The 8 Best Self-propelled Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2019

Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best self-propelled lawn mowers for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower

Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower Out of stock

We mentioned electric start and here is a fine example. The Troy-Bilt TB270ES has push-button electric start with auto-choke—no cord-yanking required. The 159cc OHV engine doesn’t have the same power as the Husqvarna HU800AWDH, but no one is complaining about that at all. If anything, people seem to like that it has a full quart-size gas tank and a large 1.9-bushel collector bag. Those two features alone mean there’s less stopping in the middle of the mow to refill gas or empty the bag.

The 21-inch wide steel deck has two levers,MORE not one, to adjust the cutting height. But the range is pretty good for most kinds of grass and lawns, from 1.25 up to 3.75 inches. Since it’s a 3-in-1 mower, you can choose to bag, discharge out the side, or mulch.

Troy-Bilt’s TriAction cutting system does a great job of lifting grass upright with its rake bumper and slicing it off so that there’s no clumping. The fine mulch it makes is excellent to leave on your grass if you don’t want to bag.

Lawn-Boy 17734 Gross Torque Kohler Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 17734 Gross Torque Kohler Lawn Mower $339.31 1

The Lawn Boy 17734 Gross Torque Kohler Lawn Mower with its 21 inch mower deck offers improved traction and easier maneuverability over its siblings. This particular model works on rear-wheel drive and offers up two speed choices.The 17734 version is exactly similar to Lawn Boy’s 10732 lawn mower except for the fact that it is CARB compliant and hence can be shipped to California! Triple discharge ability allows you to mulch grass, collect clippings in a bag and even side discharge.

Lawn Boy really do knowMORE how to make the most user-friendly equipment. This “no push” lawn mower (remember, it propels itself over your yard!) is yet another example of technology thoughtfully designed to improve user experience. It always starts with a single pull, no matter what!

Everything with regard to the deck and back wheels are full metal, to be exact steel and yet the entire mower is lightweight. Two speed control can get a bit harrowing especially on flats as the high-speed setting is a bit too fast for my liking. Height adjustments are easy to achieve and work great. Likewise attaching the bag is a simple case of following the four step instruction in the manual. It makes very little noise for a gas mower and runs greener than the rest being CARB complaint. Overall, this is indeed an easy mower to handle.

Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower $283.56

The Yard Machines is a powerful 21-Inch, Self-Propelled, Gas Lawn-Mower that was designed to help keep your lawn in shape and neat at all times. In fact, this lawn-mower is powered by a strong POWERMORE 159cc engine that provides optimum power which is required to get the mowing job done while its front-wheel self-propelled transmission system facilitates for quicker mowing.

On the other hand,MORE the lawn-mower features a 2-in-1 cutting-system that makes it capable of being used for side-discharge and mulching while the integrated 8-inch wheels make this lawn-mower ideal for use on flat terrain and on small-to-large size yards. Lastly, this lawn-mower is very compact and ergonomic hence this makes it it very easy to maneuver and to store either in your garage or outdoor-closet.

Husqvarna HU800AWDH Honda 190cc 3-in-1

Husqvarna HU800AWDH Honda 190cc 3-in-1 $600.00

What is even more amazing is the fact that this mower is a 3-in-1. So it does rear bagging, mulching, and side discharging. So as soon as you are done with one pass, the entire collecting job is done for you. The mulching option helps you slash grass and cut it into small bits that can be dispersed across the lawn to add humus. You can use any of the three options depending on what you prefer.

Movement is so easy and funMORE when it comes to this equipment. It slides easily because of the four by four drive rear hi-wheel that is always found in Husqvarna lawn mowers. This component improves maneuverability of the mower, and no matter the type of grass you have the mower will pass through it with ease.

This is a walk self-propelled gas mower with an easy drive system that lets you exert just the right amount of energy when directing the mower. You can actually control the pace of the mower based on how fast you want to walk. The ball bearing wheels of this Husqvarna HU800AWDH Honda gcv model are eight inches wide and eleven inches wide for the front and rear wheels respectively.

Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1

Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 $599.00 1

You just have to feel the strength of that 190cc Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series OHV engine. No gas mower tipping the scales at a lean, mean 90 pounds should pack this much muscle. Far and away America’s strongest engine loaded onto a push mower, the P2185020E makes a finely shredded salad of every adversary from wet grass of a more modest growth to anywhere from eight to 10 inches of St. Augustine savannah. Please believe that this Briggs & Stratton’s cutting power is equaled only by its astounding durability.

You theoretically could chooseMORE to side-discharge or mulch your clippings and probably have nary a complaint, but the P2185020E’s stamped steel 21-inch HI VAC deck’s rolled edge and innovative vacuum system is built for bagging. As the uniquely shaped blade slices with a scalpel’s precision and orders of magnitude swifter speed and strength, the cutting system creates tremendous suction that inhales virtually every trace of shredded grass and leaves behind an immaculately tidy finish.

Ryobi. 20″ RY40190 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion

Ryobi. 20 RY40190 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Check on Amazon

Battery-powered lawn mowers have been around for several years now (it feels really weird to say that!) and technology continues to trickle down from gas models. So the next step had to be cordless self-propelled mowers. They just haven’t come along quite as quickly. With only a couple to choose from, I’m taking a closer look at the Ryobi 40V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

Ryobi’s 40V Brushless Lawn Mower hasMORE a very functional design and you’ll notice most of the same features are present on the self-propelled model. That’s a positive since there isn’t much to complain about with that design.

The name tells you that the Ryobi 40V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has a self-propelled drive, but how well does it work? The controls are easy enough – there’s a slider that you use to determine how fast you want to cut. I almost never put it more than a third of the way forward and there’s plenty of top end speed if your grass is at a level to cut at that pace.

Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1

Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 Out of stock

All these functions suffice to create a mower in addition to the group, however exactly what truly introduces the Honda into new territory may be the unique Versamow system. Versamow, basically, lets you manage just how much is being mulched and how much grass is being bagged. It does this through a 10-position toggle that changes the opening in between the bag opening and the mowing dome.

On additional mulching mowers,MORE the dome is both totally open or totally blocked, therefore 100 % of the grass gets packaged or mulched. However with Versamow, for instance, you can set one-third to become packaged and two thirds to become mulched, which truly assists you react to your lawn’s conditions making cutting simpler.

For instance, If your grass is too tall or not too dry, the blades can get overloaded and your mulch arrives as a lot of annoying sections around the lawn. Versamow allows you to disperse your clippings in between bagging and mulching, so you minimize how much grass dump and you have to bag up and can still produce decent mulch. Do it right, and you will not need to return with a rake to tidy up a clumpy mess all around the lawn.

Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H Honda 160cc 3-in-1

Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H Honda 160cc 3-in-1 $375.84 1

A self-propelled machine that comes almost fully assembled, the Husqvarna HU700H, 22 inch rear wheel drive mower has several ergonomic features like an easy start, 3-position adjustable handle and smoothly maneuverable wheels. All the more, you can mow at your own desired pace, thanks to the Auto Walk Self Propelled Rear Wheel Drive System. Trust me, this feature comes in really handy if you’ve been using a push mower or reel mower all along.

Getting used to a self-propelledMORE one takes some time, and this is the best model to get started with. However, there are two glitches that I’d like to talk about. First is that this mower is on the bulkier side, weighed about 100 pounds. So taking it off the packaging crate to your yard the first time is a bit strenuous. But, once the engine starts running, the weight doesn’t really matter much!

And the second glitch has to do with slopes. If you know anything about self-propelled mowers, you’re probably aware that a rear drive model is easy to start and maneuver around obstacles, but taking on slopes does not come with the same ease as that of a front-drive or all-drive model. And lest I forget, yet another positive attribute is that despite being bulky, the dimensions of this mower are 36 x 25 x 20 inches only; so a small shed suffices to tuck it away safely after use!


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The 8 Best Self-propelled Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2019
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