Most Famous Serial Killers Throughout History

Although there are so many serial killers who are notorious for their brutality but in this list we have chosen 30 most evil serial killers of this planet earth. Most of them abducted their victims, raped them and stabbed them to death by dissecting their bodies. 

For reader’s convenience we have categorized these killers by their country and then the list of serial killers is sorted by the number of killings.

  1. American Serial Killers
  2. British Serial Killers
  3. German Serial Killers
  4. Russian Serial Killers
  5. Colombian Serial killer
  6. Australian Serial Killers
  7. Canadian Serial Killers

Here Is The List Of 30 Most Notorious Serial Killers Throughout The History.


United States of America

30. Gray Leon Ridgway

Gray Leon Ridgway - famous serial killers
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  • A.K.A.: “The Green River Killer”
  • Number of killings: 49+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: King County, Washington, USA

Gray Leon Ridgway is one of the infamous serial killers in America who received more notoriety. He admitted the killing of 49 women and girls in Washington State during the 1980s and 1990s. His major victims were prostitutes and underage runways.

He strangled his victims with the help of ligatures or sometimes with his arm and then dumped some of the dead bodies in Green River and some disposed of in planned forest areas to have s****l i*********e with them. In 2001, he was arrested for the murders of four women that were related to him through DNA verification. Gray Ridgway was found accountable and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

29. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy - worst serial killers
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  • Number of killings: 14+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/Beating with metal bar
  • Country: Washington/Utah/Florida/Vermont
    Colorado/Idaho/Oregon, USA

Theodore Robert Bundy was one of the famous American serial killers, who stabbed and killed a range of young girls and women in just four years between 1974 and 1978. His young female victims portrayed Ted Bundy to be a very compelling and sociable personality, qualities that are enough to take advantage of their trust.

He often used to approach his female victims in public places acting as a power figure or disabled person and took them to the planned areas where he would rape them; dismember their bodies by killing them and keeping their heads as mementos.

He was also indulged in necrophilia. On a few occasions, he would just break into homes and bludgeoned his victims while they were sleeping. Frequently captured, he tried to escape two times from police before going to attempt three more murders.

The grabbing fact about this case is that Ted was a genius man. In spite of having five fixed lawyers, he acted as his own legal representative and crossed examined witnesses. He was finally arrested in 1979 and was executed by electrocution in 1989.

28. John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy - list of serial killers
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  • A.K.A.: “The Killer Clown”
  • Number of killings: 33
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: Chicago, Illinois, USA

“The killer Clown”, John Wayne Gacy was one among the worst USA serial killers ever who sexually assaulted a count of 33 young men and boys in Chicago, Illinois between 1972 and 1978. He was known because of his benevolent services at fundraising events, where he would dress up as “Pogo the Clown”, the entertaining character that he selected for himself.

He enticed his victims to his address by force or with the promise of work or money. Gacy strangled his victims with a tourniquet and then buried most of the bodies in the crawl space of his home or in the surroundings. All of Gacy known murders were executed inside his Norwood Park Township Home. In 1980, Gacy was sentenced to death for convicting 33 murders and after spending 14 years on death row, and executed by lethal injection in 1994.

27. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer - american serial killers
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  • A.K.A.: “The Milwaukee Cannibal”
  • Number of killings: 17
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/ Cutting throat of his victims
  • Country: Ohio/Wisconsin, USA

According to history, Jeffery Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers who just not killed his victims, he rape them, murder and dissect seventeen boys and men for about thirteen years between 1978 and 1991. Jeffery Dahmer was an American serial killer also known as “Milwaukee Cannibal”. He was one of the s*x offenders who also commit necrophilia, cannibalism and later on ate body parts by cooking them within his home.

At the time of arrest, police found human body parts in the refrigerator and in acid-filled vats and human skulls in his closet, when his eighteen intended victim, Edwards, escaped and told a police patrol car passing by him. In 1922, the court found Dahmer guilty on his fifteen killings and sentenced him fifteen terms of life custody. After two years in 1924, Dahmer died inside the jail by another prisoner, Christopher Scarver, at the Columbia Correctional Institution.

26. Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez - serial killers list
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  • A.K.A.: “The Nigh Stalker”
  • Number of killings: 13-16+
  • Murder Method: Stabbing/ Beating/ Shooting
  • Country: Los Angeles/ California, USA

Richard Ramirez is one of top 10 serial killers in California, was also a rapist, Satan worshiper and housebreaker sent shock waves and terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco from June 1984 until August 1985. He killed 13 people and wounded many others who ranged between a 9-year-old girl and elderly married couple by shooting, stabbing, raping and mutilating his victims. He committed crimes mostly in evening timings, so he was dubbed as “Night Stalker” by the news media.

