Best Sewing Machines Of 2019 – The Definitive Buying Guide


From sewing simple monograms to creating more complex designs, the right sewing machine matched with your exceptionally creative mind can do almost anything. So, when it comes to choosing the best sewing machine, you must consider your budget, projects’ type and skills.

A beginner will want an inexpensive machine that is easy to use, for example a computerized sewing machine with features like automatic threaders, one step buttonholes and adjustable sewing speed. However experts will want more advanced features in a sewing machine, for example few machines are much more tailored to serging, quilting and embroidery.

So, we have categorized the sewing machines for different purposes and budgets for you to pick the right sewing machine that can fulfill your needs.

Sewing Machines Under $100

Sewing Machines Under $100

In this price range, the sewing machines usually offer more features than the beginner sewing machines and are known as budget-friendly standard sewing machines.

So, either you are a newbie sewer looking for your first sewing machine or you are a seamstress with low pocket size, the sewing machines under $100 can definitely fulfillMORE your needs.

Although these sewing machines are considered advanced version of beginner sewing machines but they still lack some advance sewing features like auto thread cutter and auto needle threader, etc.

Sewing Machines Between $100 and $300

Sewing Machines Between $100 and $300

Sewing machines between $100 and $300 are for those people who are intermediate sewers and are looking to buy a sewing machine that offers a lot of features like advanced buttonhole stitch, fashion disks, bobbin winding, chain stitch, automatic thread cutter, stitch patterns and automatic needle threader,MORE etc.

In other words, these sewing machines let you complete your intermediate sewing projects easily and quickly. Also, if you were a beginner in the sewing industry but are now skilled enough to try some advance sewing features, then this range of sewing machines are perfect for unleashing your creativity.

Sewing Machines Above $300

Sewing Machines Above $300

People who are professional sewers will find these sewing machines perfect for them because these sewing machines offer all the essential features that can help them to complete even complex sewing projects.

These machines include advance features like illuminated ample workspace, premium stitch quality, noiseless, auto end-of-stitch, touch panel operative, stable hoops,MORE the ultimate pack of accessories and advanced fabric feeding system, etc. which are not common in the standard sewing machines.

Beginner Sewing Machines

Beginner Sewing Machines

Beginner sewing machines are made for those newbie sewers who have just stepped in the creative world of sewing and want to try out their creative sewing ideas.

Usually, these sewing machines do not cost a lot of money because they are only equipped with basic sewing functions like the top-loading bobbin, automatic needle threader,MORE one-step buttonhole and adjustable speed control, etc. These machines lack the advance sewing features like the number of stitch patterns and thread trimmer, etc. So, after learning the basics on these machines, one can move to more advance sewing machines in future.

Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines are also known as commercial sewing machines. These machines are tailored to perform specific sewing tasks perfectly as opposed to the standard sewing machines that can perform variety of sewing tasks but within certain limits.

These heavy-duty machines are robust enough to sew on items such as saddles, sails, belting, webbing, upholstery, canvas, tentsMORE and many other sewing projects which can not be done on common sewing machines. These sewing machines are long lasting and can be used continuously for a full day without a break. Moreover, these machines do not require maintenance frequently and can remain maintenance-free for months. So, seamstresses who are planning to enhance their business should consider these sewing machines.

Serger Sewing Machines

Serger Sewing Machines

Serger sewing machines are for those sewers who want to do sewing tasks like edge overcasting, seam allowance and extra fabric trimming, etc. So, sergers are meant to perform all the above tasks perfectly and quickly. Regular sewing machine can’t do these jobs because they are not designed to do so and are quite slow when compared to serger sewing machine. MORE

Buying a serger doesn’t mean that you don’t need a sewing machine instead both of them perform different tasks like with sewing machine, top stitch is possible but by only using serger, it is not possible.

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery sewing machines are for those people who love to sew their custom ideas like words, images and symbols, etc on the fabric.

Embroidery machine comes equipped with features like adequate illuminated sewing area, simple and quick design transfer, mirroring the image, tracing, stitch advance and rotation, etc. If all of the above features are on your requirements list then you shouldMORE consider buying embroidery sewing machine.

Quilting Machines<

Quilting Machines

All of us know that quilting is possible with the standard sewing machine. But the question arises that why do we need quilting machine as opposed to regular sewing machine?

It’s because some functions that are performed by professional quilting machine is not possible with the regular sewing machine like needle up and needle down,MORE feed dog, walking foot and special stitches, etc. If you are a seamstress, you better know the importance of quilting enabled sewing machines.

Mini Sewing Machines<

Mini Sewing Machines

Initially, these machines may look like toys to some people but these machines are not toys at all. Actually, these machines can work very well for small projects or quick sewing tasks. There are many benefits of these sewing machines which are as follows.

If you are a newbie, you can learn basic sewing on these machines by not spending a lot of moneyMORE initially as these machines have a low price tag. If you are experienced then you can use these machines as a backup machine for purposes like taking such machine to sewing class or on trips. However, do not consider these machines to have many stitching options or the ability to work with heavy fabric.

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  1. D'Layna Huguez-Dixon Reply

    Thank you for your list of Top Sewing Machines for 2017. I have a Brother computerized machine and dropped off yesterday for cleaning service. Since this shop is also a sewing shop I asked for his recommendation for sewing machine and he said I should purchase one that is not computerized. What do you think of the Janome HD1000 versus HD3000?

    Would appreciate your expert opinion. Have an incredible day!

    1. wordsiseek Reply

      Thank you for stopping by and asking the question.

      You should go for Janome HD-3000 Model due to following reasons:
      1. HD-3000 model has adjustable foot pressure while HD-1000 model does not have one.
      2. HD-3000 model has top loading bobbin (quite effective) while HD-1000 model does not have.
      3. The threading system of the HD-3000 model is way better than HD-1000 model.

      Moreover, I would suggest you to read this review.

  2. Lídia Barreto Reply

    Thank you for this list
    I am planning to restart sewing, after a long time far from sewing machines. That is one of my plans after retirement. You have helped me a lot!

  3. Jorge cristi Reply

    When looking for sewing machine need to a sewing dealer!! Big box retailers carry garbage!!! When doing reviews compare every single brand out there like Babylock. Kenmore even though sold exclusively by Sears it’s a janome product!!