The 8 Best Sewing Machines Between $100 and $300 To Buy In 2019

Best Sewing Machines Between 200$ and 500$

After testing a lot of products, we have selected the 8 best sewing machines under $100 for 2019 which are mentioned below. In our experiments, we have found these products most consistent in performance and true value for the money.

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine $130.00 1

Not all Singer 4423 reviews are positive on the fabrics it can sew. Like not being able to sew thicker materials such as heavy felt. Or two layers of canvas and one of plastic. So if you have really thick materials, this Singer model may not be for you.

The ability to change theMORE length or width of a stitch is crucial. Right? You need a longer stitch for thicker materials. And shorter stitches as the fabric gets lighter and thinner. That’s what you get with the 4423. It’s a simple turn of the dial. Turn the Stitch Width Dial from zero through 6 settings to the largest width of 6mm. The Stitch Length Dial starts at 0.5 and has 4 settings up to the width of 4mm.

The adjustments on both dials give you the freedom to be creative. Adjusting the length creates different effects. And that change alters how the inbuilt stitches look. When you zig zag, the closer you set the length to zero the denser the stitches get. And your width gets wider as you move the dial toward 6.

Brother 1034DX 3/4 Thread Serger

Brother 1034DX 3/4 Thread Serger Check on Amazon

A serger is a machine that is designed to professionally finish the edges and hems of all different types of fabrics. Many seamstresses get by for years without a serger, though once you have one you wonder how you lived without it. A serger definitely steps up your sewing game with beautifully finished edges.

The Brother 1034D serger featuresMORE a 3/4 lay-in thread system with lower looper threader. There are several stitch options including 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches. You can also sew blind hem pin tuck and flat lock stitches by purchasing optional presser feet.

The Brother 1034D has a built-in guide that shows you just where to thread each of the 4 threads. While there are a lot of steps to threading the 3rd and 4th thread lines, it isn’t impossible with the easy guide that takes you one step at a time through the process. It took me 2 tries but I was really surprised, once again, with how easy it is.

SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized

SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized $197.98 1

This is among my favorite sewing machines. I used the SINGER 7258 Stylist to make two blazers and two dresses. Well, I know a sewing machine is good if I use it to make and finish more than two garments. This sewing machine did an excellent job in serving its purpose. It did not really give me a hard time, especially with its built-in buttonhole feature. Its easy threading system, too, is something that my mom and I really admired whenever we used the SINGER Stylist 7258 sewing machine.

If you want an error-free run whenMORE using this sewing machine, see to it that you go over the DVD and the manual before anything else. You cannot always rely on the buttons that you see on its body. You might even hurt yourself doing that. Also, before you use this, evaluate the kind of project that you will be working on. See the kind of fabric that you will be using and match it with the appropriate stitch tension and speed.

The SINGER 7258 Stylist 100-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine is definitely a good buy. It makes effortless sewing sessions. Its metal frame is always something to look forward to, as well. For something that has so many features as this one, the amount that you will be spending to get it will totally be worth it.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine $149.00 1

This unit sews at 850 stitches per minute, tying it for the second fastest in our sewing machine reviews. With such a high speed, this heavy-duty sewing machine works well for experienced sewers, especially those who want to do large quilting projects. The sewing machine includes an adjustable speed to slow down or speed up the machine, depending on the project and the user.

The sewing machine has several features that helpMORE style clothing. The machine has a one-step buttonhole operation and seven different buttonhole styles you can use. It also has the capability to sew with twin needles so you can easily create hemlines. While most of this sewing machine’s functions are automatic, a dial controls the tension. The type of stitching and fabric you use will determine the tension.

Between the features and accessories, the Brother CS6000i offers the same capabilities as advanced machines. This machine helps you quilt, make clothing or create smaller sewing projects with ease. The automatic features and adjustable speed make it one of the best sewing machines for beginners. While a manual dial controls the tension, making the unit a little more complicated, the sewing machine’s versatility and adaptability to its user make the CS6000i a sewing machine suited for beginners and experts alike.

SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger

SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger $178.99 1

The Singer 14CG754 Profinish overlock serger will take your sewing to the next level. Plus, you’ll be finishing your projects faster than ever with its blazingly fast 1,300 stitches per minute speed. The CG stands for Commercial Grade. So this serger will be able to handle a wide variety of projects for a very long time.

If you love the look of activewear, you’ll be creating yourMORE own yoga pants that fit perfectly with the fabric that you like. And I’ll quickly say that if you like knits, you will want this overlocker to create stretchable seams. It’s faster and easier than using the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.

This is a wonderful serger for people who are just starting out. It can do the basics really well. The Singer 14CG754 is durable and can handle multiple layers of denim. It will let you make professional-looking and securely-finished seams on a wide variety of fabrics. For the price point, you’re getting a well-built serger that will last you a long time.

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Out of stock

Do you want a computerized sewing machine that will help you make some amazing creations in just minutes? Are you looking for a highly affordable sewing machine that will let you do custom embroidery? The Brother SE400 provides an amazing level of versatility that many sewing machines just can’t offer today.

If you love to quilt, embroider,MORE or sew, then this is the machine that can help you do it. With a 4×4” frame and a back-lit LCD touchscreen helping you select each pattern, you’ll be able to take your sewing work to new levels for a price.

The feature that we really loved with this computerized sewing machine is that you can directly connect it with your computer. This gives you access to literally thousands of different embroidery designs that you can directly import into the sewing machine and use in the future.

SINGER 14SH764CL Stylist Serger

SINGER 14SH764CL Stylist Serger Check on Amazon

The SINGER 14SH764 Stylist serger is the ideal complement to any sewing machine. The 4-3-2 stitch capability provides six stitch types so you always get the perfect finish. Choose from blind hems, rolled hems, flatlocking, overlocking stitches and more! The differential feed eliminates stretching and puckering while the adjustable stitch length and width keeps seams strong and the adjustable tension keeps stitches balanced.

Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough Sewing Machine

Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough Sewing Machine $169.00 1

The Brother ST371HD was one of the lowest scoring machines in our testing process. This machine essentially scored average in our three largest metrics, earning it a score of 49 out of 100. Based on its performance in our tests, we would recommend looking at a different model, as a handful of the ones we looked at scored significantly better at a comparable price.

The ST371HD did averageMORE in our sewing test earning a 5 out of 10. To test the sewing aptitude of this machine, we compared the quality of the long straight stitch, zigzag, scallop and sewing on a zipper produced by this machine against the others in our review. While this machine completed each of these stitches, we found them to be lackluster.

The long straight stitch bunched up the majority of the fabrics we tested, leading to an aesthetically displeasing appearance. However, this machine did excel at a long straight stitch on jersey knit cotton, actually doing the best out of all the machines that we tested.


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