He used extensive of weapons for his killings, including knives, handguns, hammer, and tire iron and machete. The murderer was lastly caught in East LA after his mug shot was on air across Southern California and was approached by an angry mob. Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1985, and for 23 years, he stayed on California death row and died at the age of 53 due to cancer.

25. Dennis Rader

Dennis Rade - most famous serial killers
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  • A.K.A.: “The BTK Killer”
  • Number of killings: 10
  • Murder Method: Ligature strangulation /Stabbing with knife
  • Country: Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA

Dennis Lynn Rader known as BTK Killer which stands for blind, torture and kill, is one of among most famous serial killers in the US, who murdered not less than 10 people for about seventeen years between 1974-9, in Sedgwick County, Kansas.

In 2004, he began to send taunting letters to police claiming the death of his sufferers with evidence and for not being able to catch him. Unluckily for him, his own provided evidence to police became the reason of his ultimate custody. He is now currently serving ten successive life sentences devoid of parole.

24. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper
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  • A.K.A.: “ The Co-ed killer”
  • Number of killings: 10
  • Murder Method:  Hitting with a hammer/ Shooting
  • Country: California, USA

Edmund Kemper, famous among California serial killers nicknamed “Co-ed killer” engaged in necrophilia, was an active killer in the early 1970s. He used to kill people at the age of 15 by killing his grandparents in North Fork, California, and things only got terrible from here.

Later on, he killed six female hitchhikers by dismembering their bodies in the Santa Cruz area, having s*x with some of their bodies and afterward, he killed his mother beating her with the hammer and as well as one of her friends by strangulation and then turned himself inking November 1973, the court found him guilty of 8 counts of murder. He is presently serving a life sentence without any chance of parole in California jail.

23. David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz
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  • A.K.A.: “Son of Sam”- “The .44 Caliber Killer”
  • Number of killings: 6
  • Murder Method: Shooting
  • Country: New York, USA

David Berkowitz better known as Son of Sam or .44 Caliber Killer is one of the most infamous serial killers in the US who convicted series of murders committed with a.44 Caliber Bulldog revolver that began in the summer of 1976 in New York City. He murdered six people and injured several others. He generally killed those victims when they sat on parked cars.

He was memorable for frightening the people of New York by sending taunting letters to police and media about his crimes and promising further shootings. After his arrest in 1977, he claimed that a demon dog ordered him to kill. He admitted murders carried by him and was sentenced to 25 Years in jail for each of his 6 killings.

22. Richard Chase

Richard Chase
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  • A.K.A.: “ The Vampire of Sacramento”
  • Number of killings: 6
  • Murder Method: Shooting
  • Country: Sacramento, California, USA

Richard Trenton Chase was one of among worst American famous killers who, over the course of a month, murdered six people including a 22-month-old child. He was known as “Vampire of Sacramento” due to drinking his victim’s blood and ate their internal organs.

He engaged in s*x with dead bodies and bathe with their blood. In 1978, he was apprehended and exposed to be schizophrenic and sentenced to death in Gas Chambers. However, in 1980, he was found to be dead in his cell by the overdose of antidepressant pills that he had been saving for last few days.

21. Charles Frederick Albright

Charles Frederick Albright
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  • A.K.A.: “The Eye Ball Killer”-“Dallas Ripper”
  • Number of killings: 3
  • Murder Method: Shooting
  • Country: Dallas, Texas, USA

“The Eye Ball Killer” Charles Albright is one of the most evil people in Texas who murdered 3 women in the early 90’s. Dead bodies of his victims were found with their eyes removed. In 1994, he was sentenced to a life in prison.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

20. John George Haigh

John George Haigh

  • A.K.A.: “ The Acid Bath Murderer”
  • Number of killings: 6
  • Murder Method: Beating with a blunt instrument/ Shooting
  • Country: London, England, UK

John George Haigh was one of English famous murderers who was convicted for the murder of 6 people. Though he professed to have killed a count of 9. He targeted well-off persons and attract them pretending to be a successful businessman.

He shot victims by luring them to a deserted storehouse. After that, he dissolved corpses in sulphuric acid prior to forging papers in order to sell their possession to earn the considerable sum of money. Traces of human remains were discovered and as a result, he was convicted on August 1949, and hanged at Wands worth prison in London.

19. Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman

Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman

  • A.K.A.: “Death Doctor”
  • Number of killings: 15-215+
  • Murder Method: Poisoning
  • Country: Great Manchester/ West Yorkshire, England, UK

“Death Doctor” Harold Shipman was a pillar of Manchester community and is one among the most prolific serial killers in history who has killed up 250 people mostly elderly women. His youngest sufferer was of 41-year-old man. Being a respected member of his community, the question raised from colleagues over the high death rate among his patients in Hyde, then a police inspection initiated.

It was later on found that he injected his patients with the lethal amount of drugs, causing their death. Dissimilar to other top ten serial killers, there was no indication of brutality and sexual implication. He was taken into custody in 1998 and was sentenced to 15 life imprisonments and judge proposed that he would never be set free. In 2004, Shipman hanged himself in Wakefield jail.

18. Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen

  • A.K.A.: “ The Muswell Hill Murderer”-“ The Kindly Killer”
  • Number of killings: 16
  • Murder Method: Ligature strangulation
  • Country: London, England, UK

Dennis Nilsen, known as “Muswell Hill Murderer” who was one of the worst serial killer ever in Britain, was also a homosexual and necrophiliac who committed a series of murders more than 15 young men in gruesome circumstances between 1978 and 1983. He lured his victims in his home and would keep the bodies for sexual satisfaction and slept with them in order to ease his loneliness.

Nilsen used to cut the victim’s body into pieces and drain it when it started to decay. He was eventually arrested when a human flesh was found in his sewage system. In 1983, he was found guilty of six counts of killings and two attempted counts of murder and sentenced to life in jail without any chance of release in Yorkshire, England. Nilsen has been illustrated as the “British Jeffery Dahmer” due to similarities between their way of life, crimes, and sexuality.

17. Ian Brady

Ian Brady

  • A.K.A.: “The Moors Murderer”
  • Number of killings: 5
  • Murder Method: Strangulation with a piece of string/ Cutting the throat
  • Country: Great Manchester, England, UK

In the 1960s, Ian Brady and his girlfriend Mayra Hindley manhandled and killed five kids aged between 10 and 17 and got to be known as the “Moors Murders”. They buried the bodies of their victims on the moors close to Manchester.

In 1966, Brady was imprisoned for life and moved to Ashworth Hospital in 1985 in the wake of being proclaimed criminally insane, where he has been on hunger strike for the greater part of the previous years. Hindley died from a myocardial infarction in 2002.

16. Colin Ireland

Colin Ireland

  • A.K.A.: “Gay Slayer”
  • Number of killings: 5
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: London, England, UK

Colin Ireland was a former soldier who murdered five gay men in the mid-1990s. His killing spree finished soon when a CCTV camera got him with his last victim and he was sentenced to life in jail in 1993.

He admitted to each of the five killings. It is obscure whether Ireland's homicides were sexually motivated. Ireland is one of the 35 prisoners to have been given an entire life levy by a Home Secretary.



15. Joachim Kroll

Joachim Kroll

  • A.K.A.: “The Ruhr Hunter”- “The Duisburg Man –eater”
  • Number of killings: 13+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/ Stabbing with knife
  • Country: North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany

Joachim Georg Kroll, one of worst serial killers in history was also a cannibal, known as “Ruhr Cannibal” and the “Duisburg Man –eater”, killed and ate 13 people by mutilating them, claiming that he was doing so to save his grocery bills. He began killing in 1955 when his mother died. He used to keep inflatable sex dolls and to practice strangling people.

When Kroll was asked by his neighbor that what is stuck in his apartment drainage system, he simply answered; “Guts”. Neighbor reported this to the police and they found the body of a girl cut up named “Ketter” in his apartment. Kroll was convicted for 8 killings but admitted a count of 14. In 1991, he died of a heart attack in the prison of Rheinbach, near Bonn.

14. Fritz Honka

Fritz Honka

  • Number of killings: 4
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: Hamburg, Germany

Fritz Honka was a German serial killer who murdered four whores from Hamburg's red light area, keeping the dead bodies in his apartment. In 1975, firefighters found the preserved remains after a fire in the house. Honka was not present at that time because he was at his duty as night gatekeeper.

He was captured when he returned home and sentenced to life in prison. After being arrested in 1975, Honka said that he murdered the ladies after they ridiculed his inclination for oral sex over "straight" intercourse. In 1993, Honka set free from jail and spent his last years in a nursing home. In 1998, he died in the hospital of Langenhorn, Hamburg.

