7 Best Skele Toes To Buy In 2018

Best Skele Toes To Buy Now !

There was a time that shoes were simple and easy to choose from a limited selection. Nowadays, shoes have seen a world of their own, spanning to all sorts of various types; ranging from trainers, track shoes, swim shoes and Flip flops to name a few from the endless out there. A new variety of shoes have emerged and are quite the attention grabbers: Best SKELE TOES. 

Previously, you or I would go into a shoe shop andMORE selected from an endless selection and variety, but have you noticed, the majority of the covered shoes that we see are; complete foot inside shoe. That is, entire fingers of the foot are covered under one unit; that trend has recently started to change with the arrival of SKELE Toes Shoes.

SKELE TOES Shoes are basically just like any other shoe you would find in your home, the only difference is that each finger of your foot including the toe, go into their own respective compartment joined to the shoe. A shoes shaped like a foot. An easier example would be to imagine a glove, fingers of the hands and you wearing the glove. Applying that concept to the foot is the striking though process; in the form of a shoe. You got yourself a SKELE TOES Shoe.

Not only is it a great application for the foot, it is also a great flexibility in terms of greater comfort for the anatomical movement of the individual fingers of the foot.  This flexibility it provides, is such that the movement of toes can be carried out in a more natural way, which can help strengthen the tendons in the feet and over create a balance posture for the person using them.

They are becoming increasingly popular as the primary shoe choice, for walking and running due to increased traction this type of shoe provides; due to better contact of each finger to the ground.

Let’s look into some of the best SKELE TOES Shoes out there for you to choose from:

Best Skele Toe With Great Grip & Flexibility : Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross

Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross $89.95 1

Vibram’s KSO Evo cross is an ideal combination of ground feedback and protection, the wearers of this shoe can experience terrain with great grip and flexibility. The sole is less than 5 millimeters, which ensures good form and durability at the same time to absorb shock. Features: Moderate padded tongue & speed lacing system. Serrated blade lug design and an XS Trek Outsole

  • Durability while being light weight.
  • It is a tested product
  • It is on the expensive side.

Best Skele Toe With Thinnest Sole : Vibram Men’s El-x Cross

Vibram Men’s El-x Cross $84.95 1

Next in line form Vibram’s is El-x. It is the thinnest sole they provide, A Cross-training shoe built for an experience like you’re walking barefoot. It has an upper breathable mesh. The shoe provides excellent ground feedback possible. Designed to be simple, comfortable. So it can be put on with easy and taken off with easy. A perfect example for those people wanting that experience of a SKELE TOES Shoe. The shoe has an XS Trek outsole with a serrated blade tread pattern.

  • Product is light weight, comfortable for the wearer.
  • Because of the thinness of the sole, care should be taken. Sharp edges can still penetrate through

Most Lightweight Skele Toe : Fila Women’s SKELE TOES EZ

Fila Women’s SKELE TOES EZ Out of stock

Fila brings in the Women’s Fila Skele-Toes EZ Slide Water Shoes. Costing not so much to the valet one can save much buying these. It is the best than being barefoot! The shoes offer protection from sharp surfaces, murky lake beds, rough textures and hot sand. The shoes are lightweight, and very flexible and comfortable, perfect for the boat, the cabin, or the beach or in your backyard. The shoes are made from a synthetic upper, with a cushioned foot bed, with an air mesh for skin breathability. The shoe consist of 3 adjustable hook-and-loop straps for a secure fit; Pull-on loops for wearing.

  • Lightweight and cheap to buy.
  • Overtime the built quality of this product has deteriorated.

Best Synthetic Material Skele Toe : Fila Women’s SKELE TOES EZ Slide Drainage Textile

Fila Women’s SKELE TOES EZ Slide Drainage Textile $37.00 1

Fila brings in their women’s product the EZ Slide. From these shoes, the runners are able to duplicate the feel of shoeless running, while still having support and protection.  Some of the features of the EZ Slide Drainage is lightweight high performance four-way stretch fabric and an upper air mesh, The last two smallest toes are combined for easy slide in and wearing EZ. The outsole is made a synthetic overlay, along with texture for traction.

  • Provides some waterproofing to a limited extent.
  • Bulky design, oddly shaped.

Best Skele Toe With Internal Foam Lining : Fila Men’s SKELE TOES EZ Slide Drain Running Shoe

Fila Men’s SKELE TOES EZ Slide Drain Running Shoe $41.02 1

Our next contender is EZ Slide Drain from Fila. The shoe is made from a Synthetic material with an internal foam lining for a soft and comfortable feel. The EZ Slide feature combines the two smallest toes of the foot for easy wearing and insertion, a bungee with hook and loop closure accompanies at the front and back for a secure fit. An exterior texture is provided for external traction.

  • The product is very soft and comfortable.
  • Weighing in at 3 pounds, it is the heaviest till now.

Aggressive Multi Sport Skele Toe : Komodo Sport Shoe

Komodo Sport Shoe Out of stock

We have reviewed the Vibram five fingers, keeping it in context Vibram has released the Komodo Sport The Komodo Sport is an aggressive multi sport design, it inherits all the best that the FiveFingers KSO offers, but with functional improvements. The target by Vibram is to showcase the product to the most active fitness enthusiasts and become their mainstay SKELE TOES Shoe. 

The Komodo sport is basically aMORE running shoe. So, it’s not possible for it be used in wet conditions, due to fact that it’s made with a dry mesh fabric and suede overlay. Consists of a 2 mm foot bed for added comfort. The Komodo is equipped with a 4 mm Vibram TC1 Performance Rubber Outsole that helps in offering superior grip, traction and protection across all training activities.

  • The best stylized among the list for those style conscious enthusiast as well
  • Better gripping, providing superior comfort.
  • A problem persists with sizes related to this model. Confusion among men’s and women’s, so get your order precise.

Most Comfortable Skele Toe : Vibram FiveFingers Mens SeeYa LS

Most Comfortable Skele Toe

The most awaited of all Vibram products of their Skele-toe shoe line is their FiveFingers SeeYa Running Shoe. Designed to give you the utmost comfort while being closer to the nature with barefoot sensation. This new model has been made much lighter compare to previous version, with less upper material and more breathable mesh for skin air flow and coolness in the foot.

The purpose is to deliver aMORE product with superior performance. Minimum rubber thickness in the outsole maximizes “foot feel” and flexibility, while a soft midsole further reduces thickness and weight for natural movement. Present inside is a stitched-in insole, protecting the inner skin and foot tissue during prolonged use. The shoe is styled very nicely, with a padded tongue and a micro suede overlay for a comfortable fit.

  • Great quality for the right amount of price. A completely balanced package.
  • The best comfort among the list till now.
  • Because of its popularity, beware of fake versions or replicas, appearing just like this in the market but of an inferior quality.

Editor’s Recommendation

According to my analysis of the products that I have reviewed, and my observance for the most preferred Skele-Toe shoe, many come on the list with strong features, others with great price tags. At my conclusion, I will be looking at an overall perceptiveness for the best package.

Vibram FiveFingers Mens SeeYa LS Polyester Running Shoe is byMORE standards, standing the best among the list. For its range of best features for a decent price. Its popularity is a test to its performance and durability as a product. Majority of its users are satisfied with the usage and its effect on their training activities and personal outlook.

The product is not only stylist but also good in quality. As a wearer should feel confident in the look and practicality of his choice, if he receives both, there is no doubt the product showcases its credibility in the users’ mind across the world.

7 Best Skele Toes To Buy In 2018
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