GO OMBRE! 29 Chic Ombre Hair Ideas

29 Chic Ombre Hair Ideas

The trend of coloring hair has never been out of fashion with each passing day among the women of all ages; either for an ultimate new look or slightly updating the old ones. A wide choice of color dyes along with appealing patterns are available for hair-painting pursuits. Ombre is one of those chic and strong choices that’s still going on for more than 5 years now.

Life is too short to have boring hair, babe!

What is Ombre Hair?

The word “Ombre” owns its origin from French for “shadow”.  In its verbal significance, ‘Ombre’ refers to generating color shades by blending two distinct color hues.

Never sacrifice on style and that hair you want to flaunt, never in a million years!

Ombre is actually a hit hair trend that gives an emphasis towards the tip of your hair. A never failing trend that doesn’t even need much maintenance, yes u got it!

While using the same practice, you can have hundreds of different shades and dyes; lighter to dark according to your requirement. With an Ombre on your plate you can say very easily,

My life isn’t perfect,

But my hair is!

This Article is Divided into Following Parts:

  1. General Ombre Hair Ideas
  2. Ombre Brown Hair Ideas
  3. Ombre Black Hair Ideas
  4. Red Ombre Hair Ideas
  5. Blond Ombre Hair Ideas
  6. Colorful Ombre Hair Ideas

Here Is The List Of 29 Chic Ombre Hair Ideas to Try Once in a Lifetime.

General Ombre Hair Ideas

29. Ombre Short Hair

Ombre Short Hair
Image via girlterest.com

To begin with how to Ombre short hair, let me tell you that Ombre is not just for the long hair. The galleries for short hair with Ombre everywhere shows that it rocks and length doesn’t really matter, it’s called Short locks to kill!

As the saying goes you are never fully dresses without great hair, I am here to help you get fully dressed!

28. Wheat Blonde In to Platinum On The Brown Base

short ombre hair
Image via pinterest.com

Wheat blond into Platinum is one of the best Ombre hair for medium/short hair. It is perfect for the platinum fans who always want to try the latest versions. Oh, by the way, the wheat blond changeover to platinum and flavored with brown lowlights features the ideal style for the bob length!


27. Ombre Hair Short & Sassy

Ombre Hair Short & Sassy
Image via pinterest.com

Short and sassy allows with the latest Ombre trend, the cropped look is brightened up with strokes of blonde gracing the tips of chocolate brown. This short hair Ombre is perfect for any skin tone.


26. Flamingo Feathers

Flamingo Feathers
Image via folica.com

Flamingo feathers is an outclass choice for the girls who have short hair with curly thin layers. With a vivid color tone and sizzling red shades, it is surely a bold choice for the young and energetic ladies.

The sassier the hair,

The harder they stare!


25. Bright Red To Blonde

red ombre hair
Image via 3dilabs.com

Bright red to blonde Ombre is a perfect short Ombre hair style, particularly with thick hair. The red shade is beautifully layered with the blondish hue to add style in your lifestyle. Surely a majestic creation for your shoulder cut hair!

GO OMBRE! 29 Chic Ombre Hair Ideas
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Ombre Brown!

Darling, invest in your hair it is the crown you never takeoff!

For a subtle and gorgeous look, check out these ideas of Ombre for brown hair, this is one look that never falls out of fashion!

24. Brown To Red Ombre

red ombre

It is a rather stylish technique to give a bright fluffy touch to your hair by giving red and brown hair combination. The Ombre red brown hair color gives a charming & attractive look without reducing the effect of the natural brownish red hair! Now that’s a win-win situation because it gives you the perfect brown and red hair combination.

23. Cherry Cola Ombre

Cherry Cola Ombre

Cherry cola is one of the daring experiments for the brunettes with darker skin tone and straight thick hair. A rich cherry in dark cola looks equally attractive. You can try out a blaze cherry cola for the forthcoming season.

22. Chestnut Brown Ombre

Chestnut Brown Ombre

Chestnut brown can be designated as “every girl’s brunette”. The Ombre looks extremely fabulous with ginger highlighting, in a blend of dark and caramel brown.

21. Gold Tipped Ombre

Gold Tipped Ombre

Gold tipped is perfect brown hair ombre idea for all those who want to stay true to the roots of their hair. It gives a bit of golden touch to your bronze hue with a modern and elegant style. It is very economical as you don’t have to color your roots after every 5 week period.

20 Auburn Ombre Hair

Auburn Ombre Hair

Auburn brown Ombre hair is one of the most daring choices of Ombre for dark hair. It is the icon of “bold and attractive”. The reddish-brown color gives you a classy, glamorous look in almost every haircut. It is perfect for dark as well as light complexions.

19. Intertwining Mahogany

Intertwining Mahogany

Intertwining mahogany is another perfect accent for the brunettes to go for a terrific Ombre dark hair style. It adds serious dimensions to your rich locks without being less bright.

Ombre Black!

If you have extremely contrasting looks and naturally darker hair color, then add some spice to your black hair with Ombre. Try these striking and classy black Ombre hair ideas to give elegance and gleam to your appearance this year.


