Cute Prom Makeup, Updos & Hairstyles Ideas

Cute Prom Makeup, Updos & Hairstyles Ideas of 2017

Are you a shy girl wanting to create a jaw-dropping impression? Seeking to make the competition around you mesmerized by your glamorous looks on the big night?

Ahh! Don’t forgot you have to do some prom make up as well, to go along perfectly against your lustrous hair.

Well, its party time honey, because you are at the right place, to get started on a complete prom makeup and hair do make over guide that is going to change your outlook.

Don’t be those last minute girls, who don’t get the dates for their big dance, and simply show up with barely combed hair or any definite hairstyle. For a girl, that’s completely unacceptable. 

Girl! It’s our responsibility to give you the most thorough review on hair styles that you can easily make at home, and leave nothing short of a salon look! Along with prom makeup that is going to make you the most sassy and desired person to be photographed.

Why not! Schools ended and everyone’s going to look their best for their year book photos and you should be the gem in the group by selecting some cute prom hairstyles ideas from the list below.

Let’s see now, we have covered three aspects that need your undivided attention for this big night!

  1. Prom Hairstyle Ideas
  2. Prom Makeup Ideas
  3. What makeup to go along with your Prom Dress

Here Is The List Of 23 Cute Prom Makeup, Updos & Hairstyles Ideas of 2017.

Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Let’s start with some cute hairstyles for prom first.

14. Soft Braids For Long Hair

prom makeup
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Sometimes, a simple and sober look goes a long way and can make others go crazy over you. This elegant and romantic prom hairstyle for long hair is self-effacing yet is suitable for major to moderate occasions.

Soft braids never go out of style and its simplicity will surely turn some heads and invoke some whispers. Be it business parties, weddings or prom, this hairdo for girls is among their highest ranked hairstyles that barely take a few minutes to make and make you ready to go in no time.

I am sure you haven’t imagined prom hairstyles to be so easy, right? Carry it with a modest gown for the ideal blend of austerity and beauty.

13. Crimped Curls

hairstyles for prom
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If you have fuzzy and wavy hair, than this hairdo is good for you. This prom hairstyle covers the curly or loosely crimped hair, where a fussy wavy iron rod is used for this purpose.

These waves will surely make long hair look more enchanting and is among the best striking hairstyles for long hair being done right now.

12. Simple Long and Straight Hair

prom updos
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If you have the length and the volume, than let them loose in the breeze and amaze the people around by your grace and significance.

Very easy to make and manage and a popular one that be, for girls with long hair. Especially knowing that you have to make the most with all your available hair, then why not use all of it. A good advantage for straight hair, it fits on any face type and is something that comes naturally to the eye to see.  

Now, this is the time to truly show of your personality, with a sufficient quantity of shine serum, the hairstyle is assured to make a big statement at the prom night.

11. Incredible Side Braid

Incredible Side Braid
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If you have long hair accompanied with frizzy and dark hairs, than a simple side braid is an incredible idea to enhance the beauty element on the prom night simply and elegantly.

Make side braids and do some backcombing on the crown part, gather all your remaining hair into a ponytail that are hanging on sideways over your shoulder and if it’s necessary then curl them up. You’re all set. Now wasn’t that easy?

Dark and thick hair can be molded into this hairstyle effortlessly and with rewarding results.

10. Large Defined Curls

Large Defined Curls
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Olalla, if this wouldn’t get the paparazzi on you, change my name. Seriously, even small curls are hard to manage but in comparison to these, long curls look stunning and you can somehow easily manage such curls in any kind of style and bring a sizzling look and spice up that sassy brunet atmosphere.

If you are wearing a strapless dress then simply leave your curls at the back or you can flip them off on shoulders. They add a soft bounce and extra volume to the hair. You can tease hair from the forehead part to one side.

First blow dry your hair using a round brush and curl them with a barrel iron. Curl the sections and then gather all with pins to secure them. After they all are set, remove the pins and finish with a strong hairspray. You can polish them as well for additional glamor look.

