10 Best Pressure Washers To Buy In 2018

Best Pressure Washers To Buy Now !

Are you looking for a way to do your car, machines and other cleaning work simpler and less tiresome? Or you are looking for an instrument that will provide you with sufficient power for the same work, consume less of your resources and also convenient for you as you use it-preferably less noisy- then you should think of the best pressure washer.

You will agree with me that cleaning yourMORE machines, equipment or your car can be a really difficult experience if you do not have the right pressure washer or you do not have one at all. Finding a great pressure washer can be difficult. However, here is a guide that will help you choose the best.

Most Simple Pressure Washer : Karcher G2700

Karcher G2700 $263.14 1

The Karcher G 2700 is a special type of pressure washer among hundreds of them out there that you will need to use. The machine is designed to provide simple but high quality experience when doing your cleaning tasks. I am referring to a washer that is nothing like some complicated and disturbing machines that you cannot use when it convenient.

This is a lightweightMORE pressure washer that is made of a simple design that for storage with a folding handle which makes all this possible. It has a very light and small structure that will allow you to carry it easily. With this type of design you can be sure of conveniently carrying it at the back of your car.

Irrespective of its small design, it is able to provide high quality performance by producing up to 2700 PSI for 2.5 GPM. I will assure you that for such a simple and affordable pressure washer, then this type of performance is more than sufficient. The Karcher G 2700 pressure washer also has a very powerful 196cc engine.

  • Zinc plated nozzle adapter.
  • Large on-board accessories storage system.
  • Efficient detergent storage tank.
  • Direct Drive of Aluminum Axial.
  • A 196cc engine.MORE This is a simple, fuel efficient and easy to maintain engine.
  • A 5 fast connect nozzle with 0, 15,25,45,65 degree and soap applicator.
  • Adjustable metal frames.
  • Weighs just 66.4 pounds.
  • The washer’s engine is also easy to start unlike other machines that have problems when it gets cold.

  • It is a lightweight washer machine.
  • It is had adjustable frames which make transportation and storage easy.
  • Comes a warranty ofMORE 3 years for the engine.
  • A warranty of 2 years for the pressure washer pump.
  • Fuel efficient engine.
  • Has an on-board detergent tank.

  • It is mostly convenient for light jobs.
  • It is small.

Editor’s Recommendation

When I start looking at the Karcher pressure washer I view it in my office or house. This is a simple pressure washer convenient for household cleaning tasks among other light jobs. The pressure washer is also powerful irrespective of its design.

Secondly, if you are looking for a pressure washer withMORE extra features and will fit your budget, you should buy this machine because of its compatibility. It is the most compatible pressure washer machine that you can find in the market. Has a small engine that is not only fuel efficient but also easy to maintain.

Best Electric Pressure Washer : GreenWorks 1950 PSI 1.2 GPM

GreenWorks 1950 PSI 1.2 GPM $217.78 1

Cleaning tasks will mostly vary depending with the area you are and obviously your needs. In this case, you will agree with me that there are a considerable number of people that do not require a very large pressure washer. Some will require just a very simple pressure washer for simple cleaning tasks around the household or place of work.

Nevertheless, finding a very small andMORE effective pressure washer for minimal cleaning tasks may as well be a problem. In addition to finding the right one, finding one that is affordable can be a problem. It cost of operation might also be a challenge for many but you should not worry.

Here again I present to you the best low cleaning tasks pressure machine-the GreenWorks. It is a pressure washer made of very compact and simple materials that will not inconvenience you in any way. Apart from having a very good looking, it is like a small wheeled machine but with high efficiency.

  • It is made with a very high applicator for soap.
  • An incredible turbo nozzle.
  • Very compact and strong cover materials.
  • A long electric connecting cable.MORE
  • Can produce a whole 1950 PSI at only 1.2 GPM.
  • Small and simple wheels for easy movement.
  • Long and cushion fitted handles.
  • High speed electric motor.

  • It is a very light pressure washer that can easily be carried upstairs.
  • One of the best electric pressure washers with high speed pressure motor.
  • Has a long electric cable for convenience.MORE
  • As a result of use of electricity has minimal cost of operation.
  • Reduce noise.
  • A turbo nozzle that can allow high pressure during your cleaning tasks.
  • Convenient for indoor use.
  • Pressure of 1950 PSI for 1.2 GPM.

  • Cannot work under harsh environments.
  • Meant for light cleaning tasks.

