The 8 Best Natural Ingredient Hand Creams To Buy In 2019

Natural Ingredient Hand Creams

We hate to break it to you, but after the neck and eyes, hands tell all when it comes to signs of aging. Take your skin from drab to fab with these high-quality hand creams, because let’s be real — we don’t need anyone but psychics reading our palms


Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream For Dry Skin

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream For Dry Skin $6.88 1

Aveeno’s Intense Relief Hand Cream is fragrance-free and a great value. It didn’t absorb as quickly as other products, according to our consumer testers, but it perked up dry hands in GHRI tests. One volunteer said, “It made my hands look younger!” Others liked the consistency and “silky” feel on their hands.

This lotion got the lowestMORE score in our test for absorbing into skin easily, but our volunteers were split, with some loving its feel and others calling it “greasy” and “slippery.”

Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream Check on Amazon

Give your hands a hand with burt’s bees almond milk beeswax hand cream. Dry hands happen; that s why super rich burt s bees almond milk beeswax hand cream contains sweet almond oil and vitamin e to help your hard-working skin.

This jar of 100% natural handMORE moisturizer also contains beeswax to help seal and condition. Plus it has a pleasant, nutty almond scent. Simply massage a dollop of cream onto skin after every hand washing or anytime your hands crave pampering. Put the power of nature to work for your skin with burt s bees.

J.R. Watkins Hand Cream with Shea and Cocoa Butters

J.R. Watkins Hand Cream with Shea and Cocoa Butters $5.39 1

J. R. Watkins Shea Butter Hand Cream uses natural shea and cocoa butters, and plant oils to protect, soothe, and condition delicate or damaged skin. This is a rich, non-greasy formula that can be used as body moisturizer, or for repairing dry, rough hands and feet.

The Naked Bee Hand & Cuticle Healing Salve

The Naked Bee Hand & Cuticle Healing Salve $9.49 1

Sunflower seed oil may help to moisturize the skin. It is also high in vitamin E, which may act as an antioxidant and help to reduce irritation.

Shea butter contains fattyMORE acids that may help to promote recovery from skin injuries. Shea butter may also help to reduce skin issues. Beeswax may help to soften and protect the skin. It may also have antibacterial properties. Rosemary extract may also have antibacterial abilities.

Burt’s Bees Farmer’s Friend Hand Salve

Burt's Bees Farmer's Friend Hand Salve Check on Amazon

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve is their most intensive hand treatment yet. This all purpose protective balm is made with botanical oils herbs and beeswax specially formulated to deeply penetrate dry chapped hands and other areas that need extra moisturising.

Dry and rough hands findMORE salvation in Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. As almond oil moisturises rosemary stimulates your circulation and lavender helps prevent scarring making this Hand Salve ideal for use after gardening and other outdoor activities. Directions of use: Apply Burt’s Bees Hand Salve to hands as often as needed.

Awakening HANDS Magnesium-Rich Hydrating

Awakening HANDS Magnesium-Rich Hydrating Hand Therapy Cream $25.15 1

Never greasy or sticky – leaves skin feeling like silk within 40 seconds of application. Contains zero mineral oils. Magnesium fights aging by stimulating skin cells to regenerate. Potassium hydrates.

Each pearl-size drop applicationMORE will endure through multiple hand washings. Essences of ginger and cinnamon astringents soothe irritated, itchy skin.

Extract of myrrh (the ancient Balm of Gilead) fights bacteria. Heals dry, cracked fingers, nails and cuticles.

Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream

Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream Out of stock

Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Hand Cream Sea Treasures is a rich, creamy, non-greasy formula in a tube that leaves your skin soft and hydrated. This travel-size tube is perfect for on-the-go. Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Hand Cream absorbs quickly, keeping your hands moist and beautiful.

It absorbs effortlesslyMORE and is gentle enough to be used every day. Use regularly wherever you have dry skin. Sea Treasures is a beautiful scent of the seashore, nostalgic of warm ocean breezes intertwined with the soft floral of Sweet Pea.

Coriander and Olive Oil Nourshing Hand Butter

Coriander and Olive Oil Nourshing Hand Butter $12.48 1

Nourishing Hand Butter Coriander and Olive Tree Formulated specifically to care for hands in the kitchen, this Nourishing Hand Butter is enriched with first cold press olive oil known to help maintain the skin’s elasticity, softness and hydration.

Thanks to its active ingredients,MORE it rejuvenates dry and damaged hands leaving a non-greasy protective film. Skin is softened, soothed and deliciously perfumed.

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