Cute Prom Makeup, Updos & Hairstyles Ideas of 2017

Prom Makeup Ideas

Its prom around a couple of days later, the hairstyle’s decided, the matching dress decided, shoes to go along decided, accessories decided, cute makeup not even thought of yet! OMG now that’s a worry. If you thought selecting the best dress was hard, wait till you select the best prom makeup. No matter, that’s why we are here to help you with ideas that’ll go best along with your current facial characteristics.

Doesn’t matter what your dimensions are, we have some of the best makeup for prom ideas for every person. Let’s begin with you, Shall we?

4. Blue Eyes Makeup

Blue Eyes Makeup

If you are looking for something simple, yet attention grabbing than this blue eye makeup is the right choice for you.

Soft Pink and white eyeliner on your inner eyelid will look pretty and dazzling, moreover simply add fake eyelashes to give your eyes the volume and prominence.

The purplish-blue color is a flattering color for blue eyes, simply apply purple shades and blend some white in it.

To make your eyes look more prominent, apply gold on the inner corner and keep the outer corners Smokey, for that mysterious effect. Additionally, bronze shades are great for blue eyes as they balance the cool color tones.

To have a bolder appeal, try turquoise liner and keep the eye shadow minimal, the last thing you want is over doing it.

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