Unbelievable Facts About The Human Body

85 Unusual & Unbelievable Facts About The Human Body

Blue Eyes Facts

Blue Eyes Facts
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Blue eyes are genetically recessive and thus are not very common and most desirable. If you have blue eyes, you should think of yourself lucky. Blue-eyed people attract others and are romantic. So, keep reading to find out interesting traits and facts about people with blue eyes.

  • Blue eyed people facts include that they have common ancestors according to the recent research.
  • People with blue eyes have a higher alcohol acceptance.
  • Blue eyed people tend to live longer and fall in love really fast.
  • One of the interesting blue eyes facts that they tend to be more sensitive to light than dark colored eyes.
  • People having blue eyes are extremely passionate and attractive.
  • These people love to enjoy life and are outgoing and do things that make them happy regardless of what other people think of them.
  • They are very kind hearted and find good in people and make new friends.
  • Blue eyed can see well in the dark.
  • About 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes.
  • These people are calm and hardly expose their true feelings to others.
Unbelievable Facts About The Human Body
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