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10 Best Sewing Machines Reviews & Comparison

The best sewing machine can be a portal for you to unleash your creativity and achieve self-fulfillment. With a sewing machine, you can design your own clothes, create your dream costume, or you could just simply repair a torn-up shirt. Nevertheless, the whole sewing experience can be a lot of fun.

From sewing simple monograms to creating more complex designs, the right sewing machine matched with your exceptionally creative mind can do almost anything. But what should you really consider in finding the right sewing machine for you among so many sewing machine brands? With that question in mind, we have put up a comprehensive review on ten of the best sewing machines in the market.

10 Best Sewing Machine Reviews & Analysis

Here are top 10 sewing machine reviews which cover features, pros and cons for all the products.

10. Best for Beginners

Janome Magnolia 7318

Best Sewing Machine 2017

Janome Magnolia 7318Price: $299.00

Popular for its sturdy design, the Magnolia 7318 offers you the flexibility you need. Whether you are sewing garments or creating crafts, you can rely on this powerful machine to do all the thread work for you. Equipped with 4 step buttonholes, 18 built-in decorative stitches and a highly efficient top loading bobbin system, this machinery is a must-buy for novice and professional sewers.

Furthermore, the Janome 7318 was designed with user-convenience in mind as this sewing machine allows you to view stitches on the front panel so you can edit and personalize your crafts. Also, its easy-to-use dial makes it a perfect choice for beginners. By just turning the dial to your stitch of choice, you can get started on your project right away. Plus, you can also readily adjust the length and the width of the thread you use. Indeed, creativity meets convenience as the Janome Magnolia is a user-friendly machine that allows maximum flexibility.

  • Top-loading bobbin system
  • 18 built-in decorative stitches
  • 4-step buttonholes
  • 5-piece feed dog
  • Free arm
  • Reverse lever
  • Stitch adjustment
  • High presser foot lift
  • Dial for stitch selection
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Drop feed
  • Push-pull bobbin winder
  • Easy-to-use. The Janome sewing machine enables you to easily select stitches on its front dial. By just simply turning the dial, you can achieve a perfect stitch without going the extra mile.
  • Perfect for completing a variety of projects, janome 7318 sewing machine can be used for crafting, making garments, creating home decorations and quilting.
  • Decorative stitch patterns. Designed with 18 built-in decorative stitches, the Magnolia 7318 enables you to select decorative stitches so you can further personalize your project.
  • Effortless stitch locking mechanism. Because of its reverse lever, you can now lock your stitches, minus the sweat and the effort.
  • Easy stitch adjustment. Thanks to its stitch adjustment k**b, you can select the length and the width of the thread you use.
  • Unlike other models, the Janome Magnolia 7318 is not computerized.
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Editor’s Recommendation

A simple yet robust machine for all your sewing needs, the Janome Magnolia 7318 is made with extra functional features that allow for optimum flexibility. Most importantly, it has simple and easy-to-use controls, making it the best sewing machine for beginners. So whether you’re looking for your first or your 99th sewing machine, you can count on this machine to deliver outstanding results.

9. Best Machine With SwiftSmart Threading System

SINGER 8770 Computerized Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine Of 2017

SINGER 8770 ComputerizedPrice: $307.99

Less time spent on threading, more time on unleashing your creativity—that’s Singer’s vision when they built the Singer 8770 Computerized Machine. With sophisticated features that allow for unlimited functionality, you are guaranteed a fast and efficient threading experience. So whether you are new to sewing or not, you can definitely rely on this model to offer you the best and the finest functions that other models can only aspire for.

Designed with a SwiftSmart Threading system that keeps threading mishaps at bay, the Singer 8770 Sewing Machine is also equipped with 225 built-in stitches, a drop and sew bobbin system, a twin-needle sewing capacity, StayBright LED lights and a drop feed that allow you to create amazing sewing outputs in a short span of time. In addition to that, it also offers you the chance to customize your projects with a monogram as it was designed with block numerals and alphabets.

