Awesome Cute Nail Designs Ideas

31 Awesome Cute Nail Designs

The urge of looking pretty has turned into an everlasting and intensifying fashion. Nowadays, beauty salons are overflowing, all the time, with women getting skin treatment, hair styling, and to everyone’s surprise now with awesome nail designs ideas. At the moment, they are spending dollars for these latest hair trends and skin care, as they know better that “nothing looks good with messy hair and bad skin.”


Nails are among those body parts, which serve as an adornment. Nails own a chief role in a women’s appearance. It became their utmost necessity to have elegant nails, as it makes their hands look all the more beautiful. The beautiful hands illustrate the sophistication of the personality being “a woman”.

Below is the list of 31 Awesome Cute Nail Designs You’ll Want To Copy Immediately, exclusively designed to complement your elegant look. The best thing is you don’t need any artificial nails for these cute nails designs.

31. Bow Nail Art

Nail Designs
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One of the unique, colorful and different nail designs is the Bow Nail. It is a perfect match for parties and can be done simply with polka dots and nail appliqués. This one is best for beginners to try at home.


30. Pearls Jelly Nails

simple nail designs
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Pearls Jelly nails is one of the popular nail designs and a creative cute nail idea. You can get it with a blend of shining pearls and nail paints. The simple nail paint is applied as a base and then mixed with glitters and gels.

29. Rainbow Caviar

cool nail designs
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One of the cute nail designs that are quite popular these days is the Rainbow Caviar. A very simple design in fact! All you need to do is to apply your favorite base color and then put bright colored dots over it to get a perfect candy look.

It will look so yummy that one may try to eat her fingers after getting it done.


28. Style Me Pretty

cute nail ideas
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Style Me Pretty features the awesome trendy black and white design. You can try some simple designs with polka dots and strips before moving towards the difficult nail designs. The black and white combination highlights different designs perfectly.

The Chinese Yin & Yan is also an artistic idea to show your love for peace. You can try different designs i.e. royal, zebra, flora or tribal etc. Different nail appliqués for cute black nails are also available in the market.

27. Panda Nails

pretty nail designs
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A terrific nail art for the lovers of panda! Panda Nail design is a very simple, cute and much easy to try at home. First paint the tip of your nail with a white semi-circle. Let it dry, and then put small dots of black nail paint for ears and nose with the help of hairpin or dotting tool.

Now add smaller dots of white color on the black ones as soon as they dry. Panda nail design is ready.


26. Dotting Manicure

cute acrylic nail designs
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Dotting Manicure can be marked as the simplest of all the nail ideas. First get a light shade as a base, and then put a bunch of dots of your favorite nail colors. It is similar to a colorful polka dotting, with a little modification.

Polka dots uses monochromatic conventional theme while in Dotting Manicure, you can apply different shades.

25. Soft Angel Nail

Soft Angel Nail
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Soft Angel nail design needs a fresh manicure in which the natural shape of your nails is maintained, plus they are neatly filed as it has more emphasizes on the neatness of the nails as well as the skin around them.

This is the kind of design that celebrities always like to have because it make them sophisticated and stylish. It is a perfect match for those funky kinds of girls who want to give a subtle look to their entire personality.

Awesome Cute Nail Designs Ideas
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24. Drip Nails

Drip Nails

It is one of another amazing, fun creating cute nail styles. The concept behind the idea is that you have to create the effect of dripping nail paint.

You can easily do it with the help of two different colors, and after that adding white dots on the dripping nail shades to create a 3D visual effect.

23. Mix Match Nails

Mix Match Nails

It is another quite trendy and creative idea for an awesome nail design. It is exactly what the name say Mix and Match. There are two ways to get a mix match; you can choose the one you like.

You can either go for a single base color and then adding polka dots or lines on the top, or you can try two or three contrasting colors with glitters, diamantes, and accessories.

22. Flowery Pattern Nails

Flowery Pattern Nails

Among all the other nail ideas, Flowery Pattern design has excelled in beauty and style. To get this design, you need to apply cal gel treatment on your nails. Afterward, you can draw a flowery pattern with your favorite color shades.

You can also give a shimmery touch to these flower patterns with glitters.

21. Cute Monster Filling

Cute Monster Filling

The monster filling let you use your imaginative ideas to doddle some aliens on your fingertips. There is only one thing you need to take care that is, the monsters should be facing downwards towards the ground, or otherwise they would spoil your whole idea.

20. Mustache Nails

Mustache Nails

It is one of the lovely, cool nail ideas to add tiny mustaches on the tips of the nails. As a beginner, you should use a stencil to get the accurate shape, but you can go freehand once you are experienced. The black mustache with neon base is going to be absolutely awesome.

19. Social Media Nails

Social Media Nails

You can go for your favorite social media logos on your nails. You can have a white base for all the logo designs. Try Facebook, Instagram or twitter!

It may seem nerdy to get social media on your fingertips while you are checking the social media at your fingertips. But trust me, you’ll love the nerdy chic after trying it.

18. Superhero Nails

Superhero Nails

It is a perfect match to show your crush at your favorite superhero. You can paint your favorite superhero; or if it isn’t easy for you to decide which one you should paint, then simply add all your favorite heroes in each nail to get a collective theme.

17. Comic-Inspired Nails

Comic-Inspired Nails

If you are a comic fan, then this chic comic art is definitely a rocking idea to go on with. The design features all sort of speech bubbles and polka dots, with a cool and rocking shades of white, pink, red and green. The main theme includes a base of polka dot with the speech bubbles on it.

16. Atlantis Nail

Atlantis Nail

Atlantis nail design features nail paint mixed with glitters in a pure base. It is a kind of pretty cool and unique design as the glitter mix shades include different shapes such as a hexagon, diamond, and some other irregular shapes in silver holographic, blue and magenta colors.

