Shocking Facts About Redheads

Shocking Facts About Redheads

“Redheads” is a term used for the people who are born with natural red hair. In British English, the term “Ginger” is used to describe red-headed people. It is the rarest hair color in the world.Here Is The List Of 30 Shocking Facts About Redheads You Never Knew of !

Facts About Redheads:

30. Combination of Red Hair and Brown Eyes

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All redheads do not have blue eyes. Blue and red combination is rather rare, a common combination with red hair are brown eyes.

29. Redheads Are Mutants

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Redheads are more often mutants. The recessive MC1R gene that is in charge of the red hair, MC1R, is a genetic mutation. Genetic variations in MC1R gene are common in people with red hair.

28. Rare One

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Redheads are incredibly rare. Just 2% of the world’s population has red hair which comes to around 140 million. There are more redheads in Western Europe than anywhere else in the world which is 13%. So we can say that they are majestic unicorns.

27. Redheads Are Royals

Redheads are Royals
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Elizabeth I of England & Queen Victoria were redheaded. Nowadays, Prince Harry is also a natural redhead.

26. Rate of Graying Hair is Slow

Rate of Graying Hair is Slow
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Red hair does not turn to gray as fast as other hair colors; so, you don’t have to get worry about going gray. Because this is the reason they are lucky to.

25. Redheads Are Left-handed

Redheads Are Left-handed

According to research, it is proved that Redheads are mostly left-handed than any other hair color.

24. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

According to some studies, a side effect for redheads is that they are more sensitive to hot and cold pain than any other hair color.

23. Ginger King and Queen in Netherlands

Ginger King and Queen

Each September, the Netherlands holds a two-day celebration out of appreciation for redheads around the world which is called Roodharigendag in Dutch. The party includes crowning the ginger King and Queen.

22. Types of Redheads

Types of Redheads

There is a variety of red hair than you think. Red hair comes in so many different colors (Burnt Orange, Copper, Blonde, Ginger), sizes (Short and long) and shapes as other hair colors.

21. Behavior with Redheads in Past

Behavior with Redheads in Past

They have been treated awfully in the past. Hitler was against the intermarriage of redheads believing that they produce more devil children.

20. Bee’s attraction Towards Redheads

Bee’s attraction Towards Redheads

According to some studies bees are more attracted to redheads than any other hair color, probably it’s because they seem like sweet red flowers because of their red crown of hair.

19. Redheads are Hot-headed

Redheads are Hot-headed

Redheads are also known as hot-headed. However, there is no confirmation of this being valid. It might be just because of their red hair color they are called hot headed in a sense of joke.

18. Disney Princesses with Redhead

Disney Princesses with Redhead

We also have redhead Disney Princesses like Merida and Ariel. It means that red hair color is too cool because, Ariel and Merida also want to be a part of the ginger world, but you cannot have them because they are too beautiful for this earth.

17. Easy to Found

Easy to Found

Redheads never get lost in the crowd because of their red crown of hair which makes them unique from others which are cool.

16. Hardest Shade to Dye

Hardest Shade to Dye

According to a study, it is proved that Red is the hardest shade to dye your hair and also difficult to maintain it. So to be a redhead is a benefit.

15. Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor

Redheads have an impressive sense of humor because they grow up by teased for their ginger hair color.

14. Lower Rate of Prostate Cancer

Lower Rate of Prostate Cancer

To be a redhead is beneficial for men because according to some studies red headed men are 54 percent less likely to create prostate cancer. It means a lot for ginger men.

13. Redheads are Vampires

Redheads are Vampires

According to early Greeks believes Redheads were Vampires, and they also turn into vampires after they have died.

12. Less Hair Strands

Less Hair Strands

Redheads have less hair than brunettes or blondes. According to research on an average, brunettes have 140,000 strands of hair; blondes have 110,000 strands of hair and redheads have 90,000 which is too less, but red hair is thicker than any other hair color.

11. Larger Dose of Anesthesia

Larger Dose of Anesthesia

In surgeries, it's been recommended that a few redheads require 20 percent larger doses of anesthesia as compared to a regular patient. Research proved this that redhead needs more anesthesia than people having other hair colors.

10. Absorption and Making of Vitamin D

Absorption and Making of Vitamin D

They are more efficient at making Vitamin D. Redheads have the low amount of eumelanin in their body that is why they cannot absorb the required level of Vitamin D. In any case, they compensate for this by creating their particular Vitamin D when they are present in low-light condition.

So, they do not need as much sunlight to get what they need.

9. Concept of Christmas Communities

Concept of Christmas Communities

Christian communities considered a mark of the devil were birthmarks, patches and the major one was red hair. Many Christian communities believed that Judas was a redheaded textual proof from the Bible.

