The 8 Best Push Reel Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2019

Push Reel Lawn Mowers

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best push reel lawn mowers for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade

American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade $76.61 1

First and foremost, this reel mower lacks about 4 to 6 inches on an average push mower’s cutting deck reach. Being just 14 inches wide, expect a bit more pushing around and few extra passes to mow your lawn. Having said that, the fact that it weighs just 19 pounds fully assembled makes this the lightest push mower around. This makes it really simple to maneuver, corner and even push uphill. The blade arrangement also helps by ensuring a frictionless cut on any grass type be it fescue, rye or bluegrass.

As for first-time use,MORE the entire unit comes in parts with all the nuts and bolts included in the packaging. It takes about 15 minutes following the instructions to get it up and running. A word of advice, before using it for the first time, oil the moving components to ensure a smooth break-in.

Need a standby reel mower? Have a small lawn? If price or your lawn size limits the type of push mower you can purchase then the American Lawn Mower 1204-14, 14 Inch Deluxe Hand Reel Mower is a good option. Not too expensive, neither dull in performance, this mower is designed to be rather easy and light on the pocket.

Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Reel Lawn Mower

Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Reel Lawn Mowerr $105.72 1

After one to two seasons of heavy use, a reel mower from American Lawnmower / Great States will eventually need sharpening. If the mower becomes difficult to push, it may be because the blades are scarred with small dings and burrs from running over rocks and yard debris. This sharpening kit is perfect for restoring the sharp edge to your mower. A clean edge is important because it will result in smoother mowing action. Sharp blades are less likely to catch on the grass, so they produce a smoother and healthier lawn. Mowers with sharp blades are easier to push, gentler on sore joints, and make less noise.

It is designed to work withMORE 14 to 16 inch mower blades, like the Prison Reel Mower. For all 14″ mowers you will be required to cut the 16″ kit down to fit your 14″ mower. This can easily be done with a hack saw. Please note, once cut it is not returnable. Unlike other reel mower blade sharpeners, this sharpening kit has no sharp edges and is less likely to cause a painful accident. You’ll be happy to know, it also can’t be turned into a weapon, and it’s difficult to conceal or deliberately damage

The backstop fits on the bottom of the mower and holds the abrasive pad in contact with the mower blades. The backstop attaches with a pair of screw clamps, and then all you have to do is push the mower around to sharpen the blades. It’s that simple! As they brush against the abrasive strip, any rust, burls, or dings will scrub away. While the sharpener is attached, the mower will be slightly more difficult to push than normal. But after a few rotations, the blades will shape right up and the sharpener can then be removed.

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower $191.86 1

I’m a huge fan of the Fiskars StaySharp line of mowers, and have owned the premium version of this mower, the Staysharp Max, for about two years. It was such a relief to be able to get rid of my old gas-powered mower, which was smelly, noisy, and had such a difficult-to-pull cord that even my brawny other half had trouble getting it started.

The benefits of a reel mower are numerousMORE – the blades get a cleaner cut than rotary (most gas) mowers so you don’t get brown tips on your grass, they cut the clippings into much smaller pieces so you can leave the clippings without them chunking up on the lawn and looking messy (I can hardly see the clippings and they break down very quickly), and you get a finer look since there are more blades cutting.

This is the budget option for those who don’t want a grass catching bag. It has slightly better features than the regular StaySharp, except that the StaySharp is all set up to work with a grass catcher. The Plus is most similar to the Max, and if you have the money, I would choose the Max over this one, as the only advantage to the Plus is the lower price.

Greenworks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower

Greenworks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower $77.46 1

Go green with the Greenworks 25052, 16 Inch 5 Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower with grass catcher. This walk behind mower with its classical design and simple construction helps save thousands of dollars annually on gas bills, maintenance and more without having to compromise on the mow quality or the ability to mulch in summer.

