Are Vampires Real ? – The Vampire Myth, Real Or Claim ?

Are Vampires Real - The Vampire Myth, Real or Claim

Vampire stories don’t really hit the market nowadays, but even your grandmas will tell you stories about them, now that’s scary! So, are vampires real? Do they really exist or are they just a claim or myth?

Nosferatu the VampireIt doesn’t come to me as a surprise, the generations old character, 1st played on the silver screen as

Nosferatu the Vampire”  

A symphony of horror. A 1922 German artist of this horror film which was directed by F. W. Murnau, starring Max Schreck as the vampire.


The boom of this character was derived from a novel.

The story of Nosferatu is a lot like the Dracula and retains the core characters but omits many of the secondary players.

The applauded character took a glamour for its sensual appeal, wild nature and moonlight scenarios, leaving its audience wondering if vampires are real?

Famous Vampires Thread does not dry here, Ha! There is more to fill that bloody streamline, following 5 might not be a good content for the ones alone at home! It will leave you thinking, “Are Vampires Real?’’

The Highgate VampireThe Highgate Vampire

The first sign of the predator was the appearance of dead animals on  grounds. These guiltless animals had wounds around their necks and were completely drained of blood. Eventually vampire hunters raided the graveyard and dug up several graves!!

The Vampire of New EnglandThe Vampire of New England

Mercy Brown died from tuberculosis which was a not uncommon back them his family took ill and died one after the other. Local’s dug up Mercy’s grave to find it in unspoiled condition. Fearing the works of vampires they burned the body!

Real-life Vampire’s Stories will leave you clinching your teeth, beware!!

Fritz HaarmannFritz Haarmann: The Butcher

Haarmann was a German serial killer, known as the Vampire of Hanover, He committed many s****l assaults, murders and dismemberment of a minimum of 24-25 boys and men between 1918 and 1924 in Hanover, Germany. He was given the title for his brutal act! 

Clara GeisslerinClara Geisslerin: The Torture Victim

Clara was one intense story of its times that took a huge turn and forced people to consider the fact, Are Vampires Real?

In 1597, Clara Geisslerin was accused of witchcraft, grave rob, murder also sexually active with demons while they were in the animal form. Under different tortures, she confessed to these criminal activities, as well as drinking blood of 60 innocent most probably children!

As soon as the torture would relax, the 69 years German lady would forswear her confessions. During one of the sessions, she even confessed, conceiving children from the supernatural i.e the demons, all of which she also killed! Wow, now that’s scary!


Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess

Elizabeth was a 16th century Romanian Countess, who delighted herself in tormenting the peasants. Beating them, hurting them, torturing them and even pierce the bodies with her nails!

It was said she even soaked them in water and left them to freeze outside in the winters. She was titled as a Vampire, when it was found she bathed in the blood pool of her young maidens!

10 Facts About Vampires !

The most debatable or let’s say orthodox arguments  around the world is the existence of blood sucking monsters or demons that looks like human, with some supernatural, known as Vampires are real or just a claim? 

Following are some very interesting vampire facts researched and pretty much verified that will help you decide are vampires real? So, let’s dig into it.

  1. A rare disease called porphyries’ also called the vampire disease causes vampire-like symptoms, such as an extreme sensitivity to sunlight. In extreme cases, teeth might be stained brownish or even reddish at times, and even the patient may go mad!
  2. Documented medical disorders that people accused as vampires may have suffered, haematodipsia, which is a s****l thirst for blood or day blindness.
  3. Anemia was often believed as of a vampire attack.
  4. The ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul is of five parts: Ren, Ba, Ka, Sheut, and Ib. According to Egyptian Book of the Dead, if any of the parts of the soul does not receive its particular needs, it ventures out of its tomb, to nourish that part; it was believed that drinking the blood of a living was the only cure!
  5. Vampires or witchcrafts often seek magical openness and are attracted to magical (black may be) paths. Once in control of the energy and rituals they open up to healing. Ultimately, the purpose of vampires is not to plague but to facilitate its healing. Vampirism is the unfocused, side of a certain kind of psychic talent.
  6. Human relationships tend to create magical bonding. Often broken hearts or hurt brings out the dark side of a person. This conversion of turning dark can also be called hatred or extreme need of revenge can cause vampire like symptoms.
  7. Such stories are found in Holy Scriptures around the world too!
  8. A huge community is badly influenced by the vampires; sources say in New Orleans a large community follows that path aged 16 – 65 years old. Activities include staying up the nights and indulging into certain activities, sometimes even feeding the homeless! says the sources. Well that’s kind ‘a cool!
  9. Some psychic vampires use Tantric feeding, that is through s****l encounters, while others use what could be described as astral feeding.
  10. In Slavic and Chinese customs, any corpse, who jumped over an animal, specifically a dog or may be a cat, was feared to become one of the undead! In Russian traditional believes, Vampires were said to be witches or people who had gone against the church.

“Hah! Under the light of vampirism, I still can’t tell you Are vampires real or not?

But I surly don’t want to see any, EVER!!’’