The 8 Best Inversion Tables Between $200 and $400 To Buy In 2019


For someone that is not familiar with the term, the inversion table may sound like the invention of a mad scientist. In fact, this equipment is a medical device, which uses the inversion therapy, and alternative treatment for problems of the back, neck and spine.

HealthGear ITM7.0-S Patented Deep Tissue Shiatsu

HealthGear ITM7.0-S Patented Deep Tissue Shiatsu $294.94 1

The Health Gear® Shiatsu Heat & Massage Inversion Table features a 4” memory foam back pad with adjustable head rest, 3 adjustable levels of inversion, a sturdy frame with 300lb weight capacity and integrated heat and shiatsu massage. Recover and relax with the Health Gear® Shiatsu Heat & Massage Inversion Table.

Some of its user-friendly features:MORE Oversized leg rollers/chrome caps, Heavy-duty adjustment handle with k**b, Oversized foot rest plate fits a wider range of sizes, 2.5″ Heavy duty steel round tubing, 3 position side Inversion pin w/ ball-bearing rotational bars for 20, 40, 60 degree decline adjustments, Folds for storage, locks, transport wheels, Memory foam backrest and adjustable back pad.


IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity $222.13 1

The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is one of the latest from Ironman and is known for both its comfort and effectiveness. Packed with comfort features to enhance your inversion experience and relax your muscles, it is an improvement on their earlier Gravity 1000 and Gravity 2000 models. The inversion table is an important item of equipment used for inversion therapy by doctors and other health care professionals. This particular table is quite possibly one of the most sturdy on the market today and is a must for those wanting, or needing, to carry out inversion therapy.

Whether it’s just to relaxMORE or you want to use it for your back or neck therapy, the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table has been designed to make using it as comfortable as possible, which is especially important the older we get.

The table frame will work for people who are tall as the frame is height-adjustable up to a maximum of 6 feet 6 inches and comes with a safety lock that keeps the table securely in place. The table also supports users of up to 350 pounds weight.


Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy $289.96 1

Of all the inversion tables that incorporate infrared therapy these days, the most popular is probably the Ironman IFT 4000, which sits at the pinnacle of a whole series of devices designed by Paradigm Health & Wellness. This excellent combination of inversion and heat therapy might do wonders for those with back problems. Far infrared rays penetrate deep beneath the skin without causing any discomfort.

The frame is made of tubular,MORE heavy-duty, powder coated steel that is durable enough to resist scratching during normal use or storage. It also has a footprint that’s 27” x 50” making it a fairly substantial device by any reckoning. Unlike other infrared tables, this one’s stand has an “open space” design, which facilitates getting onto or off of the table as there is no crossbar near the floor to get in your way.

Unfortunately, that’s the one sour note where this machine is concerned. Yes, you can simply push the front and back legs together, but then you’re faced with a heavy, cumbersome device that won’t stay in that position on its own. You would need a really high bed with excellent clearance in order to slide the table under it unless you begin disassembling it. I don’t believe it pays off, time-wise, as you’ll probably be using it twice a day. The folded table would be 80” long/high and 17” deep.

Body Xtreme Fitness ~ Inversion Table, Back Fitness Therapy Relief

Body Xtreme Fitness ~ Inversion Table, Back Fitness Therapy Relief $201.62 1

It has the soft touch foam handles on both sides of the Maximum Comfort Foam backrest that measures 39 x 14.6 inches and foam rollers so you can invert very comfortably. It comes with the three angle limits of the safety bar so you can do your full inversion with the maximum amount of safety.

It folds flat and can be easilyMORE put under your bed or in your closet. It is simple to assemble in just under an hour and measures 52.7 x 24.6 inches as assembled. And you will feel more stable with the anti-slip rubber stabilizers for the floor.

It offers a good deal of control and flexibility for different body sizes and weights. The Body Xtreme is not just for the back pain relief either, as you can also use it for your sore or stiff body from different types of exercise. You will get the complimentary sweat resistant cooling towel in the package as well, which may come in handy after your sessions. Low price and great value for money.

Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System

Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System Out of stock

The Ironman has issued three models of their new line called ‘iControl,’ which refers to the innovative angle locking solution device applied on the tables. The new, very reliable braking system replaces the faulty ‘Smart Gear’ that can be found in all Ironman Atis series tables, as well as in the Ironman LXT850 model, which is well reviewed and has legions of happy customers using it.

Here, the back frame’s bottom bar is turnedMORE into a “stretching bar,” and the front one is left out. The whole frame is powder-coated to withstand folding and unfolding without scratches.The function of stabilization is fulfilled by four small plastic caps, bolt-mounted to cover the sharp ends of the frame.

The iControl 400 can be best compared to another Ironman inversion table, the Ironman LXT850. Their construction is pretty similar and so is their price. However, considering the comparison of their angle locking solutions, there’s no doubt that the iControl system is far more reliable than the “Smart Gear.” The choice is obvious for me, and I’d rather expect to see the iControl inversion table eclipsing the LXT850.

IronMan Relax 1900 Premier Inversion Table

IronMan Relax 1900 Premier Inversion Table Check on Amazon

The IronMan Relax 1900 Premier Inversion Table is one of the best product in the market right now. With its incredibly affordable price and star-studded features, buying the IronMan Relax 1900 Premier Inversion Table would be a great idea.

Extra wide tubular steel frame ScratchMORE resistant powder coated finish Foam covered, extra long safety handles Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers Memory foam vinyl covered backrest Ergonomically molded ankle holders Inverts up to 90 degrees Supports up to 350 lbs.

Three adjustments for different starting inversion angles Folds for storage Height adjustment up to 6′ 6″ Easily adjustable safety tether strap Patented easy-reach “Palm Activated” adjusting ratchet ankle locking system Removable lumbar pillow Safety vinyl side covers. Most people who have bought the IronMan Relax 1900 Premier Inversion Table are very happy with its overall performance. They are also amazed at how affordable the price is and yet does not lack quality features.

Health Gear ITM 6000 Heat & Massage

Health Gear ITM 6000 Heat & Massage $248.19

Relieve back pressure, muscle aches and stress with the Health Gear Deluxe Heat and Massage Inversion Table, which is made of heavy gauge steel tubing for durability. Featuring a 3-position side inversion pin for adjustments, this table has a built-in and removable heat and massage lumbar pad.

The encased center rotationalMORE bar helps prevent pinch points, while the extra-long, extra-wide back rest is fully padded for additional comfort and support. Folds for easy storage.

Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Therapy Table

Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Out of stock

Get inverted with the Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table. Excellent for relieving back stress and increasing blood circulation, this table is a great addition to your home gym. This three-position bench with adjustable leg height is padded with high-density foam and upholstered with washable vinyl for added comfort. When not in use, this table easily folds for storage.

Pure Global Brands Inc has a commitmentMORE to creating the finest quality sports and leisure equipment for both active and casual lifestyles. Their motto is “simply good products for real life”, reflected in their resilient, versatile products each made with a focus on perfection in every step of the process.

High quality products with affordable options to fit every budget, every Pure Global Brand product is guaranteed to satisfy. A rigid adherence to modern safety standards and a focus on customer satisfaction has made Pure Global Brands, Inc. a force to be reckoned with on the world market.

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