Once assembled, it only takes a few secondsMORE to get started. Set the cut height and push the mower forward to begin slicing through grass. As long as you don’t have uneven terrain, chugging this mower should not feel too physically taxing. The helical 5 blade setup definitely helps as it cuts grass finer than a normal reel mower, such that you can leave it on the lawn as mulch if you intend to mow weekly

While this walk behind mower comes with a simple height adjustment mechanism, you won’t get multiple options. You can however choose between 1.125 to 2.25 inches, which may seem less at first but for those who intend to regularly mow their lawn be it rain, sleet or the hot summer, this will not pose much of concern. As for others, remember to set the height to the highest possible option for the first pass and on the consecutive pass, settle on the height that you actually want to finish with.

Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower $129.14 1

Dual radial wheels, a classic design and thick handles with extra sharp blade for an efficient accurate cut perfectly defines the Scotts 2000-20, 20 Inch Classic Push reel Lawn Mower. Being a walk behind mower, it draws power from you and utilizing the triple height adjuster, it tackles low to tall grasses with equal ease.

The cutting deck featuresMORE five blades arranged at varying inclinations to reduce friction, which in turn helps maintain cut quality irrespective of the grass type or its height. Add to this the dual radial tires and all you have to do is leisurely push the mower ahead to send the blades spinning at high speeds.

Got uneven terrain or maybe a larger lawn? The Scotts 2000-20, 20-inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower with its wider cutting deck, plentiful height adjustments and simple yet superior push technology will make life that much easier for you. It is just as efficient and easy as a motorized mower minus the negatives obviously!

Sun Joe MJ501M Mow Joe 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower

Sun Joe MJ501M Mow Joe 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower $71.09 1

This state-of-the-art mower from Sun Joe has an 18” cutting deck with 5 steel blades which are no doubt sharp. That’s exactly why it cuts even the thickest grass with great ease. But anything taller than 4” and this machine kind of gives up. You need to pass it over and over again, and it gets really frustrating.

And don’t expect it to remove weeds,MORE because like any other reel mower, it does not! On the positive side, most reel mowers with smaller cutting decks are suitable only for small gardens and flower beds. But Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ501M, 18 inch Manual Reel Mower with Catcher is suitable for comparatively larger turfs, depending on how much you can sweat it out!

The 9-position height adjustment of the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ501M is quite an advancement over its counterparts. Most mowers in this price range offer variable heights up to 4 or 6 positions at the max. However the upper limit is only 2.44 inches, and I wish it was a bit higher. For this reason I have deducted 1.5 points from its original note. The wheels (10” front and 6” back) are well-aligned, reasonably sturdy, and the height adjustment mechanism is fuss-free.

Earthwise 1715-16EW 16 Inch Wide, 7 Blade Push Reel Mower

Earthwise 1715 16EW 16 Inch Wide 7 Blade Push Reel Mower $107.91 1

Now this push reel lawn mower is meant for individuals who have to deal with bent grass on their lawn. It works efficiently to handle grass such as; St. Augustine, Seashore paspalum, Bermuda, Zoysia, and centipede. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that this type of grass can be dealt with, using just any push reel lawn mower. My best friend tried using quite a number of lawn mowers, which had a 5 blade system but her attempts weren’t very successful.

This push reel lawn mower by EarthwiseMORE is the solution to your problems. Try it out and you will get very satisfying results. This Earthwise 16-inch reel mower is a simple, efficient and effective blade-and-reel mower, fueled by manpower and specifically designed to cut low-growing, creeping grasses. Made of durable tempered alloy steel with an unbreakable steel side plate, this four-spider, seven-blade ball bearing reel design gives you precision cutting.

Adjustable cutting heights ranging from 1/2-inch to 2-1/2 inches allows you to select the right cut for your yard. This mower features durable 10-inch composite wheels with radial tread tires, flare-style handles with cushioned grips and a 16-inch cutting width for quick, maneuverable action. Quiet, no gas, no oil and no fumes.

Gardena 4023 15-Inch Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower

Gardena 4023 15-Inch Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower Out of stock

This Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower from Gardena is quiet, extremely smooth-running and boasts a contact free cutting technique that will maintain the sharpness of the blades and reduce the maintenance frequency.

Manufactured by one of theMORE garden tool leader companies, this reel mower has an excellent quality and comes with 12 months warranty for the parts and labor. In addition to the warranty, the national repair service provides customer support to all the users and can give you free estimates if you experience any issues with the tool once the warranty period is over.


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