9. Sweet Side Bun

Sweet Side Bun
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Aww, now isn’t that just adorable? Are you already imagining yourself in that, I know I am. Side buns are ideal for all formal occasions and prom evenings. If you haven’t witnessed the actresses at the Oscars, their side Buns are quite extensively used to be definite show stopper.

They are timeless classic and very easy to make. There are varieties of buns you can choose from according to your face shape and choice. Either, you can make a messy and rough looking bun for a funky look, or a neat bun to put a classy impression.

Adding accessories to your preference and making your eyes look more prominent and leaving your neck part free will truly make you stand out. You can further try to make a low loose side ponytail, tie it with a rubber band and wrap around to make a messy bun to further customize your hairstyle.

8. Braided Buns

Braided Buns
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Like side buns, which are normally made with straighter hair. Braided buns are tend to be made by braiding the hair individually and then turning them into a bun. If you like exquisiteness, than this hairstyle is for you.

Braided buns are fabulous like side buns and likewise best fit for long hair, braided buns transcend you to the old times, a classic yet used often in modern fashion.

Trendy for weddings and likewise can be used for proms. Braids can be set in a range of different styles or patterns, select any one which best suits with your face shape and hair color and carry it with any style of gown. For impeccable praise, you can wear a hair-band.

7. Yo-Yo Curls

Yo-Yo Curls
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If you know Shakira, you will definitely have seen this hairstyle than. Intentionally curling your hair up or down, make them a considerable show off and ideal for prom night extravaganza.

Apply serum on dry hair and then take an appropriately sized section of locks. Roll the lower one-third part of the fragmented division over a curler. Then take another appropriately sized section and enfold lower one second part of locks over curler. Continue with alternate one second or one-third portion of all the sections until all locks are done. Don’t forget to apply hairspray, simple yet gorgeous isn’t it?

6. Wrapped Up Half Up Hairdo

Wrapped Up Half Up Hairdo
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This prom hairstyle is classic yet tempting, the half up hairdo features, leaves front hair wide across the forehead, and backcombs hair at the back of the head to make a bump.

Backcomb the hair from the top area sideways. Now secure all the backcombed hairs with bobby pin and hairspray them. Curl remaining hair by using a curling iron and put them down at the back. Set your hair with a finishing hairspray and apply any product for maximum shine. Gently thick and textured long hairs are ideal, adapted to this style.

5. Side Swept Braids

Side Swept Braids
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Simple side swept braids are captivating and a prominent hairdo, they work best for girls that have blonde hair and at the same time does not diminish or overpower the facial features. It makes the face seems to be less cheeky and more formal with less makeup.

This hairdo is perfect for girls with a round to oval faces. To set up create a deep side section. Start making a French braid moving from the lighter part forwards. Don’t complete the braid but finish it two inches after the hairline on the opposite side. Tie with a band. Curl all the freely hanging locks.

Use pins to secure the hair around the hairline with the hair hanging out from the braid.

4. Wavy Locks

Wavy Locks
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You must have remembered Goldie locks, but these are wavy locks. Girls especially having curly or wavy long hair can easily mold this into the said kind of hairstyle. For them getting this floating layered look is easy to attain.

The hairstyle is specifically for round face shapes; you must try this hairstyle if you have a short neck or a very prominent forehead to add volume and a bolder appearance.

To start this hairstyle, wash your hair first, and then apply mousse thoroughly in all hair. Make sure that all waves are regular not very rough. Then let it dry. Do not blow dry. In the end finger, comb tousles and waves.

3. Chignon Bun

Chignon Bun
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If you have seen the traditional Japanese women, along with their dress they tend to choose to make the chignon Bun. Basically a neat ball of hair made with perfection, one of the most cute prom hairstyles for.

This hairstyle is new and gaining popularity among girls recently and is definitely one of the cuter prom hairstyles out there. This style is best for all shape of faces and hair types, it’s sort of exotic yet informal but will not let you down.

You can easily create this hairstyle, just by pinning hair into a firm knot, similar to a bun at the nape of the neck. To have a maximum shine, apply a finishing spray.

