Hottest Short Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts

Hottest Short Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts

Whether you are going for regular hair trim or a hairstyle change, it’s important to know what “look” you want. The thing to take into consideration is the type of haircut you want. Look at these short layered haircuts for women and I am pretty sure that these cuts will definitely help you, to look different every single day without wasting too much time trying to style your hair.

So, you should get one of these haircuts and rock!Here Is The List Of 27 Hottest Short Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2017.

27. Emo Haircuts for Girls

short layered haircuts
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Short emo haircuts for girls typically feature chunky layers; it’s a blunt-cut and includes side swept bangs that come down to your eyebrows. Usually, emo girl haircuts are short above the shoulders. Mostly dye in black or dark brown.

Many put their hair up in small pigtails or with bands. In this cut, only one eye is visible.


26. Classic Bob Haircut

Classic Bob Haircut
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This is true among the cute bob haircuts. In this cut, the hairs are cut bluntly with minimum layers. The hair lengths are up to the chin and have beautiful bangs, also the deep side part of this cut makes it even more overwhelming and presents an incredibly bold personality and enhance the look.

One more positive thing about these short layered hairstyles with bangs is that bangs help in hiding your wrinkles on the forehead and give you a very young look. Most of the famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Mila Jovovich and many more went for classic bob haircuts and no doubt these celebs looked prettier without makeup just because of the gorgeous Bob hairstyles.


25. Full Fringe Cut

Full Fringe Cut
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If you are a big fan of bangs and layers, as well as looking for short haircuts for round faces then this haircut is for you. So, you must go for it and have numerous layers and bangs, will result in an incredibly stunning and stylish look.

I am pretty sure you will be shocked with your new look. This cut is ideal among all short haircuts for women with round faces and is at the top in the layered haircuts.

In this haircut, the lovely soft bangs are also effortless to grow in comparison to the rough blunt bangs.

Hottest Short Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts
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24. Stacked Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Cut

If you are totally bored with your long hair look and time-consuming hairstyles, moreover if they are irritating you and itching especially on your neck, in that case, you must go for stacked bob.

You will surely feel good with this because the hairs are cut higher than your neck thus they are easily kept off. This cut has stacked layers that combine properly into the chin length strands of hair and gives you an extremely lustrous stylish look.

Moreover, this haircut will even look great if you dye bold colors. This will prove a terrific short layered haircut for you.

23. Layered Edgy bob

Layered Edgy bob

If you wish to search a hair cut that has some lovely layers, in that case, this edgy haircuts bob style is the one with chin length hairs. In this hairstyle, the side part gives it an undoubtedly more incredible look.

So, this is an extraordinarily attention-grabbing haircut and it’s best for girls that have oval shaped face and want to frame their face incredibly well. For this haircut you should have naturally straight hair; flat iron straightener can also be used for curly hairs, but that will hide all layers and will dull the hair shine too.

22. Spiked Up Haircut

Spiked Up Haircut

This haircut is extremely cool pixie with the spiked look and is among the popular short layered haircuts for women. If you haven’t tried this yet, then it is recommended for all girls that they should go for it once. Rough look of this haircut adds a cool and fresh look in your personality.

The bold hair color takes this haircut from better to best. The best thing about this cut is that it looks amazing on all type of faces moreover thick and curly hair will be ideal for this haircut. However, if you don’t have that texture of hair (thick and curly) you can still go for spiked up haircut anytime and it will look incredible.

21. Long Bob for Black Women

Long Bob for Black Women

A longer bob is amazing for all face shapes and is the best choice for those who are conscious about going too short. Add some hombre hair to enhance the look of straight hair or you can curl them when you want to mix up things. 

20. Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetrical Style

It’s not compulsory to stick with the traditional bob’s haircut, there’s an abundance of rebellious edgy short haircuts to go for while you are looking for an edgier look. Asymmetrical style features longer hair cut at a particular angle on one side with the bottom hair trim short.

One of the greatest parts about this hair cut is that it does not appear to be so spectacular. The long hair can simply be combed over the shorter part as you need a rigid look.

19. Cropped Hair Cut with Volume

Cropped Hair Cut with Volume

There are many fun alternatives to select when it particularly come to choose black women short haircuts and then this cut is one best example. This is ideal for women with medium and thick hair texture. This short haircut is angled and layered for more volume and bounce.

18. Side-swept Bob

Side-swept Bob

Simple and sleek, this shoulder length style is parted to the side, reshaping the face and exposes the eyes. This haircut is ideal for working women and if they wish to go out with friends anytime then this is easy to carry style and women will definitely adore their look.

17. Long at front and short at back

Long at front and short at back

Black women haircuts don’t have to be simple and outdated. So when you are searching for black short haircuts, instead one can hold about a completely change style on the front and back of the head. Honoring a style with bangs will completely change your look into somewhat ultra hot chic!

16. Cropped Bob

Cropped Bob

Must try cropped bob haircut when you are looking for bob haircuts for black women, a stress-free style that still looks great in all situations. Include in some streaks of bold color to lighten up the outlook that this style simply brings. 

