The 8 Best In Ceiling Speakers To Buy In 2019

In Ceiling Speakers

Adding ceiling speakers to your home is a terrific way to enhance your audio experience. Whether it’s for a kitchen, living room, family room or outside covered patio, ceiling speakers can deliver quality sound without a heavy price tag. But before you buy, it’s important to consider your needs, including how many speakers are needed and the total size of a room. Fortunately, no matter what you’re looking for, there is no shortage of options available to choose from. Here’s our list of the best ceiling speakers you can install today.

Polk Audio RC60i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers

Polk Audio RC60i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers $129.99 1

The Polk Audio RC60i In-Wall/In-Ceiling speakers practically have the in-wall speaker race in the bag. They are effectively the benchmark. Their low cost, swivel tweeter design, easy to install, use in bathrooms or saunas, and large dispersion design make them the easy choice for in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. They mimic the look a recessed lighting and you can paint them to match your decor. They will practically disappear in your home.

The RC60i come in 6.5-inchMORE and 8-inch versions, and their Infinite Baffle tuning uses the enclosure of the wall space to enhance their bass response. The hardest part of the set up is going to be cutting a round hole in your wall, but after you have figured that out, their rotating cams a-fix the speaker to the wall. Hook up speaker cabling to the RC60i and run it to your amplifier or home theater receiver and you are set.

The directional tweeter allows the speakers to be used in small to large rooms with a very wide ‘sweet spot’. That means everyone on the couch can perfectly hear the movie you are all watching. Users have reported using them in 28×20-foot rooms with no issues.

Yamaha NS-IW480CWH 8″ 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

Yamaha NS-IW480CWH 8 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System $369.19 1

This modern ceiling speaker system is produced with high-definition sound that does not require too much space in your house. Basically, this is because you can easily put it in your ceiling and installation is not much of an effort. The Yamaha 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System even comes in pairs, offering a great deal for customers.

The Yamaha 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker SystemMORE comes in pairs. Buying this beautiful speaker system will not cost you more than $100 which is pretty good. Why? For less than $100 dollars you can have two good high-definition sound systems in your home. Furthermore, it comes in the classic color white.

The Yamaha 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System weighs about 8 pounds or 4 kilograms. This means it is not too heavy if you put it in your home’s ceiling. Even its installation is not very tedious. Consumers have commented that the template together with the package is very helpful, so anyone can install it easily.

Acoustic Audio R191 In Ceiling / In Wall 5 Speaker Set

Acoustic Audio R191 In Ceiling / In Wall 5 Speaker Set $75.88 1

There are plenty of reasons why should have these speakers installed in your house, compared to why you shouldn’t. You only need to ensure that you are well-versed with the installation process for an amazing experience. Look for recommendations and tips regards the location and installation of the speakers to avoid messing up.

Prior to installing the speakers,MORE remember to check whether the wire ratings are in line with your building’s fire code. If you are concerned about the ratings, it would be wise that you contact your installer and your insurance agent, as wires can easily be prone to fire, damage, and stress.

The Acoustic Audio R191 in-ceiling and in-wall 5 Speaker Set, 2-Way Home Theater 1000W New R191-5S is undoubtedly one the best speakers today. This product has won the hearts of so many homeowners because of its amazing features.

Yamaha NSIC600WH 2-Way 110-Watts RMSSpeaker

Yamaha NSIC600WH 2-Way 110-Watts RMSSpeaker $99.95 1

If you’re looking for top recommended Yamaha NSIC600WH 2-Way 110-Watts RMSSpeaker — White, then Yamaha NSIC600WH 2-Way 110-Watts RMSSpeaker — White is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product.

The NS-IC600 6.5-inch in-ceiling speakerMORE is good for 2-channel sound reproduction or home theater use in a living room, dining room, family room or bedroom. The NS-IC600 uses a blue polypropylene mica cone woofer and fluid-cooled soft- dome swivel tweeter in a coaxial design.

Yamaha’s policy of always putting sound quality first, combined with decades of experience in producing fine speakers, ensures that the sound of these speakers is superior to that of many other in-ceiling speakers. The NS-IC600 uses a blue PP (polypropylene) mica cone woofer and fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter in a coaxial design. The tweeter swivels so it can be aimed for most effective high frequency output.

Polk Audio MC60 High Performance In-Ceiling Speaker

Polk Audio MC60 High Performance In-Ceiling Speaker $64.00 1

Appreciate genuine encompass sound and surrounding clamors in your home when you introduce the restored Polk Audio In-Ceiling Loudspeaker. This 6.5-inch roof speaker is for all intents and purposes undetectable and can play in any room you need, regardless of whether it’s you’re front room, sunroom, or even the lavatory.

Tuned for encompassing executionMORE and common musicality, these speakers dependably play sound at a magnificent quality notwithstanding when the volume is low.

The powder-covered aluminum grille makes the speaker impervious to rust and dampness so it can be utilized as a part of washrooms. It’s additionally paintable to coordinate your roof’s shading.

Pyle Surround Wall / Ceiling Home Speaker

Pyle Surround Wall / Ceiling Home Speaker $79.99 1

The Pyle Home Bluetooth Speaker System provides in-wall / in-ceiling mounting convenience. Deliver effortless stereo sound to any room in your home or office with wireless music streaming ability. Activate Bluetooth audio via the integrated function switch and enjoy the ability to stream your sound from all of today’s latest Bluetooth devices (like smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers).

System includes one active speaker,MORE one passive speaker, speaker connection cable, built-in digital sound amplifiers, along with an external power supply adapter. Mount the speakers in a convenient location on flat wall or ceiling panels for a flush, clean look. Achieve wide-range sound performance and add audio to any room with the Pyle In-Wall / In-Ceiling Bluetooth Speaker Kit.

Micca M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling

Micca M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling $39.99 1

The M-8C utilizes a classic 2-way design in a coaxial form factor. One of the biggest advantage of this speaker is it can be installed in the ceiling OR the wall making it a great multi-purpose option.

Installation is describedMORE as incredibly easy by many buyers although be careful to use a screwdriver rather than a power drill when installing as you may break the tabs.

If you are looking for an In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speaker that delivers on clarity and bass frequencies that is simple to install and set-up and are available at a budget friendly price then this would be our number one recommendation.

Klipsch R-1650-C In-Ceiling Speaker

Klipsch R-1650-C In-Ceiling Speaker $39.99

The R-1650-C In-Ceiling Speaker from Klipsch is a two way 6.5″ polymer-cone woofer with a large motor structure, loaded with a coaxially mounted 1″ polymer-dome tweeter. The R-1650-C features a frequency response of 57 to 20,000 Hz and has a power handling of 35 watts.

The speaker’s mounting system simplifiesMORE installation while its paintable aluminum grille provides added rust protection in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The speakers can be set up with the optionally purchased IK-650-C installation kit or it can be used in conjunction with the ME-650-C fire-rated enclosure, also purchased separately.

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The 8 Best In Ceiling Speakers To Buy In 2019
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