  • SwiftSmart Threading system
  • 225 built-in stitches
  • Twin-needle sewing capability
  • StayBright LED lights
  • Drop and sew bobbin system
  • Block numerals and alphabets
  • Automatic one-step buttonholes
  • Memory capability
  • Drop feed
  • LCD monitor
  • 25-year warranty
  • Programmable needle up/down system
  • Automatic tension
  • Automatic bobbin winding clutch
  • Effortless stitching. Equipped with a SwiftSmart Threading system, the Singer 8770 Computerized Machine offers you the opportunity to complete your stitching projects without exerting extra time and effort.
  • Customizing made easy. Built with block numerals and alphabets, this machine enables you to customize your projects with the help of monograms.
  • Easy monitoring. Its LCD monitor allows you to monitor your thread without lifting a finger.
  • Quicker threading. Made with a drop and sew bobbin system, it facilitates easier threading at a shorter timeframe.
  • Brightly-lit workspace. It offers you optimum comfort and convenience as the needle area is equipped with 3 StayBright LED lights for better visibility.
  • Stitch pattern and alphabet combinations. Because of Singer 8770 Sewing Machine’s memory capability, you can combine limitless alphabet and stitch pattern combinations without going the extra mile.
  • The instruction manual can be difficult to comprehend at first glance.
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Editor’s Recommendation

A user-friendly sewing machine that has all the features that novice and professional sewers would look for, the Singer 8770 Sewing Machine is definitely worth the buy.

8. Best Embroidery and Sewing (Combo)

Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Sewing Machine Reviews 2017

Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery MachinePrice: $308.99

Specifically built to tailor your sewing needs, the Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine allows you to take your projects up a notch by offering you high-end customizable features without burning a hole in your pocket. A combination machine that enables you to complete both sewing and embroidery projects at the comforts of your homes, the Brother SE400 fuses creativity with technology. From sewing garments to sewing craftworks, you can expect this machine to be your bridge to effortlessly completing sewing-related tasks. 

Delivering poshed and sophisticated outputs, the Brother SE400 was designed with 67 built in stitches for sewing and 70 built-in designs for embroidery, along with 5 fonts for embroidery and 120 pattern combinations. So whether you sew garments from scratch or you embroider crafts for a living, you can expect this combination machine to be with you every step of the way.

  • 67 built-in sewing stitches
  • 120 frame patterns
  • Computer connectivity
  • Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin
  • 5 embroidery fonts
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter
  • Back-lit LCD monitor
  • 70 built-in embroidery designs
  • Push-button thread cutter
  • Brightly-lit workspace. The Brother SE400 offers you optimum comfort and convenience as the needle area is equipped with lighting features for better visibility.
  • Wide embroidery area. Designed with a 4×4 embroidery area, this combination machine offers you ample space as you work on your projects.
  • Wider connectivity. Because it can be connected to a computer, you can get updates and download the latest embroidery designs so you can further develop your craft.
  • Reliable bobbin system. Equipped with a jam-free drop-in top bobbin system, you can easily set-up the machine and get started.
  • Access to designs. Thanks to its backlit LCD display, you can effortlessly monitor and edit your sewing and embroidery designs.
  • Needle threading made easy. With its automatic threading system, you can easily thread the machine and start creating a new work-of-art.
  • Since it is a combination machine, you have the full freedom to complete sewing and embroidery projects all in one place.
  • The pressure foot pressure cannot be adjusted.
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Editor’s Recommendation

A highly versatile combination device, the Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine offers you the opportunity to enhance your creativity and grow in your field. Plus, it allows you to stay up-to-date and continuously explore a variety of sewing and embroidery designs, making it an indispensable tool for sewers and embroiders alike.