Editor’s Recommendation

The GreenWorks 1950 PSI s one of the best pressure washers you can think of in terms of design, performance and convenience. This pressure washer you will agree with me it is a perfect washer for your simple cleaning jobs. If you are looking for an affordable and simple machine to use for your household or other cleaning tasks, then GreenWorks 1950 PSI is the best option.

GreenWorks 1950 PSI is anMORE electric pressure washer with effective power pressure abilities. Choosing this pressure washer will help you do your work fast enough with its turbo nozzle. For people looking for a lightweight pressure washer that is very portable then you should take the GreenWorks 1950 PSI.

Best Residential Pressure Washer : Generac SpeedWash 6882

Generac SpeedWash 6882 $349.00 1

When I am talking about a smart pressure washer I want to refer to that machine that will do a variety of cleaning tasks for you. The Generac pressure washer is the type of product that am talking about. It is ideally made for medium duties especially for residential work such as cleaning your decks and other furniture.

However, this pressure washer has enough power toMORE do many more cleaning tasks at your disposal. Coming with a high performance engine that is able to produce up to 2800 PSI, also has a high fuel efficiency mechanism that will leave you comfortable during cleaning tasks. According to its affordable price, I will consider this pressure washer an ideal machine for your light cleaning tasks.

The Generac pressure washer machine also has very efficient nozzle systems that can be snapped quick enough to reduce time wastage while cleaning. The nozzles are adjustable from 0 degree up to 40 degree with an addition of a tip for easy soap application. This pressure washer will also serve you with a high power OHV horizontal engine run on a shaft for maximum performance.

  • 25 foot hose capable of withstanding high pressure.
  • Highly ergonomic and effective spray gun.
  • On-board detergent tank for convenience when cleaning.
  • It has a pump made of axial cam connected to a hose.MORE
  • 10” mobile and flat-free wheels.
  • 4 quick connect nozzles.

  • A very effective spray gun with a cushion for gripping on the handle for increased comfort.
  • It is fitted with an easy to grip and pull trigger for the gun.
  • Since it is a fuel pressure washer that has fast starting engine.MORE
  • An addition of ¼ detergent tank.
  • Can produce up to 2800 PSI.
  • 25 foot hose is long enough for easy movement.
  • Has flat-free wheels for easy movement.

  • Considerably lower pressure power.

Editor’s Recommendation

Looking at the features of this Generac pressure washer machine you can judger that it is a high quality machine. It is fuel efficient which means you do not have to worry about fuel. I would also take it for its gallon for detergent storage.

In addition to all these features. This pressure washer is lightweight designed forMORE you to transport it with ease. You should also be amazed by its shaft engine that is made to work under all conditions without failure. It is a wonderful and affordable pressure washer with even a fuel and choke shutoff mechanism.

Cheapest Pressure Washer : Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 $149.00 1

Here I am referring to a simple and lightweight pressure washer machine. You may be looking for a simple pressure washer that is portable. Then the Sun Joe is the right product for you. It comes with numerous features that are actually different from others.

It is a powerful electric washer that can tackleMORE large volumes of cleaning tasks. It is made of an 1800-watt/14.5 –amp motor which is very efficient since it delivers around 2030 PSI water pressure. Through this motor it can also produce a maximum cleaning power of 1.76 GPM.

  • A detergent tank with dual system. It has 2- 0.9L removable tanks for detergent storage. Through these two types of detergent it makes your work easy for thorough cleaning.
  • An extended spray wand of 34-inch that will help you reach all the areas. Also has effective rear wheels.
  • It is equipped with 5 fast sprat nozzles. These will ensure thatMORE there is sufficient water supply for your cleaning.
  • It has a safety lock system. This system is well referred as Total Stop System (TSS) trigger.
  • It has a 20 foot hose capable of withstanding high pressure.
  • Comes with a needle tool for clean-out.
  • It has a sufficient length power cord of 35 foot. It is also GFCI protected.
  • Garden hose adapter.

Also has 5 fast-connect tips for spraying. These allows you to shift between heavy, medium and low cleaning duties. The connect tips include 00, 150, 250, and 400) .You can also shift to soap.

  • Lightweight with only 31 pounds
  • Has a safety lock system that shuts the pump automatically if the trigger is not in save energy & prolonged pump life.
  • It is electric which meansMORE you do not have to think about fuel.
  • Its double detergent pumps extends your cleaning activities.
  • It is of convenient size measuring just 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches

  • Can only be used in presence of electricity.
  • Has only two rear wheels.

