the warming plate with a pretty cool feature — their Precise Temp Technology. The name is just a fancy way of saying they adjust the temperature of the warming plate depending on the volume you brewed — single cup and full carafe will have different temperatures. For anyone who’s burned their coffee on an overly hot warming plate, this is a simple but much appreciated feature.

Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso Machine

Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso Machine1

For many coffee aficionados, the Nespresso brand is the way to go for a quick shot of good tasting coffee with minimal hassle. So much so that for the first time ever the world coffee consumption was lower than the previous year. All thanks to coffee pods wasting less coffee, even if we see new coffee shop pop everywhere all the time.

Taking cues from the very successful Citiz,MORE the machine hides the water reservoir in the back. You can’t swivel it to the side like the Nespresso U though. The drip tray and capsule container are in the front as usual; you basically just pull the whole black plastic part to take it out. The lever mechanism is front centre on the top and allows you for a quick open and close gesture. There are no milk foaming machine, this machine is the simplest Nespresso expression. In terms of sound, the extraction mechanism has to reach a pressure of 19 bars before releasing the water into the pod, therefore you can expect a fair amount of noise. However, it’s not as noisy as a coffee grinder and if you ever used one of the earlier Nespresso machines, this one does a lot less noise than these machines.

Espresso and lungo are as always, tasty and evenly pulled. This is one of the strong suit of the Nespresso line of machines, they are consistent like an atomic clock, extracting an espresso shot the exact same way as each and every time. I do not know of a faster way to get a great double espresso in the morning that is as tasteful, make zero mess and now with more power efficient machines, an eco-mode that turns off the water heater after 9 minutes.

Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker

Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker $164.10 1

As a bar-pump espresso machine, the Cuisinart EM-200 brews professional-quality lattes. It is one of the only espresso machines we reviewed that comes with its own frothing cup. The Cuisinart EM-200 uses bar-pump pressure to extract the best flavors from the coffee beans. The pressure of the bar pump creates espresso crema that is thicker than that of espresso brewed with steam pressure.

One unique functionMORE of the Cuisinart EM-200 that makes it one of the best espresso machines is the fact that is comes with both programmable and manual controls. This allows you to use in-between settings for brewing espresso to fit your personal preferences. You can use the manual controls to quickly switch between brewing and steaming while creating a cup of espresso.

The EM-200’s adjustable steam wand lets you choose between frothing, steaming and foaming milk. This way, you can turn your espresso into a cappuccino, latte, macchiato and more. You have to prime the EM-200 before using it for the first time, or anytime the espresso maker is allowed to dry out. Cuisinart includes a DVD with the EM-200 that guides you through each step of the priming process.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso $159.00 1

If this is going to be your first Nespresso VertuoLine machine, then it’s absolutely worth it to go for the VertuoPlus. You’ll be getting the best design yet, while enjoying the same delicious coffee quality. But if you already have a Vertuoline or Evoluo, we don’t think it’s worth it to upgrade. All these machines brew the same VertuoLine Nespresso pods and only have the design features we listed above.

One thing you’ll noticeMORE about the VertuoPlus espresso and coffee maker is that some models are labeled with the DeLonghi brand and others are branded with Breville brand name. Is there a real difference between them?

No, there is no difference at all. Nespresso has partnered with these trusted brand names to help them in the distribution. They’re all still the same Nespresso machines. And this isn’t the first time: Nespresso has partnered with DeLonghi for their Lattissima espresso machines and with Breville for the Creatista espresso machine.


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