7. Best High End



From a quick and easy set-up to a fast and evenly balanced stitching output, the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine definitely raises the bars higher as it has features that can allow you to seamlessly stitch your way to completing multiple sewing projects. Offering you full freedom and liberty to personalize your projects, SINGER 9960 sewing machine was designed with 600 built-in stitching patterns that also include alphanumeric fonts. Plus, it is also equipped with extra advanced features including mirror imaging, stitch elongation and buttonhole under-plating.

Aside from this, the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine also allows you to edit your stitches so you can fully control your stitching output. Providing unparalleled efficiency, its one-touch thread cutter enables you to finish a stitch without having to worry about resetting the equipment for the next seam. Also, you can monitor your stitches as it was designed with an LCD monitor and a highly programmable needle up/down option. Indeed, this machine effectively fuses highly innovative sewing features with cutting-edge smart technology, making it a hard model to beat.


  • 600 built-in stitching patterns that comes with a stitch reference guide
  • LCD screen
  • One-touch thread trimmer
  • Digital information advisor displayed on the LCD screen
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • 13 automatic buttonhole system
  • Heavy-duty frame


  • Effortless stitching. The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine is designed with 600 built-in stitching patterns that enable you to finish a wide selection of stitching projects. Plus, it is user-friendly as it comes with a comprehensive reference guide.
  • Stitch monitoring. Its digital information advisor displays vital data including stitch width, stitch length and built-in stitch on an LCD monitor.
  • Easy-to-insert bobbin system. Since it was designed with a top drop-in-bobbin system, you can easily insert the bobbin and effortlessly monitor the thread.
  • Large sewing space. Its extension table allows for a wider sewing space for your projects.
  • Gapless stitching. With its 13 buttonhole styles, you can expect gapless stitching without worrying about destroying your fabric.
  • Easy threading. Its easy threading system offers you convenience as you finish your sewing projects.


  • The back button is located near the other buttons.

Editor’s Recommendation

While the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine is pricier than basic models, it is more than what it is worth as it perfectly combines smart technology with highly advanced features you would look for in a sewing machine. Perfect for professionals who sew for a living, this model is worth the time and the investment.

6. Best Machine For DIY Project



An overlock set of stitching equipment that is equipped with 5-4-3-2 threading capability, the Singer 14T968DC offers you flexibility as it enables you to choose from a selection of stitching options for a variety of professional projects. Whether you are new in this field or not, you can expect SINGER 14T968DC sewing machine to deliver professional results, minus the sweat and the effort. Now, you can unleash your creativity as this machine allows you to create countless hems and stitches.

In addition to that, the Singer 14T968DC delivers up to 1,300 stiches a minute, allowing you to create multiple projects at a time. Not to mention, you can gain full control of your stitching project as it was designed with a stitch length control and a highly adjustable cutting width. Indeed, the Singer 14T968DC can be your greatest partner to achieving sewing success.


  • 5-4-3-2 thread capability
  • self-adjusting tension system
  • adjustable cutting width
  • 1,300 stitches a minute
  • stitch length control
  • adjustable stitch width
  • color-coded, lay-in threading
  • efficient threading diagram


  • Color-coded, lay-in threading. With the highly innovative Singer 14T968DC, you can readily choose which thread to use with the help of its color-coded, lay-in threading feature.
  • Effortless sewing. The Singer 14T968DC is able to deliver 1,300 stitches per minute, allowing you to finish multiple projects at a short timeframe.
  • Easy to set-up. Its self-adjusting tension system, along with its color-coded threading, stitch length control and highly adjustable cutting width allows for a quick and easy set-up.
  • Wide variety of stitching options. The Singer 14T968DC’s 5-4-3-2 threading feature allows you to achieve the perfect stitch for multiple projects. Whether you are chain stitching or rolling hems, you can heavily rely on this sewing machine to do all the work for you.
  • Cleaner sewing space. It comes with an attachable pocket that enables you to store your sewing accessories all in one place.
  • Delivers well-balanced stitches. Thanks to its self-adjusting tension system, you can expect nothing but evenly balanced stitches.


