Best Apartment Dogs That Fit Your Life

10 Best Apartment Dogs

Looking for a friend and that a reliable oneLooking for a friend and that a reliable one? Who can stay with you, for as long as life is there and won’t ever leave you? Well! It can’t be anybody but A Dog, you bet!

As they say loyalty comes with a dog and why shouldn’t? A Dog is all you need in your cribs with you, to stay accompanied, entertained and active at the weekends and surely the weekdays too.

Well here is a list of Top 10 lazy dogs ( best apartment dogs ) yet cutie, poochie-poo dogs you can have at your small home or apartment , with your children all good and safe!

10. Bolognese!

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This little cute Italian breed will win you over and over each day, not only it is a pleasure to watch this tiny little heart walk around the apartment but to be lazy in your lap, cuddling like your all that it needs to stay alive, if this is not love, What is?

Facts: Max weight it can gain is only 9-10 pounds with the size only 12 inches with almost an equal life span of 12-13 years. This companion Dog loves to be on his family’s side and enjoys being around them the most. This lazy dog for apartment is not too expensive and very clean!

9. Pekingese

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This cute little lazy and calm dog is also known as a Lion Dog! Now that’s what I call a hero, size does not always matter people, leave them alone!

Pekingese will entertain you to your cores by its lifestyle, you heard me! This inefficient cutie will leave you wondering if it’s walking or if it’s just a waddling back and forth like a floor sweeper. Just the finest combination for the apartment, Deal!

Facts: Max weight 14 pounds, height of only 9 inches and life span of 14 years. This dog is a Breed of China and resembles the Chinese guardian The Lion. This dog is good natured but it can show some stubbornness at times too! Well why would it not if you ask him to walk with you?


8. Chow Chow

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No! That’s not a pasta recipe, Gee!! We are talking about the calm & lazy kingdom here.

Chow Chow is one cute competitor. This baby is serene and totally adaptable. Needs not much exercise but requires entertainment and it will love you to bits!

Facts: With max weight of 70 pounds and height 20 inches reports a life of 10 years. Chow Chow is very protective, intelligent and honest.


7. Chinese Crested

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Are you social, have a lot of friends and looking for a dog that does not bother but entertains the crowd? This sugar coated natured breed, is all you need! Chinese Crested is open hearted, social animal who has a very energetic attitude towards strangers. Well! Don’t tell my mom that, my job still doesn’t cover my expenses!

Facts: Chinese Crested has a good weight of 12 pounds, 13 inches of height with 14 years of life. It comes in many colors and hardly catches any illness. It’s affordable and very easy to keep.


6. Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher
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Can’t say the name, well keywords Min Pin! This handsome is very handy and just the right dog for your small homes or the apartments. It doesn’t require much space with a plus point that it take hardly any time to sit in your or your friends lap. Way to go girls you got a friend who will love that back massage!

Facts: Max weight 10 pounds, height 13 inches with the life span of 13 years this dog can cost around 500 dollars when adopting. With a friendly attitude Min Pin is equally alert. Yeah! If your baby is crying in the hall, Min Pin will let you know and save the day.

Best Apartment Dogs That Fit Your Life
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  1. Harry Reply

    ” Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

    Very interesting info about the beautiful lazy dogs. They are all so cute and adorable.

    P.S. I want Balognese 😍

5. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Do you have kids at your small apartment? Are you a concerned parent and looking for a dog? Well, the search is over. With all the concerns, this Bichon Frise is all in one for you. This cutie is wonderful with kids, shows occasional bursts of energy but most of the time it’s a lap dog. You can ribbon this cutie and add more beauty to your family!

Facts: With average weigh of 16 pounds, height 12 inches and life roll of 14 years is a purebred for affection. Bichon Frise needs exercise regularly to stay healthy.

4. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

This large dog from France has qualities that have made him one of the good dogs for apartments.

They are loving and warm with an alert and active lifestyle. Basset Hound is far of being on the couch yet your best friend for a morning run. It’s a ‘for Him dog!’ your girlfriend might not like him much but he will keep her safe too (wink).

Facts: Basset Hound differs in height and weight based on its gender. Average weight can be around 55-65 lbs and height about 12-15 inches. This dog participates well in hunting and tracking, calm and devoted, yet affectionate dog needs regular exercise to stay healthy.

3. Pug


Many dog lovers are mad about Pug’s all credit goes to this flat face and those sparkling eyes, yeah baby! To this cuteness and size which makes it just the right dog for small apartments, with a drawback of that small nose that can cause breathing problems, especially if your living in warm areas.

Pug’s size, friendly attitude and the fact that they cannot be overly active makes him just the perfect choice for small apartments.

Facts: Pub has almost the life span of 14 years, weight 18 pounds and height 11 inches this dog is totally safe and affordable. Easy to feed and train!

2. French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Frenchies, A darling who will never give you a tough time, not eating and trust me when I tell you, never sleeping!

One of the calm, laziest dog breeds and just the right dog for small apartments and homes, 2nd runner-ups award goes to the French Bulldog!

Facts: With 28 pounds and 13 inches of height, this darling will give you a loyal 10 years. They are very active watchdogs and very protective of their owners, well not that lazy, come on!

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

This is the king of lazy, calm dog breeds and just the right dog for small homes and apartments,

I welcome the Yorkshire Terrier! This most popular breed of America is cheerful, enthusiastic yet laziness is one of the traits that just won’t lose, EVER!

Facts: 6 pounds and 9 inches tall this beauty has a life span of 13 years. Commonly known as Lazy-Yorkie, has a lot of style and personality, if left alone for a long period develops anxiety and depression. Yeah! American, you got it …