This belief really inspired some painters to paint Judas with red hair.

8. Aristotle Theory

Aristotle Theory

Aristotle had some issues with redheads. Aristotle himself reported for the once saying "The reddish are of bad character" which shows that he hates redheads.

7. Resistant to Pain Blocker

Resistant to Pain Blocker

Redheads are more resistant to pain blocker. Redhead gene releases a chemical called pheomelanin, which is the cause of blocks the brain’s receptivity/acceptance to pain.

6. Redheads are Genetic

Redheads are Genetic

Families can carry redhead gene for generations without knowing it. So, it is might possible that there could be some redhead gene inside you that can surprise you for being a redhead’s parent.

5. Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Redheads are good at detecting changes in temperature than a person having any other hair color so, we can call them Temperature sensor.

4. Extinction of Redhead

Extinction of Redhead

According to research found by Britain DNA has found that more than 40 percent of the population carries the MC1R gene that is responsible for red hair. Redheads are not going to extinct because families have MC1R gene without knowing it.

3. Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

According to some studies, redheads have more sensitive teeth. Redheads also bruise easily than those who have any other hair color.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was also a redheaded. She was American actress and model. She was famous for her natural blonde hair.

1. Fall in Love with Redhead

Fall in Love with Redhead

Finally, if you look into redhead’s eye longer than 10 seconds, you will fall in love.

Redheads are always misunderstood and mistrust in the history. Previously, the people with red hair were considered to be an evil one, even nowadays many of us are having a lot of misconceptions about them.

Being a redhead is not an abnormality. Instead, it’s a blessing. If anyone of you has a redhead, then proud of it. We anticipate that you had an enjoyable journey while going through the article, and you get a lot to know about the redhead. Please let us know about your valuable feedback.

Shocking Facts About Redheads
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  1. gemma louise Reply

    hello great news on redheads here iam a natural redhead too love this iam always open to learn new things on my my red hair
    x my name is gemma louise roberts born natural red head

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Hi Gemma, nice to meet you. thanks for stopping by and giving the introduction.

  2. Courtney Mings Reply

    I am a red head with bright sky blue eyes and I am very proud of it my name is Courtney mings 😃

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Hey courtney,

      thanks, would you like to share your social profile ?

  3. Lorelle Reply

    Hello, as far as redheads being more hot headed,I definitely agree that it’s because we are teased so much as kids and eventually just bite whatever pokes it’s fingers at us. Kids can be very mean to kids who stand out. Both my son and daughter were born with red hair,Keegan had blue eyes and Tanya has got dark brown. Mine are also blue and although I’m almost 51 I have practically no grey hair yet. Lucky for us!

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Thanks Lorelle, I appreciate your input.

    2. Cade Reply

      Heck yeah red hair don’t care , and yeah I do have red hair and dark blue with a little bit of green in my eyes and my hair is really dark red I love seeing other “Gingers” it makes my day.

  4. Aris Reply

    I am a redhead with grey eyes! Only 1% have my genetic make-up!

    1. Alison Reply

      Same with me!!

    2. wordsiseek Reply

      Thank you. Do you mind sharing your social profile ?

    3. Jake Reply

      I am a redhead with deep blue eyes and a apparently deathly stare.

  5. Cody douglas McMahon Reply

    This is great. I was wondering about the pain thing and anesthetics i knew it!! Thanks guys red head and always been proud of it!!

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Yes they do!

  6. Erin Reply

    I have a son with red hair and brown eyes. I could not ask for a more thoughtful, caring young man. He is very unique in that he likes what he likes and doesn’t care what anyone says about it. He’d give the shirt off his back to anyone. Once Cory is your friend he’s your friend for life! I wouldn’t trade him for anything!

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Nice to know about Cory 🙂

  7. Jake Reply

    Redhead nation!!! Natural redhead here! I have a older brother and sister and both of them have red hair also. Trio!!!

  8. Robyn Reply

    I’m a red head with green eyes. My hair is red with a natural blonde highlight. My eyes are in between emerald green and solid dark green. I also have freckles under my eyes.

  9. Kristy36 Reply

    I am a natural redhead with bluegreen eyes I am left handed a twin and waa born to a beautiful blond with blue eyes and a jandsome brunette guy with very dark blue eyes Im proud that they created me and my mom passed away two years ago and I miss her dearly she was an ash blond but she was gorgeous I get my beautful eyes from her!!

  10. Austin Reply

    I’m a natural redhead and both of my parents have brown hair, I guess they both carried the gene for red hair. I get bullied at school for my hair color. Idc it doesn’t bother me

  11. Isabella Reply

    I’m a redhead <3

  12. Kaylee sohn Reply

    I have red hair and blue eyes