  • Lacks a free arm capability

Editor’s Recommendation

The Singer 14T968DC is definitely worth more than its price. With high-end features that allow for efficiency and versatility, this professional sewing machine can enable you to finish multiple projects without consuming too much time and effort. Plus, it is easy to set-up and operate. However, since it comes with advanced features, it is not recommended for novice sewers who are inexperienced in handling a sewing machine.

5. The Best Serger

Brother 2340CV

Brother 2340CV

Looking for a serger that produces stitches in a short amount of time? Look no more. While normal sergers produce a range of 300-500 stitches per minute, the Brother 2340CV allows you to create stitches at an amazing rate of 1,000 stitches per minute with its fast loop threading system. Create professional hems, chain stitches, and other decorative knits on any kind of fabric. Aside from the speed it offers, it also comes with a range of intuitive features for a superior sewing experience.

The color-coded threading guide feature of Brother 2340CV sewing machine is greatly helpful especially for the beginners. Its adjustable presser foot prevents uneven seams and avoids bunching up of fabrics. In addition, it also has an adjustable slide lever, a variety of needle settings and a stitch adjustment dial so you can customize certain control according to your preferences. Truly, this best serger lets you finish your sewing tasks on time.


  • Color-coded threading guide
  • Extra fast loop threading system
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Adjustable slide lever
  • Stitch adjustment dial
  • Lightweight yet durable build
  • Easy-to-follow lay-in threading
  • Chain Stitch Capability
  • 2-3-4 thread cover stitch


  • Color-coded threading guide. Easily choose which thread to use with the color-coded threading feature of the Brother 2340CV and make your sewing projects trouble-free.
  • Fast looping system. Finish your sewing tasks on time with a speedy 1,000 stitches per minute.
  • Stitch dimension dial. Adjust your stitch length from 2.0 mm up to 4.0 mm with the built-in stitch dimension dial.
  • Prevents uneven seams and controls fabric movement. Prevent uneven seams and puckering on your sewing project with the presser foot and slide lever adjustment.
  • Needle options assortment. Choose from a variety of stitches and create any sewing tasks.
  • Its lightweight yet sturdy design conveniently houses all of the accessories and features that the Brother 2340CV has to offer.


  • Complicated manual tension release.

Editor’s Recommendation

Creativity meets speed with this machine. The Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch is the perfect choice for doing speedy sewing projects. Aside from speed, it also lets you create professional hems and stitches through its variety of stitching features. It surely is a beginner-friendly machine due to the color-coded threading guide that it comes with. Also, never worry about bunched up stitches or uneven seams with its adjustable presser foot and slide lever. Finish any sewing project on time with the Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch sewing machine.

4. Best for Quilting

Sewing Machines Reviews

Brother PC420PRW

The Brother PC420 is a compact and handy computerized sewing machine hailing from the popular Project Runway line. With its wide working space and quiet machine operation, it provides you with the peace and ease when working. This machine boasts a variety of features that will efficiently serve you with a surprising range of functions.

Offering you with 294 stitch styles, customizable stitch options, automatic threading and bobbin winding system, and a multilingual LCD display, this full-featured sewing machine gives you the most pleasurable sewing experience. What’s more, the Brother Project Runway PC420 lets you work on different projects and handle all types of fabrics.


  • Easy-to-read, multilingual, backlit LCD display
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter
  • 6-point feed dogs
  • Customizable stitches with My Custom Stitch
  • Adjustable stitching speed control
  • Automatic bobbin winding system


  • 294 preset stitches. This compact yet efficient sewing machine lets you work on any project with its wide range of stitches.
  • Multilingual LCD display. View various settings, customize stitch dimensions, and select stitch preference with the built-in backlit LCD display.
  • Easy threading system. Thread painlessly with its automatic needle threader and cutter by just following and selecting the numbered threading diagram printed on the machine.
  • Effortless fabric feeding. Sew on a wide range of fabrics and achieve more precise stitches with the machine’s 6-point feed dogs.
  • Set your own speed. Work on your sewing project at your preferred speed with its adjustable stitching speed control.
  • Wide and bright working area. Work on various projects with the spacious and well-lit working space.
  • My Custom Stitch. The patented My Custom Stitch feature lets you design and create your own stitches and save them to the built-in memory.
  • Automatic bobbin winding system. Change bobbins easily with its automatic bobbing winding system.


