A 2 Z Types of Friends In Our Life – Infographic

a to z type of friend

Friendship is like a candle in the deep dark ravine of existence. Friendship is a very natural and a cute relation which starts to build up in our childhood. We make many friends on the way to our destiny, which shows the rest of human nature. Some friendships never last. Some go far away and take a long time to fade away.

Categorizing our friends into groups is the right great pleasure. Best friends, old friends, good friends, bad friends, close friends, back-biter friends, friends of friends, real friends and so many many types of friends are come and pass in our lives. Friends are of different shape and sizes, some have good nature, some are quite silent, and some keeps our secrets, few of them cannot control their selves, some are outspoken but good in quality. There are so many different colors and shapes of friends who are consisting various religious beliefs.

A 2 Z Types of Friends in Our Life

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Here is a list of A to Z type of friends that come and pass in our entire life.

a) Best Friends

b) Old Friends

c) New Trendy Friends

d) Night out Friends

e) Music Sharing Friends

f) Friends with Benefits

g) Clergy/Priesthood Friends

h) The Cook Friends

i) University Friends

j) Confused Personality Friends

k) Hang out Friends

l) Rich Friends

m) Drunker/Pisshead Friends

n) Serious Conversational Friends

o) Friends you hate

p) Die-Hard Friends

q) Work Friends

r) Friends of Friends

s) The Friends at Gym

t) Chill out Friends

u) Friends who always get Fail

v) The Scene Seeker Friends

w) The Wanderer type of Friends

x) The Reporter Friends

y) The Astrologer Friends

z) The Back Biters/ Frenemies

There come so many friends in our lives, at every step of our life, time changes, place changes, society change so that friends also get changed, which is a part of our life.

Friends come and go, some become best friends, some become enemies, some are for time pass and a few are for a long time…

There are many different reasons for the ending of friendship. Some go abroad or far away, some changes their cities and places, some leave us, we leave some. Some stay in touch, few of them not. Because of new technologies, now it’s not so difficult to stay connected with each other. True friendship never ends till the friends end…    

Friends are the natural blessing from God which helps each other, in trying times, in fun time, in the sad time, in happy times. Those who have no friends are living a boring life. We all need companions in our daily life routine. It’s not necessary that without friends, there’s no life. We find the different type of friends at any place, of any kind or any cast.