Cute Homecoming Hairstyles For Long & Short Hair

Everyone wants to look gorgeous, picturesque and graceful on an occasion like homecoming which raises the competition bar and you should be ahead on this.

Along with shoes, dress, jewelry and makeup, hairstyles are equally important to leave exquisite impression upon beholder. No doubt, all these five things (shoes, dress, hairstyle, jewelry and makeup) should be compatible in order to beat your competition.

So, in this article, I have chosen top 24 homecoming hairstyles for long, short, curly and straight hair which are easy, quick and comfortable to make. Apply any of these hairstyles and go to homecoming with stunning confidence.

Here Is The List Of 24 Homecoming Hairstyles Trending Now & You Are Not Yet Aware Of.

24. The Vintage Classic Ponytail

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Elegant Ponytail will never get out of fashion; you can easily create on your hair. This hairstyle is best among homecoming hair ideas for all kind of face shapes and perfect for all girls with short to long hair.

  • Make two to three sections and curl all of your hair with long barrel iron.
  • With a soft bristle brush smooth over your all curls. To have flowing waves.
  • Gather all your locks to one side and grab them tightly with an elastic band.
  • Take a lock of hair from the underside of the ponytail. Wrap this section of hair all over the elastic band and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Finish it with a thin coat of hairspray.

Tip: It pairs dreamily with a backless outfit.

23. Long Flirty Curls

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While you are searching for cute homecoming hair ideas for long hair, on homecoming, then cascading locks will make the flawless look. Kriss Kross in back makes a flirtatiously trendy hairstyle that can be done at home easily. This homecoming hairstyle works prettily with all face shapes and hair types.

  • Curl simply the mid to ends part of hair through a barrel iron.
  • After letting every section of hair cool down, casually run your fingers through all sections, to have an extra tousled touch.
  • Separate front part of your hair from behind ear on each side.
  • Take one front piece of hair towards the back and cross it over to the other side of hair and secure it with a bobby
  • Take front remaining hair section to back, to hide first bobby pin with hairs and to hide second bobby pin tuck under cascading curls.

22. Braided Hair Band

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For low maintenance girls, this look stands out perfectly. Braids are always in style and works fabulously with any length and hair type.

  • Create a braid by taking three strands of hair from just behind your ear and close to your hairline. Go for simple braid but you can be creative. Tie with an elastic band and keep it tight and nice for the whole
  • Tweak your braid over the crown part of your head and also to the other side.

Tip: try this hairstyle with a strapless dress!

21. Two Ways – Bouncy Side Style

Two ways – Bouncy Side Style
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  • Curl your hair with any size of the iron, depends on what look you want.
  • Decide where you want your style to be. A higher setting can create a fun style; an edgier and low sweep is very romantic.
  • Brush away hair from your face and from the side, depends on choice.
  • Start near the nape of your neck, just twist and pin sections by moving upward until all tresses finish securely in place.

Tip: add embroidered pins, flowers or other hair accessories. You can easily hide peeking out bobby pins in this way.

20. Elegant French Twist

Elegant French Twist

This stunning hairstyle is perfectly polished. Girls with short hair can achieve a proper and formal look by this hairstyle too. This hairstyle suits on a slim face and it can be created on any hair type.

  • Apply serum.
  • Blow dry your hair and keep direction backward.
  • Do light back-coming on top section of head (until your desired height)
  • Now smooth all the sides and top with a soft bristle brush.
  • Grab tightly all of your hair and start turning and tucking your twists and secure them with bobby pins.
  • To have more volume with the help of tail comb, you can pop up any section.

19. Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun

This popular ballerina bun isn’t only for inside the ballet studio. It makes a flawless homecoming dance hair up-do. Additionally, you can decide to wear it low on your neck or high on your head.

  • Apply serum
  • Gather all your hair into a ponytail. Leave one small section of hair to create pin curls afterward.
  • Take a hair donut and start wrapping ends of your ponytail strands around the device and roll it up.
  • Once you make a bun shape, pin it and smooth it into place. Any loose ends or flyaway can be tucked into the bottom of the doughnut.
  • Twist nicely remaining tiny pieces of hair into curls, use hair pins to hold them in place.
  • Finish with a coat of hairspray.

18. The Sensational Bob

The Sensational Bob

This stunning hairstyle is the best example that a proper formal look can be well created on short hair. This hairstyle perfectly suits on girls with slim face shape.

  • Blow dry your hair first
  • With a paddle brush smooth your hair
  • Only curl handful of sections with iron, keeping top and crown section in mind
  • After releasing iron, grip each section in palm until they are cooled just to ensure a tight spiral
  • Lift up and pin every section
  • Finish with a strong coat of hair spray.

17. Simple Sleek Bun

Simple Sleek Bun

A top crown knot looks hot and keeps hair off from your neck whole night. Put a strong hairspray onto your hair brush and gather all your hair into a high pony. Leave your front hair bangs free. Then just twist ponytail into a bun and tightly pin in place.

16. Boho Halo Braid

Boho Halo Braid

This flirty hairstyle will stay all night long. Starting from each side of your head part, French braid your hair back in the direction of the nape of your neck. Then just crisscross the ends and tightly pin in place.