  • Slow reverse stitch and small lettering stitches.

Editor’s Recommendation

The Brother Project Runway PC420 Sewing Machine is designed for beginners and professional sewers alike. It lets you work on any project and on any fabric with its durable design and operational work area. Thread, cut and wind with ease with its automatic needle threader and bobbin winding system. Customize your stitches with the My Custom Stitch feature and adjust a variety of preferences with the stitch selection dial and LCD display. With its numerous innovative features and programmable stitches, it will surely bring out the creativity in you.

3. Best With Exceptional Speed & Functionality

Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer One Plus 221-Stitch

Another sewing machine that made our list is the Singer One Plus-221 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine. This machine offers you with exceptional speed and functionality with its computerized features encased in its vintage design.

It provides you with a wide range of stitching patterns with its 221 choices plus a stitch editing function. Threading will be painless as it comes with a patented SwiftSmart Threading system that allows you to automatically  and effortlessly switch threads in seconds. Furthermore, this machine has a built-in LCD screen so you can easily select and adjust several settings for your sewing project in just a click, giving you full control and management.


  • A wide choice over 221 stitching patterns
  • SwiftSmart automatic threading system
  • Stitch pattern memory
  • Innovative computerized LCD screen
  • Full stitch control and editing options
  • Adjustabe stitching speed controls
  • Large sewing space


  • Easy threading system. The patented SwiftSmart threading system is truly one of the many great features of the Singer One Plus-221 sewing machine. Threading will never be a difficult task since the automatic threading system will do the job for you.
  • Numerous stitching pattern choice. With over 220 stitches you can choose from, create and design anything from simple monograms to complex quilts.
  • Full stitching control. The stitch control and editing options provide you with complete and adjustable control over the dimensions and speed of your stitches.
  • Heavy duty built. With its sturdy and durable metal steel frame, never worry about not finishing your sewing project. The Singer One Plus-221 sewing machine is built to last for years.
  • Computerized LCD screen. The perceptive LCD screen lets you see, select and adjust a variety of controls and settings for your sewing project.
  • Large sewing space. This machine also provides you with a large sewing workspace so you can maneuver and take full control of your fabrics.


  • Editing stitch patterns is limited only to the last pattern created.

Editor’s Recommendation

The Singer One Plus-221 sewing machine is the right choice for you if you want a machine that has numerous functions yet easy to use. With its heavy duty built and a whopping choice of 221 stitching patterns, you can do a lot of sewing projects and never worry about skipping or broken stitches. Furthermore, you have full control over your projects with its adjustable stitching controls, easy threading system, and an intuitive LCD screen.

2. Perfect for Leathers

Best Sewing Machines

Janome HD3000

Designed for a beginner who wants to do a variety of sewing activities, the Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine comes with a handy instructional guide that shows a range of settings for each of your sewing tasks. Built with a durable aluminium body, it offers a lot of room for all your items and accessories.

Threading needles is one of the many challenges a beginner in sewing might come face to face with. But fear no more as the Janome HD3000 has a built-in needle threader and cutter that allows you to switch threads painlessly. Plus, it also comes with an automatic bobbin winding system. Furthermore, it provides you with 21 preset stitches, includes a one-step buttonhole, a stitch length and width adjustment dial, and a hard cover case for easy storage.


