Cute Prom Makeup, Updos & Hairstyles Ideas of 2017

What makeup to use with Prom Dress

Now that you have selected your hairstyle, and complemented it by knowing about some helpful tips about cute makeup ideas for the eyes and face.

Let’s finish it off by paring the best make up ideas with your corresponding dress choice. Now I am not forcing you to use these, as a girl has every right to choose what best suits her. She is the star show and knows herself the best.

5. Red Prom Dress

Red Prom Dress

Searching makeup that goes ideally with your red dress? Then try the following red dress makeup tips to get the red carpet treatment on your big night.

      • Match your dress according to your skin tone not with hair color, where contrasting works sometimes, not every time.
      • Highlight either the lips or eyes not both of them.
      • Apply light foundation for a smooth base to apply makeup.
      • Use a good concealer, if you wish to hide blemishes and acne spots.
      • Select a light red lipstick.
      • Use neutral eye makeup.
      • Use black or brown eye-liner.
      • Apply two coats of mascara.
      • Don’t forget to comb your brows, add more definition to your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil
      • Don’t match lipstick color and nail paint, as the matchy-match look is outdated. Try picking pink or any other nude color.
      • Don’t match your blush with your dress.

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