The 8 Best Electric Fireplace Between $50 and $100 To Buy In 2018

Do you stay up in the cold nights watching movies or working? If you do, you can attest that it’s an unpleasant feeling. Sometimes when the cold is too much, you are left with no choice other than seeking warmth in your blankets. However, the situation could get better if you install the best electric fireplace in your living room, study room or bedroom. You will never have to sacrifice doing the things you like in the name of cold. That is not even the best part. Since we understand how difficult it can be to decide on a heater, you can choose one from our 8 best electric fireplace heater reviews.

VonHaus Electric Fireplace Stove Heater Portable

VonHaus Electric Fireplace Stove Heater Portable Out of stock

The VonHaus portable electric fireplace is an attractive stove design that has a black finish and goes with almost any decor. As seen in the images, it is designed to have a ‘cast iron’ look though it is actually a tough durable plastic. From any distance it does look like cast iron, they did a nice job in the looks department.

The VonHaus 1500W Portable Stove Heater Fireplace has a classic retro look about it, and it will look the part in any room in your home, your garage or even in your office. Because of its compact size, and light weight it is very portable. Pick it up, move it and plug it in, easy peasey. It has good ambient lighting and will provide additional heat for your room. This fireplace will certainly make your room look and feel warm and cozy.

The fireplace has a vivid and realistic looking log flame effect. The brightness of the flames can be adjusted to suit your requirements. It is possible to use the fireplace only with the flame effect and without the heater being switched on. There are two incandescent light bulbs that provide the lighting.

ROVSUN 20″H Electric Fireplace Stove

ROVSUN 20 H Electric Fireplace Stove Out of stock

Winter is approaching, and you will need a heater to keep you warm throughout the season. What you can try is a compact electric fireplace, the ROVSUN 20″H Electric Stove to serve the purpose. This stove will deliver coziness by fire without the need for chimney or vents.

The ROVSUN Electric Stove offers so much in its small package. One feature that will delight you is its powerful, quiet fan-forced heater. It ensures even distribution of heat in a room that is less than 400 square feet. Since none of its parts gets hot to the touch from outside, you kids and pets stay safe.

DONYER POWER 14″ Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop

DONYER POWER 14 Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop $69.99 1

In addition to supplying heat, these units often have more lighting effects than other electric fireplaces to help spice up a room. These units are easy to use and most of them, like the Touchstone Onyx, come with a remote control to adjust flame height and temperature settings.

Many electric fireplaces that come installed in furniture are missing certain fireplace capabilities, including safety features. Make sure that the unit you purchase at least has automatic shutoff along with glass that is cool to the touch, like the mantled Southern Enterprise Calvert.

Depending on where you’re going to install your electric fireplace, you’ll need to consider the size. These smokeless fireplaces come in all different widths and heights. However, in general, they range in size from 26 inches to 50 inches wide and 17 inches to 24 inches high. You will want to be conscious of the color and length of the power cord as this will also affect where and how you arrange your fireplace.

HomCom 16″ 1500W Freestanding

HomCom 16 1500W Freestanding $89.99

This sturdy, but lightweight stove heater has a beautiful antique design, and it produces a lot of heat and can heat a small room very quickly. The log fire display offers you a mellow glow with pulsing red coals and golden flickering flames, which you can adjust to suit your mood. You can also adjust the heating and there is a safety device to stop the unit from overheating

HollyHOME 17” Free Standing Electric Fireplace

HollyHOME 17'' Free Standing Electric Fireplace Out of stock

An electric fireplace, like any other device, can overload an electrical system in your home. Check if your system can work with a chimney and avoid using multiple large devices at the same time to avoid overcharging.

There are many styles we offer, so we have coverage if you are looking for a compact fireplace for your bedroom, a multimedia console for your living room or a wall mount for the office lobby. Electric ovens usually have a more traditional design than electric fireplaces, and most oven models are independent units that sit on the floor at the wall or in the corner of your room.

These heaters do not require ventilation and are simply connected to the wall so that almost no maintenance is required. Most of our models electric fireplaces.

Golden Vantage 20″ 1500W Adjustable 5200 BTU Freestanding

Golden Vantage 20 1500W Adjustable 5200 BTU Freestanding $89.99 1

If you have wanted to heat your home in a tranquil and inexpensive way, the Golden Vantage 20″ electrical fireplace is the way to go. This is an electric stove that is not only durable, but also very reliable. Regardless of the type or size of your house, you will no doubt find that this stove suits your needs.

Another noteworthy feature is the electronic thermostat. This is a unique feature that allows the user to control the room’s temperature. With the thermostat, you do not need to keep changing the temperature settings as the room heats. The thermostat makes it possible for you to set a temperature that cannot be exceeded. Once the temperature is attained, the stove will go off until more heat is needed.

Your shopping experience will be more enjoyable after discovering that you are getting the highest quality stove at a considerably low price. This stove has the capacity to heat up to 400 square feet with a heat output of 5200 BTUs per hour.

Golden Vantage 26″ Wall Mount Black Finish

Golden Vantage 26 Wall Mount Black Finish Check on Amazon

Electric fireplaces have a limitless possibility in their designs and so, you can choose one that best suits your desires and still get to enjoy its benefits. They can be installed in condos, apartments or recreational vehicles to provide an elegant fashion forward focus to your room.

You can also easily integrate them into media centers, traditional mantels as well as in the bookshelves. Better yet, electric fireplaces eliminate the tiresome maintenance, prohibitive cost and ecological unfriendliness associated with the traditional fires.

The Golden Vantage 26″ is a beautiful and versatile electric heater that can easily become the center of attraction in any room. It heats well and looks absolutely classy.

Finether 1500W Adjustable Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater

Finether 1500W Adjustable Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater Out of stock

The Finether 1500W Adjustable Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater with 3D Patented Flame, 7 Color Changeable LED Backlight and Remote Control is that and will be a superb purchase for any consumer.

For this great price, the Finether 1500W Adjustable Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater with 3D Patented Flame, 7 Color Changeable LED Backlight and Remote Control comes widely recommended and is a regular choice among many shoppers. Finether have added some excellent touches and this equals good value.

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The 8 Best Electric Fireplace Between $50 and $100 To Buy In 2018
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