  • Solid metal frame build
  • Reverse stitch level
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Built-in threader and cutter
  • Stitch selection dial
  • Manual thread tension
  • 7-piece feed dog
  • 21 preset stitches


  • Sturdy and solid build. Its aluminum build makes the Janome HD3000 withstand heavy duty work. It is the perfect choice for you if you want a machine that could take on any kind of fabric or project you are working on.
  • A choice of 21 preset stitches. Janome HD3000 allows you to perform 21 kinds of stitches and lets you create designs for any project and fabric.
  • Effortless needle threading. It has a built-in needle threader and cutter which provide you with an easy way of threading your needles for a faster thread switching.
  • Stitch length and width adjustment. It lets you freely adjust the length and width of your stitches according to your desired preference.
  • Select your stitch. The Janome HD3000 also comes with a stitch selection dial which allows you to choose from different stitching patterns and also has a built-in instructional guide for beginners.
  • Lock stitches with one touch. Its reverse stitch feature lets you lock stitches in a breeze.


  • It is not a computerized sewing machine.

Editor’s Recommendation

With the number of features that the Janome HD3000 has, it is quite surprising to know that it still has plenty of space for you to work on, making it extremely easy to use. It offers you the flexibility and ease of use which makes it the great choice for you to focus on your sewing projects. What’s more, the sewing machine has a heavy duty, solid build yet it is light weight, helping you with your storage and movement issues.

1. Made For Beginners & Professionals Alike

Singer Special Edition

Singer Special Edition

The Singer Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine, also known in the market as the Singer 90S, is truly a sewing machine for the modern individual. Loaded with a laundry list of special features, the Singer Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine is designed for you and your creative mind. Singer Special Edition mixes simplicity, ease of use and durability in one, made for beginners and professionals alike.

Also, with its glamorous silver metal finish, SwiftSmart threading, programmable needle, computerized LCD screen built with a stitch selection dial and 231 preset stitches you can choose from, surely this machine is a pretty smart grab. In addition, it also comes with a bunch of bonus accessories and a 25 year warranty.


  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • SwiftSmart Threading
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Programmable Needle
  • LCD Screen
  • Stitch Selection Dial


  • Rigid and durable support. Its heavy duty metal steel with silver finish houses all the accessories and mechanisms in perfect alignment for a more precise sewing experience.
  • Easy setup process. It is user friendly even for those who just started in the sewing industry since it comes with a manual for easy setup.
  • Offers a range of preset stitches. You can do a variety of designs with its range of 231 preset stitches, from monograms to countless designs.
  • Effortless threading and sewing. Sewing has never been this easy and painless. Sew at your own speed with its SwiftSmart threading feature combined with an automatic and programmable needle.
  • Designed with a large sewing space. Its wide sewing space allows you to easily manage your fabrics and large sewing projects like quilting.
  • Wide LCD viewing screen. The built-in LCD screen lets you view and allows you to edit your current stitching settings.
  • Allows you to create, edit and save stitch patterns. Built with simple-to-operate stitch selection dials, create and edit different stitching patterns, stitch width and length dimensions, giving you full control over your designs and an effortless sewing and stitching experience.


  • Short power and foot pedal cables.

Editor’s Recommendation

Its glamorous heavy duty finish plus its wide range of stitch patterns serves an effortless sewing experience in a silver platter. The Singer Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine’s computerized and programmable and easy-to-use features will surely boost up your creativity and imagination, allowing you to create infinite designs at your own speed.

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  1. D'Layna Huguez-Dixon Reply

    Thank you for your list of Top Sewing Machines for 2017. I have a Brother computerized machine and dropped off yesterday for cleaning service. Since this shop is also a sewing shop I asked for his recommendation for sewing machine and he said I should purchase one that is not computerized. What do you think of the Janome HD1000 versus HD3000?

    Would appreciate your expert opinion. Have an incredible day!

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Thank you for stopping by and asking the question.

      You should go for Janome HD-3000 Model due to following reasons:
      1. HD-3000 model has adjustable foot pressure while HD-1000 model does not have one.
      2. HD-3000 model has top loading bobbin (quite effective) while HD-1000 model does not have.
      3. The threading system of the HD-3000 model is way better than HD-1000 model.

      Moreover, I would suggest you to read this review.