Editor’s Recommendation

I will definitely recommend Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer for you if you like simple and lightweight machines. The machine is also a good choice for a person dealing with light cleaning tasks, since it can be moved easily because of its simplicity. It you have more access to electricity rather than fuel, or you want a pressure washer for your place of work it will be the best option since it’s less noisy.

There are more reasons that make thisMORE pressure washer a good choice for you. Its detergent tank is more than enough which will keep you going all through your work. And of course it has that powerful engine that is providing 2030 PSI and with an 1800 watt motor which makes it even faster.

Most Efficient Pressure Washer : Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S $321.00 1

Cleaning tasks will require you to be equipped with the right equipment for the job. In some cases, we find ourselves in situations where there is very high demand in the type of work you are about to do. You have to clean your car, a very muddy driveways, outdoor furniture, a garage full of grease and other sticky substances and there is limited time to do all this.

In such cases, your only option is to have anMORE efficient pressure washer that can work effectively for a long time. A pressure washer with a significant amount of power in relation to the workload in place. This pressure washer also needs to be fast, affordable and economical for the job.

Here again I present to you another amazing pressure washer from the Simpson. If you have been keen enough, you will agree with me that this is a brand that has been producing the best pressure washers in the market. The Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S is one of the many that you can choose from.

  • An injection system designed with a downstream mechanism.
  • 5 quick shift nozzles that range from 00 to 400 with a soap included.
  • A 25’ x ¼ pressure hose made from MorFlex. This hose is also abrasion resistant and has M22 connectors.MORE
  • Constructed on frames made of steel.
  • 12’ durable tires.
  • Weighs 63 pounds.
  • Measures 33 x 18 x 23 inches.
  • Axial Cam Pump made from the OEM technologies.

  • Provides on-board carriage of its accessories.
  • It has a spray gun with a lock-out.
  • Has a high performance KOHLER RH265 engine.MORE
  • It is lightweight allowing easy transportation by one person.
  • Made of strong steel frames.
  • Its engine is also easy to start and can work on harsh environmental conditions.
  • Has an oil bath system for lubrication that do not require maintenance.
  • High pressure output of up to 3000 PSI for just 2.4 GPM.

  • Not very long pressure hose.
  • Small fuel storage system.

Editor’s Recommendation

For this Simpson pressure washer, there is every reason to purchase. It is among the most affordable pressure washers you will find in the market. Its performance also cannot be compared with some pressure washers of its level.

Something else amazing that shouldMORE convince you to purchase this pressure washer it is its small and lightweight design. Apart for that remember that is fuel efficient with a fast working engine that can start easily.

Fastest Pressure Washer : Duromax XP3100PWT

Duromax XP3100PWT $349.99 1

I want you to find a pressure washer that will not waste your time with breakdowns or slow output. What I mean is that you need a fast pressure washer with the ability to power water and detergents according to your needs. In addition to that, pressure washer that is convenient for your work.

Have you seen someMORE pressure washers that are so heavy and big such that it becomes an inconvenience for your work? Duromax is a simple, lightweight and easy to use pressure washer that will thrush water all the dirt including grease, mud and grime from your equipment. It is able to deliver up to 3100 PSI power for 2.5 GPM.

The pressure capabilities for this machine are far much improved as compared to others. It also comes with very strong nozzles and hose to withstand this strength. Remember it covered with high quality and strong frames.

  • Its DuroMax 7 HP engine. It’s a powerful engine with an effective Low Oil Shutdown.
  • Has very simple and quick connectors change mechanism.
  • Talk of 6 fast connect nozzles. These are from 0, 15, 25, and 40 and including a soap applicator.MORE
  • Has a special turbo nozzle.
  • Welded frames that provides protection to the engine and accessories.
  • On-board accessory storage system. This will take the wand, nozzles and the hose together.
  • Can produce pressures of up to 3100 PSI per every 2.5 GPM.
  • Measures just 24 x 20 x 39 inches.

  • High pressure and strong hose.
  • Up to 6 fast connect nozzles.
  • Has a turbo nozzle to make the work faster.MORE
  • Shutdown for low oil.
  • Its trigger is made easy to pull to avoid fatigue. Also has a cushion grip to enhance comfort.
  • Comes with a warranty.

  • Only cold water.
  • Large

Editor’s Recommendation

If I were you I would go for this pressure washer as soon as possible. It is among very pressure washers that come with a turbo nozzle. This means that you can increase your speed to very high levels. If you compare these kind of features and it price it is really affordable and convenient.

