Secret Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

As body differ, eyes also differ and come in different sizes and shapes and one of them is a hooded eye.These eyes are also called “Bedroom Eyes” because sometimes, eyelids relatively seemed to be close and heavy. Many people born with hooded eyes and many acquire as a result of lid dropping with age. Having hooded eyes does not mean that you are ugly; many gorgeous women including world’s stunning celebs have hooded eyes.

So,if you have hooded eyes, you don’t need to be ashamed of. There are several ways to enhance the appearance of your eyes and to look gorgeous. But the problem is to learn and use of makeup tips for hooded eyes to make them look more awake and wider. Here I have got the tips of eye makeup for hooded eyes that I promise you, can make your eyes stand out beautifully.

Just follow this survival guide for hooded eye makeup that will surely help you out to make your hooded eyes pop.

Here Is The List Of 11 Best Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes You May Try.

11. Embrace Smudge Proof Mascara and Eyeliner

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All hooded eyed people know too well the main issue of smudged eye makeup. When you apply several coats of mascara and draw artful swoosh and finally get your eyeliner on, it just transferred under your eyebrows with just one blink and you just end up with black smears all over the brow bone.

And if your skin is oily or gets sweaty, this is a big problem for you ladies. Stop this annoying struggle of smudged eye make by using high quality and tear-proof formulas that do not budge.

Smudge- proof makeup and quick drying formulas can be better and easy to clean up mistakes without making your eyes smeary.


10. Be Trendy by Curling Your Lashes

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To add up a trendy look, put emphasis on your lashes and give them a curl by gently squeezing them. This is another great way to enhance the look of your hooded eyes by making them alive and bigger than they are in reality.

Curl your lashes by using a good quality curler before applying mascara and it will be an amazing hooded eyes makeup. It will give a lift to the hidden eyes and will help to make you look stunning in seconds.

9. Choose Right Kind of Fake Eyelashes

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Mascara is a great start and it helps to enhance your hooded eyelids. But if you are fond of fake eyelashes, then choose the right one. Sometimes, finding the suitable fake eyelashes for hooded eyes is not easy but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

The problem is when you put fake long eyelashes, they reaches the eyebrows and make your entire face look weird. In this situation, you can trim fake eyelashes according to your face shape so they do not look strange and artificial. You can apply fake lashes from the centre of the eye to the outer edge. This will give your eyes a wider and rounder look. For evening handouts, no doubt, they are the best companions.


8. Groom and Pluck Your Eyebrows to Brighten Face Outline

Groom and Pluck Your Eyebrows to Brighten Face Outline
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Groom your eyebrows according to your face outline. Pluck them and make sure that you have sculpted them according to the face shape. But don’t over pluck your browsand frame your eye shape by accentuating the brow line.It will widen your eye area and help to maximize the space to apply makeup and will definitely impart attractive look to your face.

Thicker groomed brows will generate more youthful look to the eye area and trust me girls, your whole face will brighten up. You can also use an eyebrow pencil to define them and to accentuate the appearance of hooded eyelids. But remember; don’t try to alter the natural starting point of your eyebrows. It can give a strange appearance. For the striking appeal, keep your brows simple and groomed and try to avoid undone and sparse brows.

7. Avoid Exhaustion and Sleepy Look

Avoid Exhaustion and Sleepy Look
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Hooded eyes often make you look tired and sleepy, even if you are getting your sleep well. To avoid drowsy look, use eyeliner on the bottom eyelid that can give a strong look to your puffy eyes.

Avoid such makeup that can make your eyes puffy. Right makeup applications help to look your eyes bolder and brighter. Wet looking eye makeup looks wrong on hooded eyes. You can also brighten your eye space by using concealers on inner corners of eyes. Just practice various makeup techniques before applying it actually.


6. Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes
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There are many techniques for applying eyeliner on hooded eyes. And it is a very required tool for such type of eyes. It can be frustrating for hooded eyed people to apply eyeliner weather it is pencil or liquid eyeliner. When you are going to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eyes, just make sure that when you open your eyes, it is not covered in the hood.

For this, get a well-shaped eyeliner brush and preferably black liquid eyeliner. Make a straight line and extend the liner out instead of making a curve upward at the outer corners of your eyes. You should draw a wing very carefully to avoid any kind of mess. It should not pass beyond the natural crease of your hooded eyes because winging your liner straight upward can spoil its shape.

According to your eye shape, you can experiment various other unique eye makeup applications, but you have to be little creative with it. You can draw V shaped wing on the outer corner of eyes by applying eyeliner on the lower part of the wing. It will create impression of upward wing. It’s up to you weather you make curved flicks by making it triangle. Options are endless.

Secret Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes
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5. Add Some Dimension by Lining Your Lower Eyelids

Add Some Dimension by Lining Your Lower Eyelids

Don’t forget to pay attention to your lower eyelids. In order to give some dimension to your eyes, draw a line on your lower lid and add some shadow as well. You can apply a little bit of mascara to make your eyes stand out. This makeup tip give you look that you want and will help to make your eyes prominent.

4. How to Apply Eye Shadow for Hooded Eyes

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Hooded Eyes

Applying eye shadow for hooded eyes is a difficult task. Folded skin can hide all the features of eyes and prevent to look them prominent. You have to pay focus on the outside folded skin and you have to be creative with it.

Use preferably dark shades at the outer ends and light shades on the inner eye side. Blend them well around the center to give your eyes cheery and bright look. If you are working with different dimensions of eye shadows, make sure that you are going to blend them well to look beautiful.

3. Work on Your Natural Crease

Work on Your Natural Crease

To define your hooded eyes and to avoid the droopiness appearance, it is important to work on the natural crease. Whenever you open your eyes after applying ton of eye shadow, it disappears. That’s a common issue that hooded eyed people face.

To fix this, use a brush of good quality and consider extending the shadow to just above your eyelid’s crease. This impact will give your eyes an open look and make them larger in appearance.

2. Highlight Your Brow Line

Highlight Your Brow Line

You can use the technique of highlighting to emphasize your eye area. Use the small amount of white eye shadow to highlight the outer corners of your brows. It will give awaken look and help to create separation between brow line and eyelids.

1. Try New Shades

Try New Shades

If you are feeling that your eye makeup is not standing out, it’s time to experience new shades. When you have some spare time, try bold colors and you can also try colored mascara and eyeliner to create a dramatic look. Use different textures of eye shadows that can make your eyes bright instead of making them dull.

Apply makeup on hooded eyes is not an easy task. Don’t ever think that hooded eyes are not attractive and beautiful. These eyes are distinctive with their own special features. The need is to properly work with them and bring out beauty in them. These are all the makeup techniques for hooded eyes that will surely increase the charisma in your personality.

So ladies, just learn to work with these eyes to make them glittery. If you know some other makeup tips for such type of eyes, do share in the comment box.