2. Delicately Pinned Half Up-do

Delicately Pinned Half Up-do
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If you though simplicity is everything, take a look at this. Even though people consider this hairstyle to be outdated, it definitely needs to be in the list for its shear magnificence and beauty. Even though sort of difficult to make, they are still made by the daring and bold. Looking like one the queens from ancient Roman Empire.

The hairstyle provides an ideal blend between classic and exquisiteness. The hair can be styled only with hair that is hydrated and free of frizzes, working well for all type of faces. It fits near to perfect o those who have oval shaped faces. Don’t try to create too much volume on top as you might lose the shape.

1. Tousled Up-do

Tousled Up-do
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If you want prom updos with fun and elegance within a short concise hairstyle, this might just do the trick to feed your needs. This is an incredible blend of a low messy bun and glorious silky-smooth reddish brown hair.

Easy and elegant among all other prom hairstyles, particularly for long hairs. This requires extra care and preparation. It makes your hair look healthier and make your eyes look more prominent.

Once the hair strands are dry, roll up your hairs by using a roller or curling iron. Roughly brush your hair and make a messy low bun on the nape of the neck, must try if you have a heart or square shaped face and Voila!

Prom Makeup Ideas

Its prom around a couple of days later, the hairstyle’s decided, the matching dress decided, shoes to go along decided, accessories decided, cute makeup not even thought of yet! OMG now that’s a worry. If you thought selecting the best dress was hard, wait till you select the best prom makeup. No matter, that’s why we are here to help you with ideas that’ll go best along with your current facial characteristics.

Doesn’t matter what your dimensions are, we have some of the best makeup for prom ideas for every person. Let’s begin with you, Shall we?

4. Blue Eyes Makeup

Blue Eyes Makeup

If you are looking for something simple, yet attention grabbing than this blue eye makeup is the right choice for you.

Soft Pink and white eyeliner on your inner eyelid will look pretty and dazzling, moreover simply add fake eyelashes to give your eyes the volume and prominence.

The purplish-blue color is a flattering color for blue eyes, simply apply purple shades and blend some white in it.

To make your eyes look more prominent, apply gold on the inner corner and keep the outer corners Smokey, for that mysterious effect. Additionally, bronze shades are great for blue eyes as they balance the cool color tones.

To have a bolder appeal, try turquoise liner and keep the eye shadow minimal, the last thing you want is over doing it.

3. Green Eyes Makeup

Green Eyes Makeup

If you have a dress that hints tints of green in it, then a contrasting green eye makeup is the way to go, as the silver eye shadow will go along nicely with the green eyes.

For starters, begin with the silver Smokey eyes by creating Smokey outer edges and then blending silver shade on the eye lid. For the inner corners, use the white shade.

Blend all colors nicely and to finish off, apply liner and mascara to give it a stunning outlook.

2. Brown Eyes Makeup

Brown Eyes Makeup

Who says brown eyes are boring. Do you know? They are one of the most versatile colors to have endless variations on. Brown eyes are deep and along with their mysteriousness are very gorgeous when combined with the right combinations.

Following are some prom makeup ideas for brown eyes.

  • Metallic tones
    • Try metallic tones of eye shades like gold, brown and bronze.
  • Neutral colors
    • Peaches and Taupe’s and even brown all go perfectly and look fantastic on brown eyes.
  • White eye liner
    • White eye-liner will incredibly highlight your eyes as much, it’s an important makeup trick that mostly don’t use.
  • Shimmery eyes
    • Ideal makeup trick to make your eyes pop like a star, is to add shimmer matching with eye shadow color.
  • Deep plum eye-liner
    • Purple color goes beautifully with brown eyes, to see a huge difference switch your black or brown eye-liner with a plum, as it will make your eyes look more prominent.
  • Champagne tones
    • Champagne color eye-liner is best for brown eyes, as it is tamer than stark-white.

