The 8 Best Water-Resistant Concealers For Acne To Buy In 2019

Water-Resistant Concealers For Acne

The only thing that’s more frustrating than watching a monster zit take control of your face is seeing the scar it leaves behind. So we got the pros to tell us the top concealers they always have on hand when dealing with pockmarks, bumps, and splotchy scars.

NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Stick

NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Stick Out of stock

For many brands, it is common to have a few concealers in their lineup to be diverse and versatile. For NYX, that looks like four stand alone NYX Concealers and two NYX Concealer

Another popular NYX ConcealerMORE is the NYX Concealer Stick. This convenient NYX Concealer is packaged in an easy to use stick that provides effortless and targeted application. The NYX Concealer Stick provides buildable medium to full coverage and helps to reduce the appearance of common skin imperfections like fine lines and pores.

Like the NYX Concealer in a Jar, the NYX Concealer stick is available in both concealing and color correcting shades. There are currently eight shades of NYX Concealer Stick shades ranging from Porcelain to Nutmeg. The remaining three color correcting shades of concealer are yellow, green, and lavender.

Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour waterproof

Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour waterproof $15.41 1

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Waterproof Concealer is a decent option as far as creamy stick concealers go, but even with its strong points, it’s just not up there with the best concealers on the market.

This twist-up concealerMORE doesn’t tug at all when going on under the eyes. It provides medium to full coverage of dark circles and blemishes. It also comes in a variety of natural-looking shades suitable for light to medium skin tones.

The problem is that this creamy concealer is a bit too creamy; if you don’t set it with powder, it remains slightly greasy looking throughout its wear time, and setting it with powder can be a challenge because moving a brush across this concealer makes it slide. It also settles into fine lines, not just around the eyes, but under them as well. Not a pretty look, especially if you intend to wear this for 12 hours!

MAC Studio Finish SP35 Concealer NC50

MAC Studio Finish SP35 Concealer NC50 $38.95

I will start off by saying that this concealer is quite drying which is the reason I don’t reach for this as often as I used to when I had oily skin. It’s something I opt for when I’ve been properly taking care of my skin, so I know it’ll sit well on my face and won’t settle into any fine lines under my eyes.

It can also feel a little heavyMORE if you’ve applied too much unnecessarily. A little really does go a long way with this concealer because of how intensely pigmented it is! I always end up using less concealer than I usually do with this because you only need a tiny amount to apply a very thin layer for everything to be fully concealed! It’s a full coverage concealer so you can cover every single type of imperfection with this – under eye circles, blemishes, discolouration etc.

I just use a little of the nc45 shade under my foundation and then continue with my normal base routine! It does a great job of ensuring all my discolouration is evened out and no longer noticable!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer Ivory 6

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer Ivory 6 $45.50 1

Concealer.. Somehow my search for the perfect one never ends. I’ve tried about everything, and some came pretty close to being perfect, yet, never have I found ”The One”.

As always, Starting off with the packaging.MORE This is absolutely fine. You know, It’s a concealer. I didn’t expect it to have rhinestones and pop glitter in the air. It’s a basic squeeze tube that’s nice and hygienic. I like!

On to the actual product! I must say, wow, this bad boy really is a full coverage concealer! It hides blemishes in just a few dabs and you only need the tiniest amount of product. Trust me, I hate it when people say that, But you really do just need a tiny bit of it.

Maybelline Facestudio Master Conceal

Maybelline Facestudio Master Conceal $5.96 1

Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer is a new Maybelline Spring 2015 launch by Facestudio that’s available in five shade selections.

Maybelline Master Conceal CamouflagingMORE Concealer is a medium coverage concealer with a VERY nice formula. Drugstore concealers, in my opinion, have almost always been way too dry for me! It’s very difficult for me to find a concealer at the drugstore that doesn’t creep and crawl into my finer liners. They are either too sheer, too dry, too cakey, or too prone to creasing in my experience.

On the upside, if the color range does suit your skin tone this is a fairly nice concealer formula and a great stride in the right direction for drugstore concealer! Finally, proof that not all drugstore concealers have to dry and cakey!

Smashbox 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer Anti Cernes

Smashbox 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer Anti Cernes Check on Amazon

If you’ve got discolorations to hide, chances are your concealer wish list looks like this: natural-looking yet full coverage, a long-wearing formula that holds up through humidity and perspiration, and must not feel like spackle on your face. Well, it seems Smashbox Cosmetics must have been listening, because those are exactly the qualities we found in their 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer! This fragrance-free formula excels when it comes to hiding red marks, brown spots and blemishes.

Smashbox recommends on the packagingMORE instructions to shake before use, as this can separate otherwise. You can apply it directly to skin using the tip of the wand, or defer to a small-tipped concealer brush. We should note that the immediate full coverage provided by this formula means a little goes a long (LONG) way—a pin-sized dot was more than enough to cover a pea-sized red mark.

As a nice bonus, Smashbox also included antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as lecithin, vitamin C (as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate), cucumber and licorice root extracts. It’s possible that this combination can have some benefit in reducing redness and complimenting your well-formulated skincare routine in helping speed the healing time of discolorations resulting from breakouts. This is a very nice extra benefit to an already excellent concealer.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer

Bye Bye Under Eye is a concealer used for under your eyes (as the product name eludes to) for those who get dark circles. I have been using this product for close to six months and I can definitely see a difference.

This product does so muchMORE with using so little. First of all, for many of us, we look for something that is waterproof. We don’t want our makeup running or moving during the day, no matter what we are doing. This why this product is so fantastic. It is completely waterproof, and I have tested this fact.

Also, while wearing it, it doesn’t feel heavy. I have tried other concealers, and I feel like I am almost wearing paint. It is so heavy and my face can’t breathe. Then my face starts breaking out and I have to use more concealer and it seems like a never ending cycle.

Maybelline New York Cover Stick Concealer

Maybelline New York Cover Stick Concealer $2.59 1

Maybelline Coverstick Waterproof is a concealer that hides blemishes, dark circles and other imperfections. Its long-lasting waterproof formula lasts for hours and blends with the natural skin tone for even coverage. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Available in three shades: Ivory, Medium Beige and Green.

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