How To Look Pretty Without Makeup

How to Look Pretty & Good Without Makeup

It’s true that women look beautiful in makeup, but they look even more pretty, beautiful, and gorgeous to men without makeup. Many think, women without makeup are down to earth, natural, approachable and seem more innocent. It may seem to be very astonishing for many in the presence of a variety of cosmetics.

However, it’s true that you can look pretty without any layers of makeup on.

Makeup is just used to make features prominent. Read on to enhance your natural beauty by adopting these easy and amazing suitable measures for your skin and for your personality.

Facials, outfits, accessories, makeup, etc. all are jumbled let us divide all into parts and discuss them step by step to have a clear idea about all aspects that needs to be focused in our busy life.

This Article is Divided into Following Parts:

Here Are 21 Foolproof Beauty Tricks On How To Look Pretty Without Makeup.

Extra Care of Skin

Many women want to change routine of applying makeup in the morning and wants a fresh face. So, for that one has to take extra care of their skin and make a habit of doing a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

9. Wash Your Face Twice a Day

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Taking care of skin is an important part for looking pretty without makeup. Spend your precious time and money to get an attractive skin. First of all according to your skin type find a facial wash or if you have no idea about your skin type then consult the best dermatologist near you. After getting a good facial wash, that best suited your skin, use it twice a day in the morning and before going to bed.

  • Although we wash face many times in a day but this is not advisable to use facial wash each time. Excessive use of face wash can make your skin dry and it will bring cracks on your face and will be painful.

8. Daily Moisturizing

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After face wash doesn’t forget to moisturize your skin, for that apply the best moisturizer preferably SPF in it and apply daily, just after a wash. Again choose a moisturizer according to your skin type.

If you have an oily skin, buy something non-oily and light, and if you have a sensitive skin then go for something moderate. If your skin is dry then go for enriched moisturizers with nourishing and soothing ingredients that include Aloe Vera and butter.

7. Exfoliation and scrubbing

Exfoliation and scrubbing
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Scrubbing removes dead skin cells from the skin will surely make your face radiant and fresh. It helps in giving a glow and healthy look to your skin. Search for exfoliation cleanser with perfect particles that you can use at least once in a week. For best results use it twice in a week.

Never scrub your face hard that will damage your skin, alternatively you can use a warm soaked washcloth on your face. Rub gently washcloth against your skin in circular motion. This is the best option for people those who have sensitive skin.

6. Toning

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Toner is a best skin product. It can do wonders if you want to improve the complexion of skin. It restores your skin pH balance naturally and it has many other benefits too, apple cider vinegar and yogurt can also be used as a good toner. Always go for toners that are nonalcoholic.

  • Basically, toners were made for oily skin that can help in absorbing oil and tighten all opened pores of the skin and for dry skin toners locks skin moisture and relax irritation.
  • According to your skin type toner can be used daily before moisturizing and after deep cleansing.

5. Properly Remove Makeup

Properly Remove Makeup
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We are focusing on How to be pretty without makeup? But you can’t get rid of it completely. So, whenever you apply makeup to keep in mind to remove it properly. Makeup that is left overnight can block pores and unfortunately, you will have pimples.

  • Do use some cleanser to remove makeup rather than your regular face washes, go for special eye makeup remover products for your precious eyes to clean off eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara.

4. Extra Care for Pimples

Extra Care for Pimples
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Women hate pimples, this is the biggest reason that they are afraid to go out without makeup. So if you adopt proper methods to get rid of pimples surely you can go out with full confidence.

Make some extra efforts to keep your skin clean always and make sure that your pores are not blocked with dirt or makeup. Use products that are specially manufactured for oily skin.

  • Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are very effective for clearing acne skin.
  • If upstate measures are not helpful then consult a skin specialist for acne treatment who can prescribe accordingly and even make a use of antibiotics or suitable oral medication.

3. Use of Sunscreen

Use of Sunscreen
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Never go out without sunscreen on, direct sun rays are harmful to your skin. Even its cloudy, rainy or snowfalls never forget to apply sunscreen. Sunburn will cause skin age impulsively and in extreme cases can lead to skin cancer.

  • Use SPF 30 or higher sunblock, or you can ask your skin specialist to suggest one for you.

2. Keep Hands Away from Face

Keep Hands Away from Face
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Many people have bad habits of the touching face and many does unconsciously and that seriously affects your skin. Rubbing nose, forehead or chin will add bacteria and oil on your skin. Rubbing face loosens skin and wrinkles.

If you wish to have a clear and good complexion, then stop touching your skin.

1. Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep
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You must take 8 hours of proper sleep to have a good clear skin and make a habit of drinking lots and lots of water. Proper sleep repairs your skin and you will be fresh without any dark circles under your eyes while water flushes toxins out of your body.


When you are making efforts for a perfect skin then you should be conscious for parts that God has given you

7. Careful About Eyebrows

Careful About Eyebrows

If you are searching for how to look good without makeup then you are required to pay attention to eyebrows. If the hair of eyebrows is over plucked or are thin then apply olive oil or coconut oil on eyebrows regularly to have thick eyebrows.

Once they are in full growth then give them a perfect shape according to your face or go for a beautician who can help you. Moreover, if they are light then drew with a pencil or you can try coloration to give eyebrows a natural look.