1. Makeup Tips for Lips

Makeup Tips for Lips

  • Red Lips
    • If you like to be seductive and bold  and are not afraid going with deep red then keep your eye makeup smooth and light. Don’t go for bold colors as you want your lips to be the most prominent feature of your face.
  • Nude Lips
    • If you like heavy eye shades and eye-shadows then go for nude lips; nude lips help to get your hotness outside to the world.
  • Sharp Pink Lips
    • If you like to be the center of attraction and want the photographer following you, then use sharp pink lipstick and apply light pink color on the eyes for a truly glamorous look.
  • Rose Lips
    • Dusty rose lips elevate a girl’s gorgeousness to the next level. To add some personal stylishness to this chic look, try pairing your rose lipstick with a bold red, royal green or a royal blue dress.

What makeup to use with Prom Dress

Now that you have selected your hairstyle, and complemented it by knowing about some helpful tips about cute makeup ideas for the eyes and face.

Let’s finish it off by paring the best make up ideas with your corresponding dress choice. Now I am not forcing you to use these, as a girl has every right to choose what best suits her. She is the star show and knows herself the best.

5. Red Prom Dress

Red Prom Dress

Searching makeup that goes ideally with your red dress? Then try the following red dress makeup tips to get the red carpet treatment on your big night.

  • Match your dress according to your skin tone not with hair color, where contrasting works sometimes, not every time.
  • Highlight either the lips or eyes not both of them.
  • Apply light foundation for a smooth base to apply makeup.
  • Use a good concealer, if you wish to hide blemishes and acne spots.
  • Select a light red lipstick.
  • Use neutral eye makeup.
  • Use black or brown eye-liner.
  • Apply two coats of mascara.
  • Don’t forget to comb your brows, add more definition to your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil
  • Don’t match lipstick color and nail paint, as the matchy-match look is outdated. Try picking pink or any other nude color.
  • Don’t match your blush with your dress.

4. Black Prom Dress

Black Prom Dress

  • You can try something Smokey, Smokey green or steel gray eyes mentioned earlier in the article.
  • Go for dramatic lips, red lips give bold impact, flash pink is coral.
  • Gold color is in season nowadays, champagne color will look stunning with nude lips and light bronze blush to highlight your cheekbone well.
  • Try winged liner.
  • If you want something funky, then go for silver eyeliner.
  • You can also try red lipstick with a more naturally toned - neutral eye makeup.

3. Pink Prom Dress

Pink Prom Dress

    • Stay away from Smokey eyes and heavy eye makeup. Something light and natural will perfectly complement the lightness of the pink color and truly bring out the elegance in you.
    • With light eye makeup try bright pink lipstick.
    • You can use neutral or beige eye shadow as pleased.
    • Try winged liner.

2. Purple Prom Dress

Purple Prom Dress

    • Considering the color is dark, go for a Smokey look with nude lips.
    • Lavender or Silver eyes, try pairing purple color with silver eyes.
    • Lipstick color should be light if you are trying heavy eye makeup to give a more balance and approachable appearance.

1. Blue Prom Dress

Blue Prom Dress

  • Never go for full-on matching with the color blue, looks tacky specially if done way too much.
  • If you are wearing a full blue dress or blue top, just add a little bit of blue color in your makeup, like liner or blue eye shadow lighter or darker shade than your dress.
  • Eyeshade combinations can be pink/navy blue, silver/navy blue, lime green/turquoise or dark green/turquoise.
  • With navy blue eyeliner, use pinkish blush on and peach/brownish pink or brown lipstick.
  • With gray eyeliner or eye-shadow, try pink lipstick and pink blush on cheeks.
  • With green eyeliner, keep nude lips and warm pinkish blush on cheeks.
  • If you are doing navy blue eye makeup then use nude lip color and go for bronzed cheeks.

Going to the prom is a big occasion for most girls, signifying the ending of the term or your high school. Looking good is what every girl deserves to be; nothing short of a princess glittering with her eternal glow. Do share with us your opinions and suggestion regarding what you read.

Cute Prom Makeup, Updos & Hairstyles Ideas
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