18. Black & Red Ombre Hair

Black & Red Ombre Hair

Red hair, Sir, in my opinion Is Dangerous. (P.G.WODEHOSE)

The Ombre Red and Black hair are one of the awesome ideas of Ombre with black hair. The idea is based on the two-dimensional color toning which is quite up funk nowadays. The phenomenal shades of red with black creates wonder for all those who have it. It is a perfect match for all kinds of hair i.e. long, short, straight or even curly.

17. Black Into Chocolate Dip Dye

Black Into Chocolate Dip Dye

This is one of the sophisticated and appealing Ombre on black hair. The chocolate edges for black hair Ombre looks so chic and pretty in itself that there is no need to go for any intricate hairstyles. It would go best with your messy curls as well as loose hair.

16. Rattling Mix

Rattling Mix

Rattling mix is a vivid braided hairstyle that involves a warm contrast between black and dark caramel. The hues interweave in a pretty delightful manner without blending in each other.

15. Black & Brown Ombre With Golden Highlights

Black & Brown Ombre With Golden Highlights

Black and brown is another amazingly classic Ombre for black hair. The black shade blends quite harmoniously in medium brown and the golden highlights leaving a dramatic look to this black to brown Ombre hairstyle.

Red Ombre!

Red Ombre hair looks stylish and impressive with its infinite color schemes. It imparts a feeling of liveliness and passion. The best thing about red hair Ombre is that it’s ideal choice for summer fun.

About 2-3% of girls on earth are red headed!

14. Red Hot Into Peachy

Red Hot Into Peachy

Hot red into peachy Ombre amalgamates the cool peach into vibrant red to impart a gorgeous lively look. It features the peachy blossoms stroking the fiery red locks of your hair, EM LOVIN IT!

13. Ginger Red With Darkened Roots

Ginger Red With Darkened Roots

Ginger and red is a trendy Ombre hair color for the ladies. It features chestnut red face-framing strands with the middle shaft tending towards the ginger blonde and the darkened roots. This dark red Ombre hair leaves you beautifully appealing!

12. Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Rose gold Ombre gives an incredible fantastic color solution for your hair. It features a marvelous fade of the color that is quite unique and cool Ombre style.

11. Sunny Red

Sunny Red

This OH, MY GOSH! Sunny red look is an ideal choice for winters thanks to its brightness and grace. The sunny streaks give a lightening effect that makes it perfect for all types of face framing and hair.

10. Summery Red

Summery Red

Summery red is one of the favorite tones of mine. The fusion of chestnut brown and ashy blond is a fabulous texture for the short hair with velvety curls.

Blond Ombre!


9. Revival Of Dishwater Blond

Revival Of Dishwater Blond

Revival to dishwater blond is an elegant solution for all those who have a cool blond base. It gives an amazing look to your natural bright beige hair color. The platinum blond segmenting works perfectly in this Ombre hairstyle.

8. Blonde & Red Ombre

Blonde & Red Ombre

The ash blonde hues remained a popular trend for long time now. The red dye blended with these brownish shades makes up for a super creative effect by giving red and blond Ombre Hair.

7. Dark Brown Into Strawberry Blonde

Dark Brown Into Strawberry Blonde

Another great choice due to its highly contrasting 50/50 Ombre is to go for the dark brown to blonde Ombre. The transition of dark brown hue to the blond at the ends illuminates your face and adds grace to your lively personality.

6. Golden Blonde Into Dark Chocolate

Golden Blonde Into Dark Chocolate

Golden blonde into dark chocolate ( light to dark ombre ) is another outstanding Ombre for the long hair, which have plenty of areas to show the evolution of color in different shades.

It features red and light brown color perfectly blended with golden blonde and medium brown to give a chocolate shade. While the ends are highlighted with dark chocolate plus the black shade at tips.

Colorful Ombre!

Remember when they told you, be brave, stay colorful and young, well I think this is what they meant, a must try for girls who enjoy diversity!

5. Neon Ombre

Neon Ombre

Neon Ombre is a perfect blend for Ombre hair that is simply matchless. The blond layered long curls on a pinkish scalp gives vibrant blunt bangs, which look equally astounding and pleasant.

4. Rainbow Ombre Hair

Rainbow Ombre Hair


This Rainbow Ombre is a multi-colored Ombre hairstyle for cute fun-loving girls who want to give some funky shade to their hair. You will have to blend three to four rich color dyes and a prominent shade for streaks to get a stylish rainbow look. This is a never failing trend for staying in spotlight.

3. Youthful Orange & Red

Youthful Orange & Red

Youthful orange and red is a perfect idea to get life’s vitality and brightness – all in one package. Orange and red blend in balanced proportions, present a simple way to create great wonders. You can simply apply the shade horizontally or add blondish lightening hues for extra brightness.

2. Pink Ribbons

Pink Ribbons

Pink ribbons is one of the hottest trends in Ombre – to add vibrant pink shade in light blonde color. It surely looks amazing to add twisted pink ribbons in beautiful blonde curls. If you don’t like pink much, go on for coral, lavender, neon blue, mint green or even pale yellow!

1. Blue Dip-dye with Red

Blue Dip-dye with Red

Blue dip-dye with red is another funky Ombre hair. No one can imagine how cool and eye catching it would be! The ends completely dipped in blue with bright red is surely a ravishing.

Ombre hair is the hottest trend these days which let you enter another world full of colors, life, brightness, and enthusiasm. Why not be a girl of your dreams and freshen up your look by giving it a try? So try out your favorite Ombre, what are you waiting for!