Strange Psychological Facts About Dreams & Sleep

Interesting Facts About Dreams And Sleep That Might Surprise You

15. Dreams Are Symbolic

Dreams Are Symbolic
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In a list of psychological facts this aspect of dreams plays a vital role. Dreams don’t always tend to be easy to understand, neither are they instantly clear to remember.

They are however cleverly symbolic, during our lives our dreams relate different things to provide a message, with elements that are brain can quickly process. For example playing a game of hangman, where you show symbols and reenactment to provide a picture for the word you want the people to guess.  

14. Dreams Give a Sense of Déjà Vu

Dreams Give a Sense of Déjà Vu
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You must have said to yourself “Hey I’ve seen this somewhere” “I’ve been here before” that is called precognitive dreaming. Even though you are in the present, your dream has given you a faint impression of what might turn out to be – a piece from the future. Which, once the time comes, is very relatable.

13. You Don’t Need to be Asleep to Dream

You Don’t Need to be Asleep to Dream
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You heard me right, you don’t have to be asleep to dream, in fact it’s quite easy to do. Not to be mistaken for daydreaming, this type of dreaming is called active dreaming. All it requires is an active imagination and persistent focus on the subject to delve into it entirely.

12. Dreams are Prone to be Negative

Dreams are Prone to be Negative
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You might have noticed, most of the dreams that you do encounter during sleep tend to follow negative emotions. Namely, anxiety, anger, sadness and fear. You are less likely to find positive dreams.

11. Dreams Are Short Lived

Dreams Are Short Lived
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You must know this better, you just can’t seem to remember the specifics of your dream most of the time. According to study about 60% percentage of all dreams are forgotten after 5 minutes post waking up.

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