Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own

31: Chinchilla


Aww! Look at the face, isn’t that just the cutest. The Chinchilla’s make a really good house pet for the average small family. The name though, sounds more like a Mexican drink off the bar. Keeping that Mexican energy note, these rodents are perky little energy balls making good pets for for teens and above.

Being light weight and very fragile, the Chinchilla’s zip like flash if left loose in the house. They are however very sensitive to, too tight of grips and can bite if provoked. The good part of these best pets, is their thick layer of fur and hardly any sound. Proving to be some excellent low maintenance pets.

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  1. drak Reply

    i love the fox

  2. Ivne Reply

    The blue macaw is an endangered species from South America. If you see it being sold, contact the authorities immediately.

  3. Hedgehog lover Reply

    Wait..sorry Hedgehog and sugar glider maybe legal elsewhere but not in California,.

  4. Poop Reply

    Regarding the chinchillas: they are not made for kids. Chinchillas are animals for teens and above. As stated in the text, they are fragile and not that easy to handle if you want them tame. Quiet animals? Not a chance. These cute rodents will make a fuss NIGHTLY (as they are night animals) unless you let them out daily, give them tons of DIY toys to keep them entertained at all times and require at least an hour or two a day to keep them “silent”. DAILY they are angels.

    I have two wonderful chinchilla females and they are my world. I have spent hours upon hours on them and it’s not enough. I have them in my room and if I don’t keep them entertained I am risking not getting any sleep. But that’s the responsibility I took upon getting these pets.

    So yeah they could be low maintenance pets as stated because you can spend 5mins on them a day if you would like but that means no petting the AMAZING fur, creating a loyal bond and getting a best friend.

    I highly recommend them but not for anyone who’s not willing to spend the time on them or anyone too young.

  5. Salvador Reply

    We used to have pygmy goats.


    I sort of want the stick insect… weird isn’t it? 🙂

  7. Serena Reply

    I want either a hampster or a chinchilla. They are SOOO cute! I cant decide… what would you guys reccomend for an 11 year old who only gets 7 hours of sleep?