13. Peter Kurten

Peter Kurten

  • A.K.A.: “The Vampire of Dusseldorf”
  • Number of killings: 9
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/Stabbing with knife/Hitting with a hammer
  • Country: Prussia Rhine Province, Germany

German serial killer, Peter Kurten named as “The Vampire of Dusseldorf”, carried out a series of sex violations, murders and assaults between February and November in 1929. His victims were adults and children.

He was known as the vampire because he drank the blood of a murdered swan and likewise, he made endeavors to drink the blood of some of his victims. In 1931, he was executed by guillotine in Cologne.

12. Friedrich Haarmann

Friedrich Haarmann

  • A.K.A.: “The Butcher of Hannover”
  • Number of killings: 27+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/ Biting through their throats
  • Country: Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

Between 1918 and 1924, Friedrich "Fritz" Haarmann conferred the rape, homicide, mutilation and dissection of at least 24 young men and boys in Hannover, Germany. He utilized his amicable way to serve him well as both a police witness and a sexual cruel person.

His victims were vagrants and male whores and he had a strict inclination for handsome young men. He was tried, discovered liable of 24 of the 27 murders, and subsequently executed in April 1925.

11. George Karl Grossmann

George Karl Grossmann

  • A.K.A.: “The Berlin Butcher”
  • Number of killings: 26-50+
  • Murder Method: ???
  • Country: Berlin, Germany

George Karl Grossmann (Carl Fredrick Wilhelm Grobmann) was a German serial killer who tore up his victims. In 1921, he was captured at his flat when neighbors heard shouting and slamming commotions. When police arrived, they found the dead body of a young lady on the bed that had been killed recently.  

Grossmann was taken into authority and accused of first-degree murder. During World War I, Grossmann sold meat on the black market and it is believed that the meat contained the remaining parts of his victims. Karl Grossmann was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Prior to his sentence could be completed; he hanged himself in his own cell in 1922. The actual number of lives is not known that Grossmann took.



10. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo

  • A.K.A.: “The Butcher of Rostov” -“The Red Ripper”- “The Rostov Ripper”
  • Number of killings: 52-56
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/ Stabbing with knife
  • Country: Rostov Oblast, Russia

Dubbed as “The Butcher of Rostov” and “The Red Ripper”; Chikatilo was one of the among child serial killers in soviet, who committed the sexual assault, murder, and mutilation of the minimum of 53 women and children in Russia. Chikatilo main targets were young girls and boys. He lured his victims with the promise of money or toys and candies.

In few cases, he also ate intimate parts of his victims. Finally, he was trapped when attempting to approach young kids under the police scrutiny. In 1992, he confessed a count of 56 murders and was guilty of 53 of these murders. Relatives of these victims demanded that authority should set him free so that they could kill him. In 1994, he was consequently executed by firing squad.

9. Sergei Aleksandrovich Golovkin

Sergei Aleksandrovich Golovkin

  • A.K.A.: “The Fisher”
  • Number of killings: 11
  • Murder Method: Stabbing with knife
  • Country: Moscow, Russia

Between 1986 and 1992, Russian serial killer, Sergei Golovkin, murdered and butchered 11 young men in the Moscow area.  His victims were young boys aged 10-12.

He had a room in his carport where he tormented kids for hours. He assaulted, smoldered, uprooted the skin, cut, killed and dismantled his victims. In 1994, he was sentenced to death for killing 11 boys and executed by gunshot in 1996.

8. Alexander Yuryevich Pichushkin

Alexander Yuryevich Pichushkin

  • A.K.A.: “The Chessboard Killer”-“The Bitsa Park Maniac”
  • Number of killings: 49+
  • Murder Method: Hitting with a hammer
  • Country: Moscow, Russia

Russian serial killer, Alexander Pichushkin, slaughtered no less than 48 individuals and perhaps up to 61–63 individuals in Southwest Moscow's Bitsa Park.

The most of his victims were elderly men who were executed by a hit to the head from behind. However, they were never burglarized of their cash and belongings. In 2006, he was captured and sentenced to life in prison in 2007.



7. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez

  • A.K.A.: “The Monster of the Andes”
  • Number of killings: 57-300+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: Peru/ Ecuador/ Colombia

Pedro Lopez is one among the worst serial killers of all time, dubbed as “Monster of Andes” killed above 300 girls in his inhabitant country, afterward in Peru and Ecuador, and probably in other countries. He persuaded young girls to separated and isolated places and after that preyed on them using evil techniques mainly strangulation.

He trapped by the market traders when one of his abduction not succeeded. Police was not ready to believe him until a flash flood revealed a mass grave full of his victims. Ultimately 53 bodies were found. Police arrested him in 1980 and after serving 18 years in jail; the Ecuador government set him free in 1998.