The Duromax also has a special feature that isMORE difficult to be found in other pressure washers. It comes with a whole 6 fast connect nozzles which is extraordinary. I would say that this is an extra advantage for such a pressure washer. You have no excuse of not getting this pressure washer.

Lightweight Pressure Washer : SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S $395.78 1

It is not the first product from Simpson and you will agree with me they are great products coming from this line. Here I am going to talk about the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S.As expected it as a smart pressure washer with various additional features that outdo all other machines in the market.

If you are looking for anMORE economical pressure washer that can do all your cleaning tasks especially at home or in your shop then this is the right option. Have you seen those pressure washers that are so heavy and complicated such that transporting it is a problem? In addition to being a lightweight pressure machine it is also simple and small enough to be transported by one person.

With this pressure washer you do not have to worry about smoke as many people do in the case where they are using a gasoline machine. It is made of HONDA GC190 engine that is made to minimize this effect as much as possible. This HONDA engine is also designed to allow easy starting even in the harshest environments.

  • Comes with a HONDA GC190 engine.
  • Has a MorFlex 25” x ¼ inch high pressure hose which is abrasion resistant and kink. It is also highly flexible and fitted with M22 connectors.
  • The engine is equipped with an OEM technologies Axial Cam Pump. This allows increased performance.MORE
  • Has a 10-Inch Premium pneumatic tires.
  • Spray guard with a safety lock-out.
  • Made of welded steel materials.

  • Siphon tube that allows easy detergent application.
  • Able to work in harsh environments due to its high power engine.
  • Has strong rubber wheels for easy movement.MORE
  • Provides 3100 PSI for 2.5 GPM gas.
  • 5 fast connecting nozzle tips with also a soap applicator.
  • All the accessories like the nozzles and the hose can be carried on-board.

  • A small smoke.
  • No dual detergent tank.

Editor’s Recommendation

Products from Simpson manufacturers have been tested severally to ensure high quality performance. This is an affordable pressure washer that is providing more than anyone can imagine. It is also a convenient machine that is easy to transport. It is a product worth the cost.

Looking at the features forMORE this product, you will agree with me it is the best pressure washer for all your cleaning tasks. As a result of high quality, strong and durable materials I am sure it will serve you even in harsh environments. Also remember that this pressure washer has the best engine-HONDA engine, assures you high power output and long term service.

Professional Gas Powered Pressure Washer : SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S $529.00 1

It is a gas powered pressure washer that is simple to use, strong and durable. When we are referring to the Cleaning PS3228-S we are looking at its exceptional features. These are amazing features that you will not find in any other fuel pressure washer.

I am talking aboutMORE a HONDA GX200 OHV commercial engine. If you have been keen about engines you will know how much this type of HONDA engine can do. As a result of its powerful engine, I will refer to this pressure washer as a high working machine. Do not also forget its ability to provide up to 3200 PSI at 2.8 GPM of gas.

I cannot stop talking about its engine since it’s a long lasting one made of cast iron cylinders. It is a 1966cc, 4-Stroke engine. It is also made to meet all the CARB and EPA emission standards. So, if you are looking for a high power and durable pressure washer you should start thinking about Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S.

  • High performance HONDA GX200 engine.
  • Has a MorFlex 25’ x 5/16” hose with high pressure capability. This enables abrasion resistance, flexibility, and strength.
  • A high quality spray gun that is fitted with a safety lock-out.MORE
  • Covered with a quality steel frame.
  • Steel axle-solid.
  • The engine has a steel plate.
  • It has a detergent injection system allowing downstream.
  • It plunger pump is AAA industrial triplex. This allows boosting of pressure around the nozzle.
  • Strong and durable wheels.

  • It will allow 5 quick nozzle connect tips. That is 00, 150, 250, 400 plus an addition nozzle for soap applicator.
  • Has a high quality HONDA engine with oil alert system.
  • It is also made of steel frames that ensures durability.MORE
  • Strong and high pressure hose.
  • A system that allows on-board storage of its parts.

  • Big size.

Editor’s Recommendation

If you have to think of a powerful pressure washer then you cannot fail to consider the Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S. It is a well-built machine that you can be sure it will serve you for really a long time. Also remember it is affordable.

I will recommendedMORE this pressure washer if you want a machine that can help you in doing large volumes of cleaning tasks. This pressure washer is also fuel efficient even with its high power. Its engine is also a clean reason why you should choose this pressure washer.