  • Castor oil can also be used for hair growth

6. Use of Eyelash Curler

Use of Eyelash Curler

Long and curly eyelashes give a feminine feel, but it’s not necessary to achieve such look by lashing mascara, so all you need is to get an eyelash curler. It is easy to use and painless.

  • By applying Vaseline on lashes, you can have thick and darker lashes.

5. Lip Massage

Lip Massage

Lips are the most prominent and seductive feature of the face. Every woman should pay extra attention to color and look. Seasonal variation effects lips, they get cracked or dry up thus lips require special attention if you want to be pretty without makeup.

Use moisturizer on lips; if you are going out apply sunscreen on them. Make a use of Chap Stick if they get dry or crack, to heal them up. Make a habit of lip massage before going to bed.

  • You can use honey and sugar on your lips, rub gently and wash after two minutes.

4. Hair Care

Hair Care

Hairs are an important part of your personality and enhance your look. Wash your hair properly and they should be clean always. Choose the best shampoo according to your hair texture and combine with a best hair conditioner.

Never use sharp hair colors on your hair. Use hair care products best match with your hair type and try to keep hair in good condition. Use hair masks, go for protein treatments and oil treatments for your hair.

Short, long medium bangs or layers whatever hair styles are, choose that suits you. It’s a tip for all that cut few layers on your hair, to have some volume and movement in the hair.

3. Make your Eyes Attractive and White

Make your Eyes Attractive and White

Redness-reducing eye drops can be used as a secret trick that can brighten your eyes and to give a healthy impression. These are easily available on all pharmacy stores and are an easy and quick way to improve your look. Simply use drops every morning for clarity and brightness.

  • Or simply you can wash your eyes by cold water in the morning.

2. Smile And be Your Favorite

Smile And be Your Favorite

A smile will eventually help you in feeling gorgeous and pretty, even if you haven’t put on any makeup. There is a famous quote that “Prettiest girl is the happiest girl”.

Always smile whenever you look yourself in the mirror, let a smile be your important accessory and smile to people with whom you have interaction you will notice a positive response from people. Love and accept yourself completely. Always love the way your appearance is with and without makeup.

1. Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

A smile brings wonders in your life so put some attention on a smile and dental hygiene. Always give your smile to others to let them know how much humble you are. So do give attention and care to your teeth, brush your teeth twice a day.

  • Floss your teeth daily, flossing removes food particles, bacteria, and plaque from teeth, just protect teeth from cavities.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue with a toothbrush and make a habit of using mouthwash.

Health and Fitness

3. Drink Water

Drink Plenty of Water

Water an important need of the human body. It improves the suppleness of skin and hydrates it. Before you start making your mind how to look pretty?

Make a chart of drinking water; drink at least 8 glass of water in a day.

  • As mobile apps are helping every person in many aspects you can even download water drinking reminder apps too on your cell phones that can remind you about drinking water.

Why everyone gives more stress and focus on drinking water a lot because it freshen your skin, hydrates and gives a dream glow. It also helps in removing toxins from your body.

2. Say No to Junk Food

Say No to Junk Food

“You are what you eat” if you are actually intent to know how to look pretty without makeup? Then change your eating habits and diet. Say no to junk foods and start eating healthy and good food, consult a doctor for this purpose if you have no idea about what to eat and when to eat and how much to eat. So to solve all these random questions consult a good doctor or search on the internet.

  • Skip sodas, fried stuff, fatty foods, carbohydrates, sugar and excessive use of oil. Start eating alternative foods like take green tea, eat less salty food, boiled stuff, fruits, fresh juices and must check that you are taking a proper proportion of proteins.

Befriend with water. Surely you will have a healthy skin and perfect body too.

1. Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

All above recommendations can be best in giving results if you properly start taking care of your body too for how to look prettier is tough, one has to put lots of effort.

Moreover, the daily workout can help in bringing you in a perfect body shape and through sweating all toxins will come out and naturally your skin will start breathing and ultimately you will have a glowy skin and dream rosy pink cheeks. Try to exercise or walk daily for 30 min minimum.

  • Do concentrate on your posture, you can easily do all this by walking, moving and sitting in a right posture and keep your head high.

Practice all in a home with proper discipline and good manners.

Perfect Personality

2. Look for Best Outfits

Look for Best Outfits

Make sure your whole wardrobe includes clothes that suit you well and are in perfect fitting. Your personality is incomplete without perfect dressing. One should also focus on outfits.

Never try different things that don’t suit you, there is a famous quote regarding dressing that eat what you like and wear what other likes on you. So be more conscious about dressing and what you carry.

  • There should be a variety in your wardrobe
  • There should be versatility in your clothes, which can work in all occasions, season, and outfits.
  • Your outfits should be a reflection of your personality.

1. Look for Cute Accessories

Look for Cute Accessories

No-No clothes alone are not enough. Go for cute matching or contrast accessories to bring a classy look in your personality. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, handbags, shoes etc. just show who you are. If you are a teenager, go for funky stuff and if you are in the twenties, you can mix all up and if you are above thirty, then you must buy decent stuff for yourself and be funky when you are on a weekend or at home.

Your focus on self-grooming, care about health and fitness, care for skin and personality development can bring a change and self-confidence in you and you can go out anytime anywhere without makeup.

If you also think it’s possible that how to be pretty without makeup. Just feel free to share your reviews, thoughts and beautiful easy tips in the comment area below.

Stay confident and beautiful !!!

How To Look Pretty Without Makeup
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