The brand is also available in the market easily. So why not give it a try!

15. Dressed Up Nails

Dressed Up Nails

One of the most widely used cute nail ideas nowadays is Dressed Up Nails. First get your favorite nail paint as a base, and then draw the lines in a sequential order. You can also sketch them horizontally, vertically, zigzag or parallel, for the vibrant look.

14. Dream Catcher Nails

Dream Catcher Nails

Another lovely design to try! Dream Catcher includes a white base decorated with different beautiful pictures and ornaments. You can catch your memories or have an abstract design, as you wish.

The white colors as a base are such an awesome idea, and the glitters enhanced the beauty of this elegance.

13. Neon Rainbow Nail Art

Neon Rainbow Nail Art

Neon Rainbow is actually an extension of the black series nail design. It is a very simple design, first coat the nails with black base and then put round dots of rainbow colors on the center and margin of the nails.

12. Heart Beat Nails

Heart Beat Nails

The heartbeat design is one of the extensively used design at a lot of places, such as an email signature, a tattoo or ring design, and now it is ready to be on your fingertips. Isn’t it sounding funny?

But you can use greyish black color to draw a pulsating heartbeat on four of your fingertips with the thumb be neutral. Get the red coat as a base to give it a realistic touch.

11. Sesame Street Nails

Sesame Street Nails

Cherish your childhood memories with your favorite Sesame Street characters. It is certainly a cute nail design. Elmo leads the board, followed by Kermit and go on this way.

You can have only one of your favorites or more; depends on your level of artistry and favoritism. Either way, it looks pretty cool.

10. Tuxedo Nails

Tuxedo Nails

Although, it is somewhat a manly idea, but you will certainly get some male fans after painting your nails with these fine Tuxedo Nail designs. You can amaze the man of your life with his favorite tuxedo design.

9. One Direction Nails

One Direction Nails

One Direction nail design is surely a cool idea for die-hard fans of One Direction. You can try a simple design for the first time and after that move on to different creative One Direction designs.

8. Cute Owl Nails

Cute Owl Nails

Now you can design the cute, cartoon owl on your nails. You can use green, blue, dirty brown and red for painting the owls. Be as crazy as you can because it has to be a cute nail design. You can use different nail designing tools or brushes available in the market to get a level of neatness.

7. Angry Bird Nails

Angry Bird Nails

Here comes cutest nail idea of Angry Birds for the angry fans. Get your nails coated with red nail paint, and then add a semicircle at your fingertips. Put two small white dots for the eyes, black angry eyebrows and a yellow nose. Don’t forget to seal your art by finishing it with a topcoat.

6. Garfield Nails

Garfield Nails

The chubby, self-loathing Garfield is a signature kitty in the comic world. Garfield is not only flabby but also loving and caring. Once you have Garfield, Oddy and their Master on your nails, you will instantly fall in love with yourself. So go wild and watch out for all your childhood favorites.

5. Kawaii Inspired Nails

Kawaii Inspired Nails

The Japanese origin Kawaii stands for “Cute” and as we are discussing cute nail designs then it is impossible to forget the Japanese Kawaii inspired nail design. Kawaii are the makers of world favorite Anime. You can put a lot of clouds, rainbows, and other cute characters to make it unique and lovely.

4. Back to School Nails

Back to School Nails

Another cool idea to cherish childhood memories with “Back to School” nail design. The idea is based on one of the most cursed partner throughout the school time, the pencil.

Get the bright yellow base and draw the bottom end of your pencil. Then add a thick sliver strip to give a perfect steel separator look. Use pink nail polish color for the eraser.

3. Tie & Dye Effect Nails

Tie & Dye Effect Nails

As the name suggests, Tie and Dye is the mixing of two or more colors together. You can try your own mixing techniques to get the amazing tie and dye design.

But the best is the one in which colors are merged to create a lovely marble effect, and its gives such an elegant feminine look that everyone loves to have.

2. Zig Zag Nails

Zig Zag Nails

Zig Zag is one of the best ideas for any of fingernail shapes. You can have a horizontal Zig Zag of uniform or variable widths, or you can go for a diagonal one. You can also try some creative new forms with your imaginative powers, but all depends on your own.

1. French Tip Nails

French Tip Nails

Clean off nails, apply tape to whatever thickness you wish to have, apply a coat of nail polish to tip, carefully sprinkle glitter, let it dry securing the sparkles in place. Carefully remove the tape and you will have beautiful glitter tip nails.

You should take great care of your nails, just like you groom you skin and hair. There are lots of different sources to get updates about the latest trends and techniques to go for the best simple cute designs for nails. Different magazines and fashion shows are one of the best ways to keep you abreast about the latest fashion in nail designing. The other way is to observe the famous celebrities. A little attentiveness and practice will help you to develop an appealing personality.

You can choose among the available different nail shapes, the one that suits you best. Acrylic nails are the other and one of the popular types of nail styling. Different types of fake nails are available in the market. This acrylic nail design facilitates those women who have a habit of biting their nails. It has rather become a challenge for the manicurist to design fake nails/acrylics with a more realistic look.

Several Nail Polishes are available in the market for a quick and a different nail look. Besides, different toenail polish designs can be easily purchased to give an alluring look to your feet. There are many ready to use designs such as Water decals, Nail appliqués with complete instructions regarding their application. There are a wide number of lessons available for the help of beginners naming, “How to paint your nails like a pro” and “How to shape nails.”

It doesn’t matter which design you choose, always make sure that it makes up for a glamorous look of your hands. Check out your favorite Cute Nail Designs in the above list and let us know in your comments.