Fuel Driven Pressure Washer : YAMAHA 3000 PSI 2.8 GPM Pre

YAMAHA 3000 PSI 2.8 GPM Pre $976.79

When we talk about this pressure washer we are fast referring to a machine from a well- known company which provides you with more assurance of its performance. I believe by now you are starting to have a rough idea of what type of product we are talking about. It is one of the top rated pressure washers in the market.

Since it is aMORE fuel driven pressure washer, it is also designed for high- quality and large volumes of cleaning tasks. The Yamaha 3000 pressure washer, unlike other pressure washers that provide a small fuel tank after incorporating a bigger detergent tank, has a sufficient tank for enough fuel. This means you do not have to keep on worrying about fuel.

Trust me that even by the look of this machine you will agree with me it is made with very durable materials for all jobs especially field cleaning. May it be removing mud from your tractor, cleaning your cowshed or even farm tools like mowers, it will be effective.

Actually, this pressure washer is appropriate for both light jobs like cleaning your car and up to other demanding jobs such as cleaning farm implements. It can produce high power and for a long period of time.

  • It comes with a hose of 50 foot. This will definitely give you more than enough mobility as you go about your cleaning tasks.
  • Has a smart CAT pump.
  • Its nozzle is equipped with a strong and safe rubber boot towards the end to prevent damage.MORE
  • An adjustable spray wand that can give you access to the underneath of your things. You do not have to struggle bending.
  • With also an adjustable head of its wand you can manage how the water flows without necessarily changing the head.
  • Highly quality 5-in -1 pivoting nozzle.
  • It has flexible wheels and a handle that allows convenient riding.

  • Sufficient fuel tank volume.
  • Easy to start and manage the choke even in cold times.
  • Strong, solid and durable wheels.
  • It is affordable compared to its features.
  • Less noisy.
  • Considerably heavy

Editor’s Recommendation

The Yamaha 3000 pressure washer is of no doubt a smart pressure washer for heavy load cleaning. I would be happy to use this pressure washer for my field cleaning activities. I am assured of high power supply.

You should have noticedMORE the fuel tank volume of this machine which means you can do a lot of your tasks without thinking of fuel. This obviously comes as one of the best pressure washers especially if you are dealing with heavy load or you want one for your business.

Budget Friendly Pressure Washer : Powerstroke PS80544B

Powerstroke PS80544B Check on Amazon

It happens that to most of us, we look for a small convenient pressure washer especially if you have to use if for just household cleaning tasks. Apart from that, you would also like it to be effective in its performance such that you have what you need. However, this can be really difficult to find in a market full of hundreds of brands.

To avoid disappointmentMORE as a result of buying something that does not serve you needs, here is another simple but quality pressure washer. It is called Powerstroke, weighing just 56.1 pounds and with dimensions of 21 x 20 x 37 inches. A strong gas propelled pressure washer.

The Powerstroke fuel pressure washer is also made strong support materials that ensure long life. It has an engine of 212cc which is obviously powerful and fuel efficient. The powerstroke is also made from a well-known company that produces the best products. We have listed it here after a thorough research that has ranked it among the best affordable pressure washers in the market.

  • Four pro-style nozzles that are versatile ranging from 0, 25, 40 and soap.
  • A 25 foot pressure hose.
  • 12” tread wheels that will not go flat.
  • 212cc OHV engine.MORE
  • Has a separate and convenient detergent tank.
  • Can produce up to 3000 PSI with only 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • 12”wheels made of tread cap. They are also flat free.
  • Long 25 foot pressure hose that will allow free movement for a long distance.
  • 4 quick connect nozzle.
  • On-board spacious storage for its accessories.

  • A very reliable 212cc engine.
  • It has a fuel efficient engine.
  • Strong and flat free wheels.
  • Long hose for free movement.MORE
  • It is small and lightweight such that it can be carried by one person.
  • Its engine is easy to start under any conditions.

  • A small fuel tank.

Editor’s Recommendation

You will definitely think about such a pressure washer if you want to make your cleaning tasks simple. Talking about cleaning a driveway, your outdoor furniture or your car then it is a perfect option. It is a simple and lightweight pressure washer that you would carry yourself.

The features of thisMORE Powerstroke pressure washer are more than enough. When I compare its price and its performance I feel that it is fair deal for anyone looking for a high performance pressure. Consider this pressure washer today and in addition benefits from its fuel efficiency.

10 Best Pressure Washers To Buy In 2018
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