6. John Wayne Glover

John Wayne Glover

  • A.K.A.: “Granny Killer”
  • Number of killings: 6
  • Murder Method: Hitting with a hammer/Ritual strangulation with the victim’s pantyhose
  • Country: Sydney, Australia

British-born Australian serial killer, John Wayne Glover sentenced for the killings of six elderly ladies on Sydney's North Shore. For which, he was named the "Granny Killer".

In 1990, he admitted to the homicides and was sentenced to sequential terms of life imprisonment without any chance of parole. In 2005, he hanged himself in jail.

5. Peter Norris Dupas

Peter Norris Dupas

  • Number of killings: 3-6
  • Murder Method: Stabbing with knife
  • Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Subside Norris Dupas is an Australian serial killer of the worst kind who killed at least three women and then used to remove their breasts. His savage history of crimes spans more than three decades.

In 2007, Dupas has been sentenced to life in jail for his three counts of killings and is a prime suspect in at least three different murders conferred in the region of the Melbourne zone.

4. Christopher Robin Worrell

Christopher Robin Worrell

  • A.K.A.: “Truro murderer”
  • Number of killings: 7
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: Truro, South Australia, Australia

It is believed that Worrell with his companion named James Miller, raped and killed seven young ladies aged 15 -20.  Most of them were hitchhikers. Their dead bodies were found near Adelaide. It creates the impression that all had been choked, frequently utilizing a nylon rope.

However, there was a suspicion that the remainder of the casualties had been buried alive. In 1977, Worrell and his young female friend were murdered in a car accident. But it was believed that he was not dead and he started to kill more viciously. Miller was discovered liable of six of the seven violations.



3. Karla Leanne Homolka

Karla Leanne Homolka

  • Number of killings: 3+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/Poisoning
  • Country: Ontario, Canada

Karla Leanne Homolka is an indicted Canadian serial killer who offered her spouse some assistance with raping and murder no less than three ladies. They were captured in 1993. Her husband Bernardo was convicted of his two killings and received a life imprisonment in 1995. During the investigation in 1993, Gomulka stated that her husband had mishandled her and she had been an unwilling accomplice to the homicides.

Accordingly, she hit an arrangement with prosecutors for a lessened jail sentence of 12 years in return for a blameworthy supplication for homicide. However, tapes of the violations were later found that exhibited that she was a more dynamic member than she had guaranteed. Following her discharge from jail in 2005, she settled in the region of Quebec, where she married again and became a mother of a baby boy.

2. Wayne Clifford Boden

Wayne Clifford Boden

  • A.K.A.: “The Vampire Rapist”
  • Number of killings: 4
  • Murder Method: Strangulation
  • Country: Montreal, Quebec/Alberta, Calgary, Canada

Canadian serial killer “Wayne Clifford Boden” was a 26-year-old muscular young fellow whose criminal signature is to left bite marks on the breasts of his female victims. His all female victims had been found naked and choked to death in their flats, yet there were no any indications of the struggle.

The police caught him when investigators staked out all blue Mercedes, which was the sort of car he used to drive. In 1972, he was sentenced to four life imprisonments through criminological odontology. The dental specialist could exhibit 29 points of comparability between the Bowden’s teeth and bite marks on the breasts of his female victims. In 2006, he died of skin cancer at Kingston Regional Hospital.

1. John Martin Crawford

John Martin Crawford

  • A.K.A.: “The Lady Killer”
  • Number of killings: 4+
  • Murder Method: Strangulation/Stabbing with knife
  • Country: Alberta/Saskatchewan, Canada

In 1981, John Martin Crawford, A Canadian Serial killer, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonments for homicide in the slaughtering of “Mary Jane Sirloin” in Alberta. In 1989, he released from jail. Crawford then sexually attacked “Theresa Kematch” under the police surveillance. In 1996, Crawford was sentenced for slaughtering three local ladies. He is presently serving three simultaneous life sentences in Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

Some top serial killers including Zodiac Killer, The Bone Collector, Jack the Ripper, Charlie Chop-Off, Jack the Stripper and some were never caught. Furthermore, Texas serial killers, Phantom Killer, The Servant Girl Annihilator remained unsolved mysteries.

Most Famous Serial Killers Throughout History
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    John Crawford was neither Canadian nor a serial killer . He was killed by police in AMERICA in 2014 for carrying a bebe gun around inside of walmart , that he was planning on purchasing , which people were saying was a real shotgun .

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