15. Half Up ‘do

Half up ‘do

Sizzling look without the heat, spray onto strands and let your hair dry to have messy waves. Then lift up hair at the top with a comb before pinning it back with a few bobby pins.

14. Sweet Fishtail Braid

Sweet Fishtail Braid

Side braids are easy and trendy. Use mousse to give hair volume and after that pull hair over your shoulder and divide into two sections. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one side and then pull it over to the other side. Repeat back and forward for an ultra-femme, and complete look.

13. Low Chignon Hairstyle

Low Chignon Hairstyle

You will look instantly classy when you create a deep side part, smoothly and neatly, gather all your hair into a twisted bun behind one ear.

12. Front Up Hairstyle

Front Up Hairstyle

You can still look cute by keeping hair away from your face. Simply pin front layers back, over the top of the head. Use hairspray to keep it smooth.

11. Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Pixie Cut Hairstyle

This cut is appropriate for homecoming, funky enough to make you look and feel like the same young girl at the college. Pixie hair cut to come in various styles and shapes, the accurate selection is elementary. It looks great on pointy chins and angled face.

10. Knotted Bun

Knotted Bun

Knotted bun hairstyle is the straight hair specialty, mostly for short hair. Appropriate for homecoming formal dinners. You can make this hairstyle in just ten minutes.

This hairstyle suits on every shape of the face, but particularly looks best on oval shaped faces. You can balance for a round face by placing the bun higher than usual.

9. A Line Bob Hairstyle

A Line Bob Hairstyle

A line bob is a perfect choice among all the cute homecoming hair styles, particularly for short hair. It is classy and sleek. Hairstyle experts totally love this style. Simply wash your hair and use a straightener, to have an ideal straight length.

To ensure flawlessness in hair, it is recommended to have trimming also. The incredible hairstyle frames the face. It is easy to prepare and can set the hair with no time, to waste on braiding.

8. Braided Bob Hairstyle

Braided Bob Hairstyle

It’s a simple bob but with the addition of braids. If you are looking for decent yet homecoming hairstyles for short hair, this braided bob should be on your list.

Sweep the braids backward to some extent to keep them at an angle from the rest of the hair. This style looks different on straight and curly hair. So the choice is yours, to decide which type will suit you the most. It is recommended to stick to the natural shape of the hair.

7. Bouffant Hairstyle For Short Hair

Bouffant Hairstyle For Short Hair

Bouffant hairstyle, when created on short hair can sweep you off at your feet. All the volume is at the top of the head. If you are looking for homecoming hairstyles for short hair and you want professional and mature look then this should be a priority.

It suits on all kinds of shapes of faces and hair and will go with all events.

Learn and practice this hairstyle, and this one single skill can help you through all the different kinds of occasions.

Bouffants are mostly breathtaking on silky straight hair. Don’t forget to hide the bobby pins when you tuck the knot in the back.

6. Flower Braids Half Updo

Flower Braids Half Updo

Braids are a perfect way to include lasting touch into homecoming hairstyles. All love this graceful romantic flower braid half up do. If you are wearing a simple outfit, make loose waves in hair and pin half up. Finish with a hairspray for an all night hold.

5. Simple Knotted Half Updo For Long Hair

Simple Knotted Half Updo For Long Hair

Knotted half up do is one of the best and easy homecoming hairstyles for long hair. Keep your hair in natural texture, straight or curly as you like, and take one to two-inch front hair sections to the back to make the knot.

Tip: Apply an essential oil into ends to add shine and smoothness.

4. Semi Collected Waves Hairstyle

Semi Collected Waves Hairstyle

Complement your flirty and fun personality with this hairstyle. Section your hair into two parts, top and bottom and make bouncy waves with a curler on the bottom section, softly pulling at the ends to rest your hair as it cools.

Pull the top section of hair and make a French braid of it, starting from the front center and continue to back until all hair has been included into the braid; then fold the ends and pin tightly and nicely. Finish with a coat of hairspray.

3. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids have a romantic sensational look. Whether you include all your hair or just make it on half side choice is yours. This easy to create homecoming hairstyle braid is popular. If your outfit is classic and simple, give your hair texture with flat iron locks and put on the style down.

2. Side Ponytail With Thin Braid

Side Ponytail With Thin Braid

This side pony includes delicate texture and thin braids. Make curls in hair with a flat iron or big barrel curling iron, and bring hair to one side. Take a small section of hair from either side of your head and make two tight three strands braid.

Assemble all hair near your collarbone, next wrap the braid around curls; they will act as a decoration and will hold the side pony. Leave few inches of ponytail out, in the end, tie with an elastic band and wrap braid in order to hide the elastic.

1. High Pony Tail

High Pony Tail

In view of how simple it is, a high ponytail looks incredibly stunning and only takes a few seconds to tie. Keep it silky by smoothing hair around the crown with a brush, and then finish with a little coat of hairspray. Best for any type of hair and face shape can make a high ponytail.

Hope you get gorgeous hairstyle ideas with these easy and quick inspirational stylish updos, down dos, worthy and effortless ideas for short and long hair. And now be a showstopper by without wasting dollars on beauty salons!

If you have any cool idea of hairstyles for this event, please do not hesitate to comment below.

Cute Homecoming Hairstyles For Long & Short Hair
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