15. Straight Bob with front weave

Straight Bob with front weave

When we speak about ideal black women short haircuts, then you can go for a style that combines both your usual and a few artificial hairs. Put some color just to the front center part of your bangs and that will add a creative touch to your sassy look.

14. Steeply Angled Haircut

Steeply Angled Haircut

Impressive and will always be in style, the elegant and classy angled bob with long front layers compliments almost any shape of the face.

13. Straight Bob

Straight Bob

The bob haircuts cannot be a drama since it is shown with the style that cut your hair short for easy handling and straightened with no perfection. Messy, curly hairs are totally fine when you are out of any motivation or time. This one of the natural short hairstyles make anything pleasing and take less effort.

12. Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob

This black bob haircut is a motivated throwback that will surely look best for a special event and even with everyday wear. In the 20th-century medium bob haircuts symbolize the progressive, independent and spirited women. Many tried vintage bob style to boost their elegant personality.

Strong female public figures, all through history have been defined by their bob haircuts and styles. Cleopatra repeatedly represented wearing aspects of the bob haircuts. Amelia Earhart wore cropped bob haircut.

11. Pin Straight Bob haircut

Pin Straight Bob haircut

If you have ideal straight hair, then this bob haircut will look great on you. Using perfectly graduated length in the hair cut also includes dimension to hair that is subject to flatness. You will still get the rewards of easy to handle hair, beside with adorable brand new style. 

10. Shoulder Skimming Bob

Shoulder Skimming Bob

Famous Haitian-American actress Garcelle Beauvais is stuck to medium bob haircuts and loves bob haircuts much, she refreshes her look after few weeks. Classy asymmetric haircut types with layering through the front flicks are the evolution of her haircuts.

9. Rough Dog Ears Haircut

Rough Dog Ears Haircut

Dog-Ear hair gives a variety in emo haircuts for girls. Dog ears are different length stylish layers. The addition of sharp and bold colors to hairs perfectly enhances personality.

8. Sassy Bob

Sassy Bob

A modern and stunning look with an amazing haircut, sassy bob haircut is an overwhelming idea in very short haircuts. To get this style, cut your hair in such a way that your face should be perfectly framed with front hair of both sides of the head and the locks on the back side will be trim in the round under the ear.

For more incredible cut, you can also cover up a part of your eyes with front face headed hair if it is not annoying. Highlight it for an ultimate final look and enjoy one of the best cuts of very short style.

7. Side-Shave haircut

Side-Shave haircut

If you wish to rock the world with your funky, bold and magnificent appearance, then don’t waste your time here and there. You have a fantastic choice in one side-shave haircut. It is basically an inspiration of the 90s and recently introduced, particularly for black women.

With revolutions in this cut like curls, waves, twists or sections on the other hairy side you can give a strong look to your charming personality with this perfect hair cut.

6. Flirty Tendril Cut

Flirty Tendril Cut

As you are looking for extremely short hairstyles, with a hint of glamorous, this fabulous option will surely help you the best. Avail the opportunity to reflect your liveliness and enthusiasm by opting for this exciting and natural hairstyle for especially short hair.

Keep some short hair on both sides to move stress on tendrils up. Make them look flirty and kinky that is the genuine texture of this incredible styling. 

5. Short Natural haircut with a different Side Parting

Short Natural haircut with a different Side Parting

This cut can be listed simply with the extremely easiest short haircuts for black women. It is stunning, easy to make and totally stylish and makes your personality more impressive and bold. Nowadays, many well-known models are choosing it to hit the ramp with their hot sizzling look.

4. Short Buzz Cut

Short Buzz Cut

It is extremely natural and a real haircut that has been worn by many well-known black models on the ramp. Though, it is equally popular among all black and white women in the grooming period.

Apparently the reason is the easiest trending of the style that frees you from the hassle of caring for twists, cuts, and puffs. The style reminds the 60s when it was known as Hedgehog Cut. Recently, resembles with the buzz cut as well that have slightly longer hair than short buzz cut has.

3. Barley Layers

Barley Layers

In this style, the haircut layers are very long, it looks that length of layers is equal but actually they are not. This haircut gives a perfect volume to hairs and gives a sexy bouncy movement. Barley layers suit every shape of the face and go with any hair texture whether curly or straight, thin or thick.

2. Short Flirty Jagged

Short Flirty Jagged

The back layering and excellent side of this style are done by hair removing razor furthermore completed with a wet flirty finish. Thin side bangs are ideal to complement this fascinating playful look.

1. Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob

Your classiness in medium bob style can be improved even better by just upgrading your medium bob style with the choppy bob. These bob haircuts black hair will make you look adorable and more elegant in a way that you will surely see a remarkable change in your personality.

This haircut is best for all kind of hair textures and a great choice for women with oval or round face shapes.

Must get one of these stunning short haircuts and bring a drastic change in your personality. Which haircut fascinates you most? Don’t forget to comment about your favorite haircut.